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I was looking for a shooter to chill this evening and I had the chance to find this game !

I loved this old school feeling. We feel it is a work in progress but there is already a strong base for a really cool shooter.

I love the way you interprete the theme! It is fun and easy to understand. It is may be to easy and the game can be too much long but that’s just a detail. Well done, that’s a great game !

I hope you will receive more ratings 🤞

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That’s a great news ! I really enjoyed the prototype, can’t wait to see how good the full game will be :D

I don’t know if you will be able to launch it on Nintendo Switch, but that’s exactly the type of game I wish to see more on the e-shop.

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The idea is really cool !

Staying focus on both part of the screen is really difficult. If the arrow on the floor give visual cues when player has to go on it may make the game easier.

With more polish this game could be very great.

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I’ve rate more than 30 submissions and your game is among my favorites !

Art is simple but do the job and everything (feedback, enemies, …) is clear. I think the difficulty is great, it forces us to take time to think before going into the battle.

That’s the type of game that can continue to live after the jam. Congratulations ! 👏

Thanks for playing ! To link robots they must not move and the good one have to go to the direction of the bad one. So, to link two purples or two yellows, you have to block them with a wall and to link two different colors you have to block them together by trying to go on the same cell.

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I found a way to almost fly by switching the gravity constantly, adding a cooldown may avoid this. Dracaemelos already said all the bugs I have encounter.

The game is also to hard, I think. It may be better with an easy start to let the player learn the mechanics.

It’s a good jam entry though, well done 👏

It’s interesting to see we had the same idea but achieved it differently. Great levels ! I had to note the path for the dark level to make it. A few more levels would have been nice to go further with some mechanics.

It’s a good game 👏

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The idea is cool but it would have been better if we shoot from the tower intead of just aim the ennemies. The theme of the jam is here but I think there could be a more original way to use it.

It is just hints for improvement. The most important things are to have something your proud of and finished the game before the deadline. Congratulations 👏

Best Score : 106

I’m here thanks to your GMTK submission. I didn’t rate it because it is not a game from the jam and the one on your page “Join’em” isn’t downloadable.

But I really enjoy Inferno ! It is smooth and visuals effects are great.

Best score : 7190

Good idea ! I easily see this type of puzzle game on mobile phone. It would have been better with few more levels but for a jam that’s already great 👏

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Thanks for playing our game ! The last levels aren’t the easiest for sure. Don’t know how a pause menu could be useful as the game is turn based. Maybe to see controls or select level ? Thank you for your feedback 😄

I have plan to rate all games from people that gave us feedback. I will rate your game when my queue will be empty (still 7 games to rate)

The idea is cool but it is really hard

The idea is really original ! I didn’t find how to get enough speed on the 6th level. Having a visual distinction between two particles of the same type would have made them easier to control. It is a good game though 👏

The idea is original. It might have been better with few more levels going further with the mechanic. It’s a good game, bravo 👏

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I love the atmosphere of the game ! The music fit perfectly with the rest. The game is good, it just lacks a bit of originality.

I have the same issue

I was wondering how to go out during severals minutes. At the moment I though I missed something, then I get the trick. Good idea ! I like how all the rooms are connected.

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J’adore l’esthétique de cette fable ! Je ne peux que être d’accord avec le message véhiculé.

Bravo 👏 !

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I played on Oculus Quest and can tell this game is pretty good! The Beta version is too short for the moment to play more than few hours, but there is a strong fondation for something great. It gives me the same feeling as Delver.

Certaines tortures sont vraiment bien trouvés ! La pire pour moi est la torture la plus “classique” quand on se représente l’enfer. Celle où l’on est seul dans le vide :X

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We are aware of the issues with the plunger gun, it will be fixed in the next update ;) (we are slower than expected). Having upgrades for the caravan is a good idea we will seriously consider it.

Thank you for your precious and generous feedback!

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunaly we didn't have a Mac near us to test the version before the last release. We are working on an update, we will do our best to solve the issue.

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Thanks for playing our game!

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We are aware of this bug, (and many others) we are working on an update. It will come in a few days.

Thank you for playing our game! :D

EDIT: Bug solved on the first update

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J'ai essayé la force face à un policier, ça a mal fini et j'ai électrocuté des canards. Quelle aventure ! Au moins j'ai un chat pour me détendre :D

La mise à jour qui réduit le temps de rechargement était une bonne idée.

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10 min of break, 10 slow and nice minutes. Thanks.

At first sight, I thought it will be easy. But in fact, it's pretty challenging. Hard to get more than 10 points :D

Merci pour ce commentaire ! Et merci aussi d'avoir organisé cette jam, j'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à y participer. :D

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Really fun to play ! With a bit more originality it could be even better.
Best Score : 17

Really interesting idea ! I'm stuck at the level 4, don't understand what killed me.

Tips for level 2 : look at the circle (they might not really match) then look up, it should work. It helps me to pass this level.

Remember me flash games from 2010's :D. I like the idea but the IA is too much strong

Your assets pack look very nice ! But there isn't the 3D model on the package.

Whoah ! It's an alpha but it's already very fun to play ! I can't wait to have my hand on more ! :D