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Did you try the controls settings in the main menu?

I'm glad you like it! Looking back on it now, I'm proud of how packed with ideas it is, but if I were going to do this again, I'd want the game to explain itself better instead of expecting the player to figure out as many mechanics through just trial and error.

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Oh, another possibility here: You MIGHT already have the right powerup, but not thought to have used it... maybe go over all your powerups and think about lateral uses for them

I'd rather not post full puzzle solutions in this thread. Is there another way I could contact you? You can email me at

It sounds like there's actually at least one other direction you're able to go that you haven't gone yet.

The place you need to go next is very close to where you got *-hover. Remember that you can throw the teleprojector in midair!

Sadly, the kickstarter was years ago and completely failed.

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More development on this would be great! I think later levels would benefit a lot from enemy shots that can hit more than one player bird at once, like piercing shots that don't despawn when they hit the first bird, or rockets with an explosion area of effect.

Thanks! I hope you tried making a level and not just the demos.

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These are the same demo levels you can download from the title screen:




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Hover-Pixel 384 is my first commercial release. Hover your pixel through a procedural maze with the arrow keys! Watch your fuel, dodge obstacles, and collect upgrades. The browser demo lets you play through 3/4 of one map on medium difficulty; the full game offers thousands of maps with easier and harder difficulty options.

The last error looks like it has to do with your privacy settings in Chrome:

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I think you're slightly mistaken there; on easy, you should still have the ability if you died after getting it.

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Wow, that's the first time I've heard of anyone even _unlocking_ the last challenge. That message about a sequel refers to a long-past failed Kickstarter; I think about revisiting this game concept now and then but I have no concrete plans about it.

Thanks! Stay tuned for a followup this summer, in a similar style but different game genre.

And now the fix is also fixed; apologies if you got a level 19 with no exit in it on version 1.1.

Fixed; I was trying to use a non-power-of-two texture as a data source, which theoretically should work but practically sometimes doesn't.

I've had a report that with some graphics card configuration, 32-bit Firefox in Windows 7 fails to load level data correctly and produces garbled maps with the player stuck in a wall. I am going to look into fixes but for now just use a different browser if you get that; for the person who reported this problem, Chrome works fine.

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My Metroidvania platformer Hyper Pixel Ten Thousand has been out for a couple months on my obscure personal website, and for a couple weeks on I'm posting about it now because, after getting small-scale but very positive response for Hyper Pixel Ten Thousand here and elsewhere, I'm ready to take most of the main concepts of Hyper Pixel Ten Thousand into a larger project, and I've started a Kickstarter campaign for that purpose.

HP10K is already a complete game in itself and will probably take you many hours to solve for the first time, but it is small compared to commercial Metroidvanias. If you enjoy it and want there to be more, I'd like your support in making that happen. If you like it but can't back it yourself, please tell your friends.

Congratulations! You're the first player I'm aware of beating the game.

Thanks for playing! Regarding the QWERTY-US key names, there's no way to reliably detect the real keyboard names in the browser version, and the Windows version was just a quick hack I threw together and I didn't look into keyboard layout detection for it. I might look into it more on the Windows version in the future. Regarding the complexity of hover mode, I'm glad it was something you were able to figure out, and I'm glad you were enjoying the game enough to stick with it. In a larger-scale, more commercially oriented game, I would definitely have some sort of tutorial room for a technique like that instead of just a few text popups.