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This has come together so nicely over the months! 






I love how the double-jump can be used to find 'secret' areas. It really captures that sense of mystery. Looking for a mushroom cap that lights up at the perfect frame to assist in this. It's out there somewhere! 

I *think* that one of the butterflies flew off to another screen and got lost somewhere in the world. Hopefully I can track them down or they respawn in the original screen but I need to test this more. 

I may try to decode the rune language to see what they say :D maybe the runes are just translations of the area names? 

Only downside of the demo is accidently falling into a screen of no-return where the demo ends and having to load a save. 

Favorite tune so far is when scanning the comet. So ominous! 

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Really cool concept and fun to play!

1. I've finished the game and I'm still not sure what the mushrooms and sticks were for. 

2. Likewise would be more straightforward if non-scrolls could not be equipped (ex. chip) so that the player doesn't try to use those items around the map. 

3. Perhaps spell menu and interact should be Z and X buttons, for times when I'm trying to talk to someone or open a chest but I end up opening the spell menu because I'm not close enough. 

4. Lastly, movement may be smoother if the spell menu only works while holding Z, instead of Z being used to toggle the menu on and off. There were plenty of times that I tried to run away from enemies but was stuck in place because because that menu was still open. 

Never tried for the shop, but I like refreshing for Matthew to find a specific item with a build in mind. It doesn't feel too cheesy since the run didn't really start yet. 

I'd actually prefer to make that even easier, where Matthew gives you 3 choices to pick from (or even shows the entire rare table) so you can start from the beginning with whatever playstyle you're looking for. More class options in a future update (like getting a wind+mana stone) would help otherwise.

Just wanted to say that I hope all of these bug/question comments from players aren't disheartening! 

From a creator's standpoint, one might think "Oh no, everyone seems to have some kind of problem with it!", but it just goes to show how great this game is - people like it enough to learn about the small details and make it even better. 

Personally, this is the best dungeon crawler I've played in a long time and I'm looking forward to a possible full release in the future. 

Really loving the new updates! The balancing up to the level 9 boss feels very well done. 

Am I misunderstanding the potion "removes all status effects on self" or is it bugged? It does not affect the burning status effect on myself.

Maybe these are coded as an enemy status effect? If so, it is confusing that the status is shown under my character. 

*AB1 spoiler*


You have learned a new mechanic in the last handful of A challenges. This will come in handy.

Nope! And as far as I'm aware, no mechanic at any point of the game requires quick reflexes. I was wondering that myself at some points. 


Hint 1:  Your goal is still to move the "<" block down from the top row, allowing you to freely get it to its destination.

Hint 2: You'll be pushing the "<" block onto a 3-block conveyer path that you create

Hint 3: You'll need extra help to give that "<" block that final push into the middle row. The last unused block will help you do this. 

>A-14: this is a really fun one that wants you to explore an edge case in one of the mechanics. Something you've never done before.

... oh my. It seems so obvious after solving :P (could be said after every level)

Time to head back to AB.1 to see the next obvious thing I'm missing.

Check my comments below regarding A7 and B6

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I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but start by pushing both of the boxes off of the ledge on top of each other and jump down . You won't need a ladder to get back up. 

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*A-7 Spoilers*

Edit: This is a puzzle that the creator removed unintended solutions in their recent update. I'm not sure if the solution I'm giving is intended or not. 

Hint 1: This puzzle requires you to circle back around the map to solve. 

Hint 2: You want to build a bridge from the top-left ladder to the middle island. Once you do that, position the "<" block into the top-left corner of the middle island, leave the level via the ladder on the right side, loop around the map, then travel along the bridge you built to push the "<" block.

Hint 3: A tip while building the bridge, keep the "<" block alone in the top row when rearranging the other blocks. You'll be pushing the other blocks north from the top-left corner of the island while the "<" block is separated on the top-right corner of the island. 

Hint 4: I believe the order of blocks that you push off the island to make the bridge is > > ^ <.

Hint 5:

Your bridge will look like

top-left ladder > > V > connecting top top-left of island. Loop around map, follow bridge pushing "<" down one, and move it to the final spot.

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Incredible puzzles that are not for the faint of heart yet very rewarding! The thought that went into designing each level is very impressive, well done. 

Just when you think you've beaten the game, another section of the map unfolds with more great puzzles.  As an added challenge, players can occasionally bring blocks back to older levels to solve a path to the secret buttons around the map.

 Looking forward to what else this game has in store. 

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*B-6 spoiler*

Hint 1: stand on the ladder island with a double-stacked block adjacent to you so that you can push it

Hint 2: you want to push the double-stacked box into a purple path that ends up on the ladder island. Once you do that, follow the loop yourself!

Hint 3:

double-stacked boxV
player on  ladder island<

push up, then follow loop.

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Such a fun game, and I love the manual! 

1) I finished with the artifact with 5 extra keys. I *think* this is the most you can have. I understand the 5+ key buffer gives you some lee-way, but the gate could have had a perfect run requirement and still not be too challenging. 

2) Especially towards the end, there were some random red locked doors in the corners that didn't seem to do anything. (Perhaps they're just a key stash to prepare for grabbors?) 

3) When holding left/right/up/or down, Zana moves one space, stops, and continues in a line. Movement would feel more smooth if Zana always moved uninterrupted when holding a directional key. 

Overall, great puzzles and artwork. I would definitely play more

Thanks for the reply. This really is an amazing start and I would definitely play more if you choose to develop it further! 

Here is some constructive feedback:

- The ability to remap dash and jump to x + z would make things a bit more comfortable

- Maybe put the current end of content (ex. after dash is obtained) in the description 

- Jumping up from the top of one room into an upper room sometimes isn't smooth, as the music changes and switches back when you fall down to the original screen. In those scenarios, you could reposition the platforms on the upper screen (lowering them or make them bigger) to reduce how often the player falls back down unintentionally

- The green wheels of death could look a little more "dangerous" like spinning buzzsaws (if that is what they're supposed to be) - to visually make their purpose more obvious.

- The dark purple teleporter fields don't really match the style of the environment (maybe should be more pixely?)

- I could see some really fun upgrades in the future, like the ability for your ghost form to dash a short distance, dashing upwards or double jump, more enemy types, a conveyer belt mechanic (fitting the theme like grass pulsing in one direction), a type of wall that only breaks when you dash into it, ghost only keys, candle placements which act to replenish ghost countdown to cover greater distances, etc.

Excited to see where this goes next!

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What a beautiful game and very creative ghost mechanics!

I'm not sure how to use the spoiler tag, so 

****spoiler below****


I just received the dash and am unsure where to progress next. Any ideas? <spoiler!

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> Did you check the log? There are many effects that subtract from the search result.

Sorry, I tried to correct myself with a (too-late) edit! What I mistook for a bug was actually the game working exactly as intended. 

1) My edit also had a question on how to use the artifact abilities (ex. the seal - do I click the artifact box before or after entering the search screen to ignore the event?). It would be nice after each description if it said something like (passive) (active, one time use) (active, once per combat), etc.

2) Are the region monster charts missing? (Ex. to know where (s) monsters are)

3) Finally, if you wanted everything self-contained you could have a "?" tab to put the manual text within the game itself. 

That's all I have to say, I'll check out the BGG forums for some strategy tips!

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No problem. I've been replaying the game with the default 15 days with the hopes of beating it "for real".  Here's my thoughts on each phase:

Searching: It takes me on average about 4 times to get an artifact from each location. One bad search can result in losing a few HP in combat resulting in more lost days. Definitely the hardest part for me. I have not yet successfully received a treasure. For one-use artifacts (ex. the seals ability to ignore the event) do you click it to use the power?

Activating artifacts: My favorite phase. Most artifacts are activated on the first try, and almost always by the second try.

Linking artifacts: Tough, especially with the limited waste basket. The average of my links is normally around 2.5. If you attempt a link with a full waste basket, it's very easy to get screwed with a large value.

Final activation: Currently, it's only possible to win if the average link is 2 or less  (totaling 12) since you can't discount from your extra HP. Extremely hard as is (my only victory was having to tie a challenge roll of 12). Being able to discount HP will definitely help if implemented. Or having 3 dice. 

Note: If this game is just a port, there's no point griping about the difficulty to you :P


Possible bugs: 

If you immediately click the dice after killing an enemy, it enters another round of combat. It appears that the enemy will (re)die after this extra roll no matter what, and you won't get 2x the components, but you can take additional damage.

There's been a few times where my search result should have been between 005-001 but it has given me 000 resulting in an activated artifact. This was due to a good fortune event or artifact power that I didn't notice. 

(Corrected the bit about the 13+ final activation roll being an endless loop, thanks. I had a couple hundred days from my negative expert mode value so I had to refresh instead of burning through the rest of the days :P )


All of that said, I've been having a lot of fun with the game. I'm sure that planning an optimal route based on which artifacts/treasures you have,  smart use of tools, and rolling strategy will definitely shave some days off the average run. What % of runs do you think are successful btw? 

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So cool! It was really fun to read through the manual and make sense of the various phases of the game

As intended, this game is HARD. It is a tight race against the clock, and a successful run requires a great deal of skill and luck. 

While I was learning, I set the expert difficulty to a negative number (giving me extra days) which was nice to have. There is one part that confused me. Just before the final activation, the player should be able to spend their remaining hit points to lower the difficulty of the final roll, yet I appear unable to. Is there somewhere to click?

Also dying in the final activation does not end the game, but rather the player revives with full HP and possibly lost days. This results in an endless loop if the roll difficulty is over 13+. (edit: see response)

If this is a straight remake of the 2010 game, then my opinions aren't needed, but if not, there's a few things I could suggest for both balancing and UI.

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Wow! I am shocked by the quality of this game; the graphics and quality are so smooth.

For the record, I'm playing with a touchpad right now so I'll update this once I play more with a mouse. I did notice if you're holding A or D while right-clicking, you can't use the jetpack, but that's probably a quirk of using a laptop. 

Also I'm assuming it's intentional that if you saturate a wall with gel, some will come bouncing back at you. Adds to the challenge. 

I'm excited to see how challenging the world becomes and how scarce the resources are. Hoping that I won't be punished too much for using fuel, as it's fun to aimlessly explore. 

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I have been having a blast with this so far. This game involved an extensive amount of note-taking and hit a perfect level of challenge. 

I also had the black screen bug on a certain system but you addressed that in another comment. 


I have finished 3 endings (both choices in the Spire and 1 in Escalation). I was surprised that the player receives the same prompt despite what their choice is in the Spire. It sort of took away the significance of making a choice. I would have liked to hear more detail about the results of each particular choice. 

Any endings I missed?

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Really great game! I love the aesthetics. 


I felt like the accessing G0ldF$h and Rick were a little too easy, the former just gave you the password straight up without having to decypher anything. 

Unfortunately the UI is broken at a certain challenge level and I'm unable to continue. In level6 of challengepack2, when reading the helpdoc (for the HIDE2 cipher), the text does not completely fit on the screen. It cuts off after "Then add them up horizontally and you would".There is no way to scroll down to read the rest of the document (and thus know how to finish the cipher). I max-zoomed out in the chrome tab and could see a few more lines up text, but still not enough to know the next step.

For what I'm able to read, I took (171,1) (86,2) (217,4) (96,8) (150,16) and split them into standard (171,86,217,4,96) and result (1,2,4,8,16). The result translates to 1(1), 2(10), 4(100), 8(1000), 16(10000). The result lined-up looks like:

0 0 0 0 1

0 0 0 1 0

0 0 1 0 0

0 1 0 0 0

1 0 0 0 0

Filling in the standard:

0 0 0 0 150

0 0 0 96 0 

0 0 217 0 0

0 86 0 0 0

171 0 0 0 0

Adding horizontally gives a 5 number string

150 96 217 86 171

and that's all the instructions give

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 Makes sense! I just figured out how in my last playthrough. The dialogue with the leftmost characters was funny after breaking the sequence but no ending yet - Assuming I'll have to get that fireguy to step off the teleporter. I'll keep experimenting. 

I found out that you can sometimes infinite jump while holding an item and spamming throw while doublejumping (not sure if intended versus stone-skip-jump method of crossing early).

 Another potential bug: If you try the stone solution before talking to the "psshht" rock - sometimes it doesn't work. Exiting the cave afterwards shows a new stone solution on the wall which will then work. Maybe intended?

Finally a "comfort suggestion" - to make the dance inputs </> or E/F instead of 1/2 for intuitiveness and less controls. Or just show that NUM 1&2 are needed on the controls main menu screen.


(4 edits)

Also, there a few very minor suggestions / things I noticed. 

1) When the player jumps into an edge or walks into a wall, sometimes the entire screen shakes - this is especially noticeable in the clouds.

2) Key remapping would be nice. I ended up liking the E/F/space placement, but another "classic" mapping could be Z(action), X(throw), UP(jump), DOWN (enter door)

3) Any keys held down while entering a door are cancelled. (Example: holding right to walk and entering a door results in the player standing still on the other side, forcing the player to release the key and repress it to begin walking again. Really doesn't affect gameplay but transitions felt less "smooth" 


3) The throwing hand's instructions for bringing things through doors could be even more dummy proof (AKA dummies like me). Something along the lines of "Throw the item. While the item is still in the air, press to enter the door. Quickly catch the item before completely going through the door" 

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 Loving the dialogue and creepy undertones that this game has. The man in the cave was my favorite character! I've gotten two endings but can't seem to figure out the third, does it by any chance... 

I've tried giving the skull to various characters, planting the skull, and burning the acorn, but nothing seems to work

(P.S. how cover up the text as spoilers? I will edit my comment once I know)

This was a lot of fun to play! 

It definitely felt hectic at first trying to learn all the mechanics of the game while trying to survive, but maybe that was intended. The game is 2 years old but here are my comments anyways:

1) Hover-over tooltips for each element would be nice, or a small tutorial.

2) It's unclear at first which elements are clickable, perhaps have a yellow border around those buttons. 

3) On the first screen, you could combine the stats for the bitcoin miner into one box so there is less clutter. For example the box could say: 

Current: 0.003 B/click

Upgrade: + 0.001 B/click

Cost: $14

4) It appears the "saw+hammer" button and the "toolbox" button bring you to the same screen, so you only need one button. 

5) In the toolbox screen, the two "L" shaped buttons seem unnecessary. Instead, if you click something to upgrade, there can be a confirmation screen to upgrade it, or simply double click. 

6) For the stats at the top left. I'm assuming the star is your level? I don't think it affects anything (other than unlocking a button), also you can just name it LVL to make more sense. 

7) The ATK and DEF stats aren't clear as to how much they help. I'm not sure how much better 4 ATK is than 2, for example. If the enemies were displayed when exploring the town, it may be more clear (to see how much I'm hurting them and how much my armor is helping defend).

8) The gameplay is at a really good level of difficulty at the beginning, constantly managing hunger and health. After a few bag upgrades, there is no real threat of dying. I maxed out the bag and sword, with a few points in the CPU and armor. 18 levels seems like quite a grind but could be useful if there was more content.

9) If you ever decided to add content, it would be cool if each area had different % chance of getting each item. Maybe one area has more tools but harder enemies. Visualizing enemy fights would be a big improvement. 

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Fun! This was definitely more reaction-time oriented than the first game, but there is still the puzzle aspect alongside it.

 I think there's a lot more mechanics involving the blocks that you can add if you decide to make more of these games. One way blocks, gravity flipping, bouncy blocks, elevator blocks, pushable blocks, blocks that fall down one level every time you jump on them, etc.

 Also more enemy types - like one that shoots block-destroying projectiles but only if you alert it,  a turtle enemy that can be stood on if you come from behind, but is spiky if you come from the front, a moving enemy that turns blocks into coins, etc.

And things like different colored keys or new obstacles guarding the chest.

Something that would be nice is knowing both scores needed to beat a level beforehand, instead of the ??? . Buuuut I can see that his might give players too much of a hint, as it sort of tells how many of each block need to be used to get that score. So maybe its fine for the player to figure it out themselves.


That makes sense! I think it's impressive enough to make the narrative as logical as it is when time travel is involved. 

To clarify, I "won" with: Code1: "Both are same" Code2: "Both are same" Code3 "Player I same" which probably shouldn't have worked. 

A few other minor things:


At the very beginning, you have a conversation with Pigeon that goes Pigeon - "Yes, since we won't have time to deliberate. It's a very structured conversation."  Player - "They?"

The player's response here doesn't make sense, since there is no "they" to ask about. Maybe the player could say "Deliberate what?" or "We?"


Perhaps you can bold the parts of dialogue when the characters tell you what the code should be used for, for example: 

Pigeon - Using the code, you need to let me know how you feel.

Pleasance - Use the code to tell me anything Pigeon tells you about the vote.

This may be easier for players, and would also be nice to show the players response to reference when scrolling up through past dialogue (for example, if we agreed on "use the first letters" or "use the last letters")


The circles at the bottom could be more intuitive too, perhaps by giving them all days of the week, and leaving the past meetings as "?" before you unlock them. So it would look like (from left to right)

Monday: "?" -> changes to "Secret meeting with Pigeon"

Tuesday: "?" -> changes to "Secret meeting with "Pleasance"

Wednesday: Meeting of the delegates

Thursday : VOTING DAY

Friday: Now

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Insanely creative concept, I could totally see a longer story based on this mechanic!

One thing that would be nice is a button to speed up the text between player inputs. After a few resets, the conversations feel slow when I already know what they're going to say.

*SPOILERS BELOW* (seriously for those looking for hints; it's worth it to keep trying until you figure it out)


From a lore standpoint, I'm having trouble understanding Pleasance's motivations. He cancels the referendum if you tell him you know the results, but he is okay with it if you tell him "referendum is meaningless" in code, since he knows I'll fade away. Why wouldn't he be just as upset and cancel the vote?

Also I'm confused as to why there are 3 code outputs at the end. I "won" with Code 3 being random words. (maybe a bug? I know you can also make all three codes the same) I now see that Code1 changes to represent Pigeon wanting to know the codes are the same, instead of before wanting to know how I was, but there is no  prompt to signify this. I thought the message for Pigeon (t-4 days) would be put in Code 3.

It would be more intuitive if it just said "Code for Pigeon" and "Code for Pleasance" at the bottom, with no third output. 

Hypothetically, it would be cool if all 3 outputs had to mean something at the end. For example if:

Code1: for telling Pigeon (t-2 days) that I'm not okay or that I'm confused

Code2: for telling Pleasance that the codes are the same

Code3: for telling Pigeon (t-4 days) that the codes are the same

Since it wouldn't make sense to tell Pigeon(t-2) and (t-4) different things since they're the same person, maybe Code3 pigeon could be some kind of clone from a time travel paradox, who is remotely listening to the final conversation between the characters. The motivations of each would have to be tweaked for this to make sense. 


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When do you recon that the content reaches its end?

*SPOILERS below* 

I've gotten to Imp H and realized that the portraits for the imps are being reused. Does this mean there is no change in mechanics - or and end -  after this point? Just curious; I'm still having a lot of fun. 

Everything I've played so far has been really great. The unfolding mechanics keep the game fresh, and progress is made up quickly after mini-prestiges so that they feel worth it, rather than a way to drag out content. 

This is a really special game and it's a shame that Kongregate isn't accepting any more because I'm sure many people would enjoy it as well! 

Really fun for the parts that I managed to get to!   

I made it to the big surprise on the left. I really like how each direction had a different difficulty level, sort of nudging the player to start with the right path.

My playtime was about 90 minutes, yet even with the upgrades, there wasn't enough noticeable boost to the distance I was able to cover to feel rewarding. Upgrades start to get very expensive for just a little boost. Would have been nicer if each upgrade gave more of an increase in O2, light, etc. Just too grindy right now - especially the rare drops.

Also the movement felt a little "sticky", trying to navigate through tight corridors - often hitting the corner of ledges and falling down - and frequently losing all momentum. Would feel better with less of a momentum lag when running from a stopped position. Or have more open corridors that are more forgiving. 

All in all it was very fun

So much fun!

Great work on the graphics and puzzles. I also enjoyed how characters/signs around town gave hints for what to do when stuck. 

It would have been nice to have a short description for each item - at least saying what they were. Luckily, some people in the village would explain what some of the items did. When hovering over - it could say "boots", or even more "boots - these could be used to step on thorns". It would have also been nice to make the cracks in the walls more visible for using bombs on. There were a few dialogues that used the wrong verb tense or spelling in English, but everything was understandable. 

Hardest part for me was figuring out where the yellow key was until I made sense of that map. The glitch effect was so cool - as well as the different dialogue options each villager had at the end. 

Nice job!!

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Nice challenging game! 

I wish there was some sort of checkpoint system - having to redo everything gets frustrating after a few times. Movement also felt a little too slow (even with the bionic legs) including all the faceplants. Other than that I enjoyed it.

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Got in the tunnel! I tried calling the bird over to ride over the waterfall-pit but no luck crossing yet. I did potentially discover a bug. Upon returning to PUIJJO from the HUOM screen, the top bird was permanently gone (see imgur link).  I'll see if it's reproducible.

   There is a little "air shaft" in the secret tunnel that leads up....maybe I'll jump up, land on the bird, and jump again to the screen above PUIJJO. To be determined...

I take back my comment about the controls. After playing more and getting the hang of things, I think it's at a good level of difficulty. Since there's no enemies, there should be a challenge somewhere, and completing some of the harder jumps is definitely rewarding! 

(2 edits)

follow up:


I found the three hatty mushrooms, lured the worm into the lake to head back towards the start (though I couldn't scan the starting "tombstone"), scanned the dandelion/maskros and Mt. Sus, scanned the cat and snow clouds.

1. Can the player make it into the hole next to Mt. Sus?

2. I managed to get into the secret tunnel where the bird flies into on the screen below the dandilion (Pujjio?). I ended up falling and couldn't get into the tunnel again, but is there anything to discover right now in there? 

3. Can the player make the jump to reach the cat?

4. Anything else that I missed?

The visuals of scanning things is so cool! It was a joy to play. 

I like how the theme is "peaceful" where you don't fight any enemies, but instead explore the map and document the wildlife. 

The snail shortcuts are a great idea and I hope you continue with that. Sometimes with games, the map is so expansive that it's hard to remember which places I have visited. Seeing the snails helps me remember that I unlocked that part. A very simple minimap showing which screen the player is in could be nice, but wasn't necessary.

If possible, I would make the secret tunnels more apparent when scanning, as sometimes it's hard to see clearly when all the blocks are flashing.

The movement is a bit "slippery" too, which makes some jumps difficult. Having the character stop as soon as the move button is released would help this. Right now, the character seems to slide, or carry their momentum. 

Interesting mechanic where scanning an animal for enough time will freeze it in place. Could see this integrated into the platforming but it would be hard to time in it's current state. 

When scanning and pressing the jump button, I see my character "phasing" upwards, like it's showing my future path if I again press the jump button. I wasn't sure if this was a special mechanic or not, which was a little confusing, but it seems like it's just for visual sake. 

Too bad I couldn't leave the end screen since I wanted to explore more. It seems like this was intended so I'm looking forward to more!

Very excited to see where you take this game. 

Awesome idea,

I'm not sure if this was intended or not, but a pixel on the stone border changes if you're in that row, giving away your location even when invisible. 

For example, hold the right arrow and look at the left side of the screen and you can see one of the pixels appear and disappear in the stone in the row you're in.

Because of this giving away my location, it removes the challenge of the game and I don't want to continue. I would absolutely try to beat all the levels if this was fixed!