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Awesome concept,

like others have said, the bar can be held indefinitely. Also, moving should be tighter. Currently, a single step to the right moves way too far, and I often found myself walking straight off edges when I want to simply move to the edge.

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Moving a splash piece onto an adjacent square currently does not kill cornered/against-the-wall goblins, even though they cannot "run away".  (Ex. moving to B1 with horizontal/vertical splash when goblin is A1)

Blightsack tooltip says that it leaves blight on all adjacent squares upon death, but only leaves it in diagonal squares. 

(I would personally rename blight to toxin/scourge/plague, as having blight matron, blightsack, and blight(power) can be confusing to refer to).  Also I think you could experiment with having the blightsack death effect only last one turn rather than be permanent. 


I like your idea of having hard unlockable dungeons. These could give permanent upgrades to a "campaign deck" that you have. 

Imagine a campaign where you start with a completely vanilla deck, and continue with the same coin/upgrade system as in this game, but is initially too difficult to beat all floors/worlds. Once you lose, you have to start the campaign from the beginning. By doing hard side dungeons, you can unlock bonuses to this deck whereupon restarting the campaign, your deck is stronger to eventually make it to the end of the campaign/world.

Bonuses ideas:

start campaign with +1 heart  (passive)

all power-ups cost 1 less coin (passive)

+1 coin per floor (passive)

start campaign with an additional splash/shield/cantrip power on a piece (passive)

These bonuses to the campaign deck can either be "beat this hard side dungeon and get permanently get this power-up", or could be "you beat 7 floors on this run of the campaign, you get 7 shop tokens to spend in the upgrade store tab".

The campaign over world could be similar to Mario, and once you reach the end of the world, you receive a checkpoint and the next loss restarts the campaign at  lvl 2-1 instead of lvl 1-1.

Just spit balling ideas here, easier to imagine than to implement. Not expecting anything of the sorts! 

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That video was really fascinating and changed my outlook on how I should be approaching the game (and perhaps games in general).  

A lot of the criticisms of my initial reaction were definitely a knee-jerk response of seeing something so new compared to what I was used to, and the more I play, the more I like the upgrades you made. Hopefully I didn't come off as negative, you clearly know what you're doing and I appreciate how responsive you are with the community. 

I will definitely be purchasing the game when it makes its way to Steam! 

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Really excited when I saw the update! I've been following the classic version for a while now. For the record - pawnbarian was my most played game of the past 5+ months.

I'll be playing this a lot and will give a in depth opinion later but here are my first impressions:

1. The new UI is very sleek - especially the hit markers (markings on each square showing how much you'll get hit).  Awesome to see where your pieces will land too depending on where you point the movement wheel. 

2. The added variety of enemies is nice. Interesting change that blightsacks no longer damage the space they are killed on. Goblins are aptly described - annoying. Not sure if these new enemies are "fun" yet.

3. The coin system is hard to get used to - I'm not sure if I'm a fan (yet). Especially with the goblins that take many turns to kill - it seems very unlikely to end a round with any coins left. The coin system rewards "speed running" each floor, while in the classic version, a lot of the fun was slow and careful positioning until the enemy is in the corner, for instance.  It feels like the player is being punished for being methodical. 

5. I really don't like only having 3 cards per hand, compared to the usual 4. A lot less strategy available. 

6. I do miss the simple "heart vs piece" option at the end of every level like in the classic version, mostly because I enjoyed heart-only runs or piece-only runs, but I may get used to it after playing this more. 

7. The blight trail left by the Blight Matron is really overpowered. Once again rewards "speedrunning" levels, and after a few turns the entire board is ruined. Especially OP when paired with goblins. 

Awesome game, I would definitely play more levels. 

I think that the level should auto-restart, or *press any key* to restart for ease.

The symbols should be explained, for example the save function, I didn't realize what it did until the last level.

Is it possible to soft-lock? Since restarting brings you back to your last save, I was worried about this, but it seems like the levels are designed so you're always making progress and can't get stuck on an island.

For those of you that need a hint with the first password: Look at which game jam this was submitted under.

I would like to have the arrow keys work for movement too, as this is much easier for myself and I'm assuming other left handed players.

You should have key rebindings. If I have a hand on the mouse and the other on WASD, it's hard to press space to dodge. I recommend dodge being right click.

Is there a walkthrough available for this game? I'm specifically stuck with a note given by a certain companion after feeding him.

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Awesome game, I've been coming back to it for weeks now.  For a challenge, I've tried different game modes. You could add these as achievements for beating with these restructions:

1. Only pick hearts (more strategy when positioning as half of your hand is pawns) 

2. Only pick pieces (pretty easy until the last few levels)

3. Only pick pieces and finish a run without losing a heart (pretty hard)

4. Only pick hearts and finish a run without losing a heart (Haven't beat it like this yet, takes a lot of RNG)

A lot of people get confused about which spaces the enemies attack. I don't think it can be a simple hover-over tooltip as the hit markers also change when some enemies die. I think a solution to this would be to have a toolbar where you can read about each enemy, or just put an infographic in the description of your game to refer to.

The game seems perfect as it is, I would enjoy more levels (some having obstacles that can't be removed for example), possibly different map shapes, different enemies, different game pieces (a random card that changes every turn) and different bosses. More ideas include a timed mode (either a certain amount of time per turn or per level). I have more suggestions that should be easy to implement. 

You could even have power-ups, such as a one-turn shield, or have your piece attack in a square around the player. These powerups can be offered after beating a level as a third option, rather than choosing a piece or a heart. They would act as playable cards from your hand.

Also personally, I really enjoy the look of the game pieces more in this demo than in the updates you've been posting on Twitter (no offence). The demo's graphics are sleeker, more compact, and honestly look more finished.

 Just my opinion. I don't think you need to spend a lot of time on graphics, but rather in more variety in the game.

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Of all the deckbuilding games on, this is definitely my favorite. The cost/power ratio of the cards is very well thought out, and I enjoy the strategy between building a low vs high cost deck. I hope you make this into a mobile game!

Some random thoughts/suggestions:


Once I have bought all the cards, I have a bunch of coins saved up with nothing to do. Perhaps have the character skins (in profile) cost coins, or have an unlockable recoloring of the background.


Achievements would be nice to have in the future. Not just simply "kill x amount of a certain monster" but have achievements provide challenge such as "reach 20 attack in a game" or "complete a run without losing health" or "spend x energy in one run" or "kill every monster (with health) in one run using weapons" or "only use cards costing 5 energy or less in one run" or "win 5 runs in a row".  These achievements should inspire different deck builds and adds replayability. 

Maybe have a gamemode with 2x the deck size or somehow incorporate different "levels" that you progress through.


Speaking of replayability, it may be possible to add different player classes that would either start with different stats or have different restrictions. (Ex. a class that cannot gain more than 3/5 health but all weapon cards have double effects) 


Have a "beastiary" button that shows a collection of the monsters. This would help when deck building and understanding some of the card effects.The bard card, for example, references the rogue monster, but players have no idea what the rogue monster does until they encounter one in a game. There are other cards too that reference monsters/hazards in their description that could be reworded.


A few of the card wordings are unintuitive. Last stand says that it plays from the deck, but it will also trigger from the discard pile (a good thing). Would also be nice to have a "status" bar to see which react cards are waiting to be triggered so I don't have to keep a mental note that a bard/last stand is in my discard pile. 

Robes of faith should be reworded. "Prayers will always be answered" makes sense once you understand the game, but maybe reword or change mechanic so that prayer cards always roll the highest amount. This will make the card worth it (currently one of the weaker cards).

Bandit king wording should be reworded.

Hardcore game mode should have a description (are there more hazard cards or are enemies stronger?)

What is the "A" in the corner of some cards? Perhaps it is obvious and I don't realize; I have been playing perfectly fine without knowing.

The pass button colors are confusing at first. The grey and blue colors should be switched so that blue means you can trigger pass and grey means it is "greyed out" and unable to be used.


Cards should have a different color depending on their class. (Ex. all react cards, all alchemy cards, etc).


Cards that could be buffed:

Bard:not worth taking up a constructed deck slot, should change to normal card that costs energy that removes all rogues.

Death: could also add attack when triggered.

Ring of reflexes: not enough react cards to make it interesting

Bandit king: cost should be lower, since you are only getting 6-12 attack from killing the bandits after. Weak compared to other high cost weapons. 

Life: Does not work after using death (ironically), meaning the +10 health doesn't add.

Ring of curses / Staff of curses: seems like cost should be lower, but I haven't used them very much to say if they are balanced. 

Skeleton key: cost could be lower. Again, I haven't used this one much so it could be overpowered in certain builds.


My favorite mechanics/cards:

Lucky clover: Building up a high energy base and using this card 6+ times in a game is very fun. 

I enjoy the RNG of the rewards with Armory, Summoning, and Ring of Wealth/Fortune.

Staff of charming: very cool concept

Sword of sacrifice: fun to decide whether it is worth it to make the sacrifice or not. I would love more sacrifice cards in the game. 

Boots of silence/Robes of stealth: strong cards and fun to use.


My current build. Goal is to build up energy quickly to trigger the strong cards (armory, lucky clover+reward). Once these have been used, trigger "Life" as the win condition near the end of the deck to tank any remaining monsters if I have no attack. This build may need another early game card.

Last Stand 

Mushroom, Loaf of bread (health to stay alive before getting armory)

Energy tome x2 (to build up energy quickly)

Boots of silence x2 (to remove curses, poison, rogues)

Lucky clover: fun and powerful when having a high energy pool to use the rewards

Armory: enough attack cards for the rest of the deck

Life: enough life to survive the rest of the deck

Like I said, this game is incredible, thanks for making it.