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I am happy that you enjoyed it!

I will remember that I should make it more clear when I use hours instead of regulard timer.

Not to hard, not to easy, easy to understand, nice game!

I'm aware that some shadow stay stuck but I haven't got more time to fix the move of the AI.
Timer start at 20:00 because the kid is doing to sleep at 20:00 (8 am). And end at 7:00, that's intended to represent realistic times hours. (Game is 5 min long)

Fun game
It make my heart speed up.
Interesting mechanic to have wooden enemy move only in shadow!

Thanks for trying the game.

My game jam source code isn’t commented. If you want to see cleaner code check out Kokcinelo source code (on my GitHub to)


Good job!


A really nice game !
One of the first game, made by Raeleus that I manage to end from the first try.

Impressive game

Scary atmosphere!
I haven't found a way out, where should I look?

Fun and Dynamic game !
I never manage to reach lvl 20 before my last respawn chance But I'm not really good at that type of game.

Thanks for the review.
I noticed that shadow speed was not connected to screen size. It is now, so you should have the same difficulty than Lava Eater.

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Thanks for the review 😁
I notice that boy gameplay was easier than shadow one, but I don't find any idea what would be short and easy to add so that gameplay will be harder without making it to hard.

(And shadow speed was different depending of screen size)

I kill it !

Thanks !

Hey, if you still looking for a team to join. I will be happy to team up

Thanks for sharing pricing. I never found them anywhere before.

This game is supposed to rase philosophical questions.


Nice score !

"It was fun to make it a frustrating experience" 😂

Nice game

Game is fun and well explain !
A bit to hard for me, I've only reach the score of 2 😅

Really nice game !
I'm impress by graphisme with animation !

Nice animations !

It's fun to play !

Très sympa comme jeu !

Geat game ! Fun reaction from AI !

Only dark spot, I wait for fiew min that the game start. Usualy desktop game don't required a click from user to start.

Really nice game concept !

Platform where too difficult for me.

Really good concepts !


Simple but fun, I just get my hair stuck in a platform once.

Nice game ! I have unlock all exept last one (thanks to help try to make X with Y)

What a surprise!

ok. I can't know witch one to avoid ?

A greate game ! I haven't run a lot, but that was fun searching for thing for the godes !

I don't understand why I'm losing hearts ?!

Fun game when you have understand it 😅

Same error with Crome, Firefox & edge : uncaught exception: abort(169). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.