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Très sympa comme jeu !

Geat game ! Fun reaction from AI !

Only dark spot, I wait for fiew min that the game start. Usualy desktop game don't required a click from user to start.

Really nice game concept !

Platform where too difficult for me.

Really good concepts !


Simple but fun, I just get my hair stuck in a platform once.

Nice game ! I have unlock all exept last one (thanks to help try to make X with Y)

What a surprise!

ok. I can't know witch one to avoid ?

A greate game ! I haven't run a lot, but that was fun searching for thing for the godes !

I don't understand why I'm losing hearts ?!

Fun game when you have understand it 😅

Same error with Crome, Firefox & edge : uncaught exception: abort(169). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.

Really good! Art, concept, music & end of the game;

I'm glad you liked it!

Nice game !

I'm glad you like it !

ps: I will rate all games don't wory


I will play all games.

Really good graphics & peacefull game.
It take more time that I have to go to gold bars, but I have collect almost gold on map.

😁 2 fool is better than 1.

I've tried to avoid as much as possible similar color. It was looking way more ugly with only 1 yellow, sorry for that difficulty depending of color screen quality.

Tanks a lot !

Realy fun !


There is no hard death line for the libgdx jam. But Raleus that will review jam will do it the 2023-04-01. He will not give notes but share what he like in the games.

& margin can be remove by adding
cfg.padHorizontal = 0;
cfg.padVertical = 0;
To html/src/.../ in getConfig()

I've reach 58s !
Html version don't display green pixel because of recompile button.
You can get ride of it by removing line <a class="superdev" ...  in <body> in html/webapp/index.html

 I'm glad you enjoyed the mechanics of the game!

Thanks for sharing it, it brightens up my day!

End level 2 is already hard enoth 👏
M will only take you the satisfation of ending the game but will end lvl 3 & display end screen (Nothing incredible, exept Frenchzebutt is sad to have lost).

It's harder at the end ! Better like that !

Nice game !

A. I will care more about difficulty balance in my next jam😅

Le jeu est très simple, mais très marrant. Ça ne vas pas trop vite est on ce laisse embarquer dans l’univers !

You can try in easy or very easy and with the help (button (?))


Thanks ! It's always good to hear that someone liked it !

Realy greate game ! All this creatures are so well done ! I have as a déjà vue fealing...

Fun game, I've almost add a orrange rectangle to map, but every time I figth 2 enemies game stop working after killing one.

It's not starting on my Google Chrome. Please add .jar