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The thing about game development is that you never have absolute control over how long it takes - so don't worry about the delays, work at your own pace, we're sure you're just as anxious for the final release as we are ! It's obvious you want the game to be exactly what you want it to be and I think it's great!

That being said, I absolutely love every aspect of what we've seen so far - the art is gorgeous, the storyline interesting, and the amount of customization we are given goes far above anything I've played so far (both in terms of appearance and personality). Implementing that must have been a lot of work! 

I just finished the demo and I'm absolutely in love with it! You got me with all my favorite tropes and 'archetypes' , I can't wait for the final release. Keep it up and good luck!

Great demo! Got me really interested in the world you've created, and I absolutely adore Deka . Can't wait for the final version!

It may sound silly, but is the lack of any sound a bug or something you simply not yet included?