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Thanks for playing! Great video and glad you enjoyed. The hand icon was actually just a picture of my hand that I mega-lowered the resolution on lol

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed

Thanks for playing! The portraits themselves were all drawn by my friends credited in the credits, the only AI art is the intro/ending backgrounds (the blurry house and the truck in the woods). 

Really great tension and build-up. The first tent was the scariest part funny enough. Really liked the driving sequence--being able to look around and at mirrors was cool, gave me some ideas for one of the horror game concepts that has been on my mind that involves driving. The ending was a little disappointing but it was still very cool overall. 

Wow, good job getting by the monster in the bedroom ha, they're hard to avoid if you get cornered

No problem! Thanks for playing

Great video! Thanks for playing! There are two other monsters you can run into at the end as well and there is a way to find a key to the basement to get a small little bonus bad ending lol

They do chase you at the end 😅

Thanks for your nice words

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

The walking sound was intentional design choice in much the same way lowering resolution of textures and the game itself were intentional to give PSX compression vibes

Never played but looks interesting

Thanks for playing! Funny that the first game you played here also used the same asset pack for the house's architecture lol

You can escape lol

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Good catch, it looks like a few of the audio sources had their spread set improperly. I'll get it fixed for next version. Thanks!

Edit: Uploaded patch fixing this issue

Thank you very much! Originally I planned to have an outdoor sequence where you had to find the key-code to the lockbox to get the key and have the ending involve running back outside as you escape but I thought it might be difficult to have the outdoor area match the shape of the indoor area and decided to scrap the idea and have it all be in the house. 

Haha, a lot of people don't seem to realize it. If you click on one of "the portraits" in the morning it makes it a bit more clear. I'm actually surprised since the "canvas" of "the portraits" really looks like "what it is"--I was afraid before-hand the twist might be too apparent but it seems to have worked well for most people. 

Thanks! There is actually one more sort of ending if you find the way to get into the basement during the night that was added in the other day's patch too :)

Haha I mean I'd say I'm finished now. I intended to not have the basement and just have it be a red herring to build tension in the note (though in my mind the headcanon was always that it was just a room they didn't want you to go in cause AirBNBs always have closets or basements like that, but I also always thought it would have like some crawlspace that gave a way for the monsters to get in), but after so many people played the game and people kept wanting to know what was in the basement and I even saw a video of someone no-clipping to check behind it I decided to add a little something there lol. I do have an idea for a bigger scale followup but not sure if I will wind up doing it or not yet cause I have other projects. 

Ugh, now I will need a version 1.02 😂

You can do it at any point during the night, the key is well hidden and you must have beaten the game once ("Read Original Creepypasta" showing up on title screen to verify)

It can be opened at night, not in the morning

With the new patch released today, there is now a way to get into the basement

With new patch released today, there is now a way to get into basement door

Haha, yeah it was definitely creepy there. I just uploaded a build fixing it actually! :)

Thanks for the video! I had never seen that bug where the footsteps happened when you sat on the toilet, that's interesting, I'll have to look into that... although it seems a bit creepy too lol


Thanks for playing! Great vid!

Hey! Thanks a lot for your video! While I don't have an hour long version of this game, I do have another horror game and I went ahead and sent your business email a Steam Key for it if you're interested in checking it out. Thanks!

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There is no way to get into the basement but you can see what comes out

Edit: Looks like you did lol

Thanks for playing The Portraits. The compression was intentional to make it more PS1-like. The Portraits were drawn by my friends who are in the credits, only the intro and ending background are AI.

Thanks for the video! Great accent!

Thanks a lot for the comment and video! 

Thanks for playing and the video!


Hey, thanks a lot for playing. There is no way to get into the basement nor anything that explicitly tells you what was in there and I leave it up to your interpretation (although I did have concrete idea of what is there). I looked at the end of your video and I will say at the least you would be in for a suprise if you went to the basement or bathroom in the morning. 

Thank you for playing! Yeah, player hitbox is a little big and can get caught on doorframes, tried to balance it to keep player from being able to clip into objects with camera but could definitely be improved

He was fighting for his life in there 😂. Ty for playing!

Thanks for playing!