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Thanks Quivscor! Our team got a late start and we're currently working on getting enemies into the game. Once judging is complete, we'll submit an updated version with the different abilities in and more story.

Thanks for taking a look! We're working on getting different powers - jump, double jump, and nitro boost - up and into the next version of the game. We're also working on building two enemy types.

Hi there,

Yes, this is not currently complete. I'm working on implementing enemy spawning, so I will be updating the project once voting finishes.

Thanks for playing!


Thanks for playing and thank you very much for pointing out the error! There was an infinite loop in my code that I hadn't found before. 

I'll add a before tutorial based on your suggestions. I plan to have it finished within the next week or so.

Thank you, UnitVector, and Ryuzaki for pointing out the error. There was an infinite loop hidden in my code that I didn't catch before! I've fixed it and will be uploading a new version without the error soon. I'm also adding a very basic grid to help with motion reference.

Thanks for the suggestions and thanks for playing!

Hey MashUp,

That's all very true! During voting the project's are locked, so I cannot submit a new version. In the latest build, there is a scoring mechanic for matching the size of the tunnel, plus there is some simple physics which prevents the player from clipping through the tunnel. As soon as I upload the new version, I hope that you and everyone else who was kind enough to take a look will check it out.

In the submitted version, there is no scoring. I'm adding this for the next version once the voting ends. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for taking a look! I thought about rotation, but that greatly complicates the tunnel generation. I'll give it a try in another prototype and see if I can make it work.

Thanks for the comments and for playing! I'm working on adding a scoring mechanic and on improving the visuals.

You just use the left or right mouse buttons to change your size. In the submitted version, there is no feedback for scoring, but I am working on adding that once the voting finishes and the project is unlocked.

Thanks for playing!

Hi Cabritta,

Thanks for taking a look at the game. I agree that it needs feedback. I'm working on adding a scoring mechanism based on how close the corners are to the tunnel walls, which I will upload once the voting unlocks the project.

Hi Pit! That's true. I have not locked the cursor to the game area. In the future, that is a change I'd like to make. Thanks for playing!

I'd also like to see this game get more development. I've encountered similar bugs of getting stuck in conversations. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Hey AlfonsoM,

Thanks for the comments and encouragement! The weekend is part of my main work shift, so I usually have very little time for these game jam projects. I'm continuing to work on it, and will upload new versions after Extra Credits unlocks the submission.

Hi there again, I think I got what you're saying. 1) I've adjusted the choices so that the benefit or damage to the friendship is gradually reduced each time you choose it. 2) By window, I think you mean the tooltip that appears when you hover your mouse over the character, right? I've adjusted the position and changed some of the display values so that it should not block the character any more. I've also started looking at adding some simple public domain graphics and sound effects, but it might be a day or two before those are working. 

Cheers! And thanks for all the feedback!

LOL! Because I was too lazy to write a script that would detect the second capital letter, and insert a space. The categories are just enumerations, and you can't have enumerations with spaces in them, so I wrote it with an underscore. Now that you mention it, I might go back and make it look a bit nicer.

Hmmm...I haven't been able to reproduce that error after posting the update last evening. I'll give it some more research and see if I can track it down.

Hi there! Thanks again for pointing that out. It turns that one of my functions was using Destroy(transform) instead of Destroy(transform.gameObject), which was causing that locked out bug. I hope you can enjoy the game now.

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Thanks! Let me take a look and see if I can reproduce it. Could you remember what option you picked? The friend names don't really matter: their names and preferences are random. But there might be some missing data from one of the topics.

Hi Silevran!

Thanks for the comments. I actually have a new version that is just as you describe: you can place the ingredients anywhere you want, and connect them using draggable node connections. I'm waiting until I can flesh out some other gameplay ideas related to flavor before I release it, but I hope you'll take a look at it in the future.

Thanks for playing!

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the comments. The situations are random, so yes it might seem (or really be)  incoherent. As for the times between events, I agree that they are too long. I'm working on an update that will greatly reduce the amount of dead waiting time, as well as adding graphics for different animals, different situations, and player choices. I hope you'll give the game another look when it has received some more TLC.


A very fun short game. I really enjoyed playing it.  

Hi Lila Lama,

Again, thank you for playing my small project. Since the theme of this game jam was light, I want the players to stay in the lit areas as much as possible. That is why I implemented a really jerky camera shake if you step out of the light, to show how scared the child is of the dark. Maybe doing some interpolation, as Gingerloaf suggested would reduce the jarring feeling.


Hi GingerLoaf,

First off, thanks for taking the time to play my small project. In this game, the camera follows the player as long as you stay in the light. If you step outside a lit area, the camera begins to shake and eventually you die of fright. You don't really have any control over the camera other than trying to stay in the light. 

Sorry about you not being able to catch any fireflies. That sucks! I'm currently working on a firefly spawner script that will create fireflies near the player if the player spends too much time in one area without any fireflies getting near.

Hi again ChaiTae,

I've been trying to solve a level previewing problem and while doing that I forgot to reset the candle spawning script! LOL. Thanks again for the comments. I've also updated the instructions now to show how to throw the fireflies.


Hi ChaiTae,

Thanks for playing my small project. This is not a bug: if you could move while carrying a firefly you could walk all the way to the goal without any challenge. I wanted players to consider how to best use their candles and available fireflies.

Hi DrBlury,

Thanks for taking a look at my game. I totally agree about the lack of textures. I've updated the project to have a simple grid pattern on the floors and walls to make them easier to see and to create a better sense of movement. Thanks for the comments!

Hi Fengol,

First off, thanks for taking the time to play my small project and give feedback. I really appreciate it! I adjusted the horizontal size of my output build so that it matches my browser settings. Also, not being able to move when you have a firefly is not a bug. If you could move when you have a firefly, you could just walk all the way to the goal, resulting in game decisions or tension.

Thanks for the feedback! I really hoped to make more content, but lost a day's worth of work because of sudden trouble at my job.

Thanks for the feedback! Due to a crisis at work, I lost a day's worth of work on the game and barely made the deadline. I really hoped to make more content and mechanics, but there you have it. Try a google search for "xkcd phone" or check this version:

Thanks for playing! I very much agree: this is a very early prototype, and the survival mechanics exist only in very primitive form at the moment. I am working on adding desert prey and predators for the player to hunt or avoid, as well as a crafting system which will allow the player to create extra water bottles, or special clothes to limit water loss, etc.

Thanks for playing it. Glad you (and your cats) enjoyed it.

Thanks! My wife came up with the idea since she loves cats.