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David Hunter

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Thanks for the feedback! I really hoped to make more content, but lost a day's worth of work because of sudden trouble at my job.

Thanks for the feedback! Due to a crisis at work, I lost a day's worth of work on the game and barely made the deadline. I really hoped to make more content and mechanics, but there you have it. Try a google search for "xkcd phone" or check this version: https://xkcd.com/1889/

Thanks for playing! I very much agree: this is a very early prototype, and the survival mechanics exist only in very primitive form at the moment. I am working on adding desert prey and predators for the player to hunt or avoid, as well as a crafting system which will allow the player to create extra water bottles, or special clothes to limit water loss, etc.

Thanks for playing it. Glad you (and your cats) enjoyed it.

Thanks! My wife came up with the idea since she loves cats.