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Thanks for the kind words I'm glad you enjoyed it.

sadly it wasnt enough

I finally found the time to play this game. I had fun playing this game it reminded me alot of binding of isaac which is one of my favorite games.
I would liked to have a bit more types upgrades like faster attack rate and maybe different bullet types.
The best part of the Game was the boss fight which reminded me alot of bullet hell games like touhou. Next time try to add a health bar for the bosses so im not lost in the fight. 

overall a good game you guys did well keep up the good work.

Cant believe this is your first game very nice visuals and fun to play. Keep up the good work!

You can actually do this, i havent made this clear in the tutorial. You can hit pause (esc or p) and click on the abort mission button at the bottom.

Thanks for playing

nice little game just finished it thanks for the hint

Very fun game and great aesthetics. I kinda had a similar idea at first but i wasn't able to program it so i scratched the idea and made a different game

thanks i will give it a try tomorrow. I felt like something was up there because the platform took longer then the others to come down but i didnt checked it

fun and short game. It kinda reminded me of pinball games which was very fun and made me play multiple rounds to beat my highscores.

i liked the jump mechanic, it made the game fun to play. These crazy worlds where entertaining but i wish there were more levels so pls make more levels  after the jam. also let me move with A and D

like when you hover over the sun make a small wave icon that indicates the action or when you hover over something pushable make like a push icon so players can see what each object will do.

liked the idea but it was hard to figure out what to do at first. Maybe make a short tutorial explaining the actions and give the actions different icons

I would love to play your game but the the web export seems to be a bit distorted sounable to read the full tutorial and I can't see the notes to play. When I tried to play the windows version it said that the  "Click_Data" is missing.

The game looks really good, i love the artstyle. Since it's not that hard it gets boring after some time but the little jokes made me laugh.

great concept but you are able to cheese trough the game while either just dashing through the oxygen area and wait for the enemies to come or by abusing the bug sh1ft15 mentioned. maybe add different enemies which can shoot through your tank or something else to force the player out of the safety of the oxygen tank.

i really liked your black and white artstyle, I think it fits well with the idea of hidden enemies that you only see with your flashlight. i sadly couldnt get trough the second level because i wasnt able to find a key. you should rework your jumping mechanic a bit because the player felt a bit heavy.

Fun game but sadly i wasnt able to collect all stars. I already read about the webGL problems so next time export your game to other platforms aswell. I really enjoyed the visuals but the background in the lava level doesn't loop right. very creative stuff you guys made there.

Very fun concept and great visuals. I also love how much detail you guys put into this. Only downside is that there are too few levels at this point, maybe youll find time for an update after this jam.

Thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it. You can abort the mission at the bottom when you pause the game. Did you try to double jump at the credits? It's a bit tricky but it's doable.

Didnt had the time to test the webversion. I just prayed everything would work.

Anyways, thanks for playing

finished just in time