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Thank you so much for checking this out! One of my biggest problems with the horror game genre is not fearing death due to respawning. I tried to fix this by making it somewhat permadeath, but its a fine line to draw to have it scary and not annoying. And I can see how it would get annoying.

Thanks for the review though :D

This was super neat. Gameplay reminds me a lot of old 3D web games. Felt so satisfying being mid way through a jumping puzzle, scrambling to make it before the solar flare hits you and just making it! I also was very fond of the little sprinkling of humor into the story. I imagine if I lived on Mercury I too would want to partake in taco Tuesday... That being said... Do they even have a Tuesday on Mercury? Huh...

Anyway, awesome job on this man!

Great, Ill check it out once I get some time!

My main focus with this was to make it as creepy and atmospheric as possible and its great to hear i succeeded. Thank you very much for checking this out!

Thank you very much for checking the game out and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Neat idea.  Might be worth pursuing this further!

Neat little game that relies a but too much on the jumpscares ;) but still creates a decent atmosphere.

Think it would have been nice to flesh out the team interaction more. Overall, nice job!

Something very nostalgic about this. Good work.

This was super cute. Really liked it. Would have loved to have more enemies to fight though. Fantastic job!

This is a really neat idea and I love the audio feedback. More enemies would have been cool.

My game did break though, eventually the waves just stopped and left me standing there. Also oxygen never drops below 10% so you cant actually lose to it.

Overall though, nice job on this one!

Super cute little platformer with an interesting twist! Game quickly teaches you mechanics and lets you play with them.

Would have liked a respawn system since its a platformer though!

I think you could create a really funny story with this. Its genuinely along the right tracks. Almost reminds me of The Beginners Guide if it was written by a comedian or something. 

Super neat little sidescroller with absolutely gorgeous animations and visual style. 

Criticisms would involve a strange gameplay loop that encourages you to take damage in order to progress. Nothing really to defend. Combat feels a bit repetitive. More visual/audio feedback would greatly help too.

Over all, if you plan to continue working on this I think it could be super awesome. Nice job!

I really enjoyed this game. I think the starting area could have done with a bit more variation as the part where you are running through the purple hallway shooting at the blob monsters is so cool. 

The bullet hell part is the best bit of the game and really brings you back to old bullet hell games. Just wish this game was longer! Nice job!

I think its really obvious that you wanted to make a compelling story here and I applaud your efforts. In some ways it really brings out this coming of age story. Combat is a lot of fun and unique. Fantastic job all around, you should be very proud of yourself.

Im so glad to have the team members I did. YHY_Games did an absolutely stunning job on the art, and Jesza perfectly crafted the games feel into one track. Thank you for checking the game out :D

Thank you so much man your game is a lot of fun too! Great job on this jam.

Originally I had intended for this to be browser based so I never bothered to write an exit button, it was the last day I realized I didnt have the GMS2 HTML5 license. Tragic but it is how it is.
Im glad you liked it thank you so much for writing a detailed review! :)

Im glad you enjoyed it!

This is a really neat idea. I wish there were more levels. 
I think it would have been cool if the bears could interact with each other in some way.

Very pleasant game!

Me and 2 others made Wheezing Kennel. Hope you like it :)

Super fun little game with an absolutely gorgeous art style. Platforming feels responsive yet not too easy.  Gives me a lot of nostalgia for old browser games. Puzzles are set up well and the player is taught mechanics seamlessly. Loved it the whole time! 

Really pretty looking game. Music when walking is soothing and pairs perfectly with the colour pallet. 

Best part by far is the combat system which feels really intense and interesting. You are constantly dodging and weaving enemy spells to try and get a time to strike. Getting a boss to low health and getting the magic hit on them feels rewarding.

Really nice job on this :)

Its a massive relief to hear you say this! One of the hardest parts of game design is effective gameplay conditioning without directly explaining it to the player. It also serves to make the player feel good when they figure out how something works. Thank you very much!

Turns out I had an old version uploaded. Try now and let me know! Sorry about this.

What OS are you using? The game should start when you press the start button. Have not encountered this bug before.

Genuinely a very pleasant idea. I love unpausing/pausing the game trying to get the planets to give me the perfect trajectory to my goal. Id love to see some sort of representation of where the ball would be going initially, like how pool games usually have a fading line showing your trajectory. It would also be helpful to have some sort of representation of how fast planets are moving when paused.  Another thing that confused me was how the score is drawn from your actions. 

But yeah. Super novel idea, I'm surprised I haven't played a game like this before as it could be super fun if properly fleshed out into a full game. Nice work!

Super wholesome little adventure. Its super obvious this game was made with just having a good time and seeing what would happen in mind. Music is great, sound effects make me feel like I'm in some sort of anime battle scene. If you ever wanted to win a battle against a monster with rock paper scissors now is your time!

The main idea was to make it tense as possible so I'm glad that worked.
There is visual feedback for the centipedes, they wiggle their antennas and chirp at you, though if I had more time I would have made it more obvious.

I really appreciate you taking the time to check the game out and even leave a review! Ill be sure to give your game a constructive review once I have beaten all the levels. :)

And no, I have been making games for quite a few years. This is just my first jam.