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jiggy bungus



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but it might be useful for serial killers who want to kill as much people as possible by going in people's dreams and killing them with the knife they hold while going to sleep.also it might be fun or boring to explore peoples dreams.


these looks great,especially the weapons


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so it already exist and im not original. well i tried.

nah i'm good m8,but thanks for the offer

minecraft and manhunt 2 = minehunt 2?

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the power of making a ghost that punches a lot appear from your back

Ok an actual one that's not a joe reference:the power to be in someone else's dream when you go to sleep,you can't control their dream you can just be there and talk to them or something,but even though you can't control the dream you can still interact with the people in the dream,ok now for my favourite part of this power,you can bring objects into the dream if you hold the object while going to sleep,now i think that's pretty cool,but there's one more downside to this you can't control whose dream you go to when you go to sleep.

ok that's my obscure power that I've come up with on the spot that have probably existed in some book or videogame I've never heard of.

A sprite of one of the weapons(i'm not very good at pixel art)

I'm working on a game called Shoot Game©(yeah i know creative)its a 2d run and gun metroidvania rougelike platformer about a guy trying to get his dog back from cultists, eldritch gods,aliens and llamas

Hi,my name's Hans,I make art and animations,I also have a youtube channel,I don't make any games but I'm gonna make one soon this year,sorry if my description is lackluster.

looks great!Can't wait for the release

nah it doesn't apply i genuinely think its a cool game

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cool game