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There's "Normal", "Medium", "Hard" and "Retro" :)

Great, we'd be delighted to include our games:

There is one on Steam, we've not got a Linux version on right now, sorry

Gotcha. So, we license games for the USB Cassette series and often we are not the publisher for the digital versions. The developers may have published themselves or worked with other publishers for the digital versions. I believe they are all on Steam if you search for them, but they might not all be on

Hi kriz, all of our game are available digitally, which game are you looking for in particular?

Yep, you can get a Steam key :) Message on and will arrange

Sorry, only just saw this thread! Let me find out and get back to you :)

Cool, sent your key via PM on Kickstarter :)

What is you Kickstarter username?

We are not currently planning a Linux version for Itch, but there is a Linux version available on Steam

Sent via PM on Kickstarter

Hyper Sentinel is now live at:

A face-melting, pixel-pumping arcade shoot 'em up featuring awesome power-ups, epic boss battles and spectacular effects at a blistering 60fps. Blast into battle against giant space destroyers in Arcade Mode, tackle endless waves of enemies in Survival Mode and face off against epic level guardians in Boss Run mode.