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Killing communist robots is pure pleasure.
There are not many enemy types, but I love them, especially the running one, who attacks you like a naruto character.
Even now gameplay provides a lot of excitement.

I am waiting for the next update.

I am going to fix it soon

I've rated your game already.

Thanks for the review. I'm going to upload an update in a few minutes. It will resolve a lot of issues with balance and dead ends. Though, the game is a bit slower, especially at the beginning.

Cool design but there is too much information to read at once.

Difficulty levels would solve that problem.


Due to a bug, you can look through walls.

To be honest, without this bug would not have been able to pass the game ; D

Thanks for playing the game and writing such extensive feedback.

I agree with every point you make, and I'm working on an update. It will include better player progression and a total rebalance of the gameplay. I'm planning to release it right after the voting ends. If you want to play more, I recommend waiting a few days. Maybe follow my account If you want to get a message.

I've also rated your game.

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Thanks for the feedback. Checkpoints wouldn't fit this kind of game at all, they are the exact opposite of what we want to achieve here.

Though, I have to say. We will update the game with a solid rebalance and smoother learning curve.

I've rated your game too.

Thanks for the feedback. About the sounds, the pitch wouldn't work very well here. It's worth noting I had various sounds for the jump, but they were broken in build (in the editor they work just fine). I will look into it and try to understand what's going on.

About the balance - it indeed is a mess. I'm planning to release an update that will address it and many other things so I recommend looking forward!

Yeah, I agree about the difficulty, we are planning to rebalance the game to make it a bit easier.

Thanks for the feedback. Rated

Thanks for the detailed feedback, you have made a lot of interesting points. I will address some of them:

  • Bug with alt-tabbing - it has appeared at the last moment. I've tried to debug it now again and for me, it only causes a crash of the application only in the main menu.
  • About 8,9,0. I've heard this one time before, not that it's strange but usually, games use j,k,l instead. Honestly, I think 8,9,0 is better even though never used. I might be biased here, so I will ask others about opinions.
  • And also, about skills and balance in general. It's a mess I want to improve with updates. Most of the imbalance comes from features I've implemented at the last moment, like tiles that disappear immediately.

Thanks for the feedback, It helps to understand what and how it needs to be improved.


Thanks, nice to hear you like the game! We might improve the game after the jam is over.

My game uses post-processing effects too (very basic ones but still), and it works just fine on WebGL. My recommendations:

- Make sure you use URP.

- Compile the game only for WebGL 2.0, ignore the WebGL 1.0 as it is problematic.

Thanks for your kind words, nice to hear you like the game!

I've rated your game, don't worry about that. Thanks for your kind words, nice to hear you like the game!

By writing "because of the way the tiles disappear" do you mean something else than just lowering the amount of time these tiles need to be visible?

I thought that the problem is primarily with the fake tiles, the ones which disappear immediately.

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Honestly, I was thinking about removing dead-end paths as these are too punishing for the newer players. Thanks for the nice words!

And also, the game was made in one week, the shaders look nice but believe me, they are nothing unexceptional.

The font, pixel art looks amazing. I wish the game would have more mechanics. Overall it's a good game.

Thanks! It makes us happy to see people like our game!

Good minimalist design!

Pressing 3 buttons at the same time is too hard for me because there are not comfortably located.

I gave up at the 5th level, but it was pretty fun experience.

A unique idea, very well implemented.

I almost made it through the hardest level, one alien remained: /

The option to skip cutscenes would be handy.

Just good job!

Nice fight, I guess the game is not finished yet, because projectiles don't deal dmg, but is already great.

I love cartoon graphics like that, brilliant job.

Catching Butterflies are hard tho.

Thanks for your kind words. The music indeed can start two times when you restart the game by using the spacebar (possibly also when you do that by using UI too fast). I plan to fix it.

Good game, in my opinion, the section at the beginning (before you will meet the first dog) is too slow, but it's such a tiny inconvenience it doesn't matter in the end. Also, next time try to compile the WebGL version of the game as people are more likely to play these.

Thanks for your kind words. Art took a lot of time so it's nice to hear people like it! Also good to hear the game wasn't too hard for once.

Nice game, even though a bit too slow for my taste (seems like I don't have enough patience for these kinds of games).

But it's a good game, The only "lacking" thing was the animations, something that is probably difficult to do with voxel art but also something you should try to learn because they aren't that hard.

Thanks, I will check and rate your game now

Well made movement and nice graphic.

Those unreal platforms were a bit frustrating but fit to theme. Good job!

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Thanks, I'm glad you like the game!

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Rated ;D

As far as I remember, my best time was above 60 seconds without any skills. But maybe I've got lucky, the level generation is random after all.

Each skill works a bit differently, there are passive skills (for which you don't need to do anything, they are just active throughout the whole run) and active skills (which you have to activate with a button). Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

Nice prototype, a mix of puzzle platformer. I have to say, it does have potential even though it will require a lot of work to execute it properly.

Thanks, nice to hear you like the game.

Thanks for the kind words. I agree that sometimes the game is a bit unfair with crown spawns and invisible but fake tiles.

yeah, this sometimes can happen if you aren't fast enough. Some skills can make the player faster so with more progress, you will get better times.

Nice game, a bit too slow for my taste but it does have a lot of mechanics and levels. Good job!

Thanks for your kind words! And yeah, the game is difficult, maybe even a bit too difficult.