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Thanks for the feedback!

I might do a tutorial on it.

Honestly I started by wanting to make a portal like game so I figured having a bunch of squares with emissive lights along the sides would do the trick. I found out the rooms were too dark and I couldn't get the emissive material to give off light. With some googling i found out there is an option for the mesh to use emissive for static light. I also have post processing (Which i'm a newbie at so not sure if required). The other important thing was Sphere reflection capture (Without it the scene just become very dark for some reason). I made two different "Grid" textures in (Just make a grid with the fill tool + add some noise and it's good enough) in material editor i made sure they were "Shiny" enough but don't make it too shiny or else it looks very odd and becomes too dark. 

Great puzzle game! I enjoyed the fact that it seemed like there was more than ONE way to deal with a level! 

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the going down the pit part (I wanted to make it even more eventful but had no time left). 
I had a lot in mind about the resources/crafting and preparing for the "Mission" but again no time... 

Btw it's possible to finish the game without spending any fuel so whoops!