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hi,kinda late here but i would love to know what you think of mine,here it is:

Thanks for playing!if i turn it into a full game i will definetly look at this Hl2 mod for some inspiration,again thanks!

you're welcome!excited to see where you go with this idea,also i would love to know what you think of my game too!

You're welcome😉! i would love to know what you think of my game too.

cool game and art!realy love the idea and story,but i cant help but feel it couldve used more sound effects,still good job nonetheless!

Cute game!i had i similaire idea with serving cold treats but i realy love your excution especial the art and music,if there is anything i could suggest it would be polisihing the controls,still,Fun game regardless!

Very nice game!i love how the mechanics work together,i got this bug where if i shoot the ball too strong at the yellow blocks it gets suck in them,but other than that the only problem i had with this game is that it ended because i had a lot of fun and i wanted to see more,good job!

So fun!the abilities are so fun to use,especialy the time freeze,its also so jucy,my highscore is 245,i would have loved to see a leaderboard,still a great game either ways!

Love the idea!cute graphics too,but i would have loved to see more content,still a good game nonetheless!

Cool entry!great twist on the theme,probably the most unique game here,and its very well excuted,well done!

thanks for playing!and dont worry about mixing up between the colors,even i cant tell them apart sometimes😅,i was just too lazy to fix that💀,again thanks!

you're welcome!i would love to know what you think of my game too!

great game!i absolutly love the concept of getting the knights to step on presure plates,kill enemies and attack the final boss,perfect use of the mechanic,if there is any thing i could suggest is maybe giving the player some context on the story in the start of the game and maybe adding more sound effects,still a good game nonetheless,well done!

Awesome game!absolutely love the illustrations at the start,also the "go backs" are a great touch and the climax at the end with the jump scare is very well made,good job!

Nice game,i love the shooting and reloading mechanic,the movement is kinda hard but it helps make you feel in danger,also the voice acting is very well done,good job!

Nice game!i saw some people say its too hard but i actualy love the challenge,also good use of the switch mechanich and the pixel art is great,and that wink in the tutorial is so cute,well done!

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You're welcome!it would be realy helpfull if you give me some feedback on my game too!

Awesome game!i love the pixel art,didn't expect to see a dungeon crawler in this jam but this one is very well excuted,if there is any thing i would suggest is making the cursor change when on interactable stuff and make the map by default turned on in the corner,nonetheless great job,hats off🙌!

Why😢?????you gave me a heart attack with those jump scares😭

Awesome game!Its hard for a game jam game to have such a unique idea and excute it this good,i love how you introduce the mechanics and use them to their full potential,gave me some good aha moments,Well done!

Cool game!i got a highscore of 190,i had some fun but i would suggest adding some obstacle varity and sometimes holes spawn right before bullets which makes it impossible to avoid,other than that you did a good job,nice transition between day and night,kinda reminds me of another game🤔

totaly agree with everything here,i realy wanted to add more puzzles to the game to actualy engage the player and i actualy had a few planned but i scraped them due to time constraints,i also think the story could very mutch be improved with a little more environmental story telling through objects(like the shovel in the last room)and maybe some choices that make for different endings,regardeless i would actualy say i am proud of how it turned out as my first  attempt at telling a story but i will definetly take your tips into consideration for my next projects,thank you!

Love the idea!and the witten notes in every level make it feel special,the jump is quite responsive but the movement feels a little off,nonetheless great job!

Awesome game!love the 3d like effect that bends the edge of the screen,also blue and beige is quite a good change from black and white,and the idea is very unique and well excuted,Well done!

thank you for playing!,i realy wanted to add some puzzles but i joined the game jam late so i had to rush it =(,but again thanks!

you're welome!it would be nice to know what you think of my game too!

you're welcome!i want to know if you like my game too<3

You're welcome,it be nice to know what you think of my game too!


Nice game!i like that you went with a survival game,quite a unique idea,well done!

Love it! got some good laughs out of me,also the the assets,sounds and voice acting is surprisingly high quality,good job!

You're welcome!it be nice to know what you think of my game if you check it out<3

You're welcome!i would love to know what you think of my game too if you check it out!

ooooh thats what you meant with the ending!i just didnt get it because it wasnt realy clear if my shots killed the monster at the end,but i guess its better this way to leave some room for interpetation

Thank  you so much!means alot to me that you enjoyed it<3

First of all thank you for playing!also you would be surprised to know how many people from my playtesters forget to freeze the bevrages too,i guess i could have done a better job with the tutorial,again thanks<3!

I absolutely love everything from the story to the puzzles to the art!insane for a 9 day jam,also the yes ending is so satisfying and heartwarming,hats off!

Absolutely terrifying! that jump scare when the monster catches you is so unnerving,i love that explanation but i think it should be shown when you start playing so people dont skip it and have context,still great game nonetheles!

Thanks!i might have over done the sliding which is probably why you found the movement hard,i should have gotten some one other than me to play test it because i got used to it,again thank you for playing!

yeah i just replayed it and the bug was gone,i actualy finished it this time,about the ending,did that monster impersonate robin?because the letter was kinda written wierdly and in purple font,thats just my guess