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Yeah yeah yeah!!that sounds like an awesom idea,and a one i can actually manage to pull off!thank you so much for playing,and for the ideas!

this game is awesome! i actually enjoyed it unironicly ,the enemy verity,the enviroments,the pixels art,and the small dettails like sound changing underwater realy gives the game soul,but my only problem is that i encountered a bug,a game braking bug,you know that purple box in the map with p in it,if i try accesing it through the red room under it the player changes to the swimming animation and gameplay and i start flying,then when i reach that green part, because i didnt break the wall, i get stuck, i hope this made sence, here is a pic

i already had a plan in mind , i was going to add caves ,poision erias , bosses ,more weapons but i just underestimated how hard it is to make a metroidvania,but anyways thank you for the feedback!

This game is awesome!,the animations are so smooth the gameplay is responsive the music and sounds are on point , and its probably the only real metroidvania in this jam,great job!

me too :(

I underestimated how hard it is t make a metroidvania

Thanks! , I would love to know how you think I can improve it <3

Personaly I made this simple demo of a top down shooter with faux gravity in 3 days  ,but there are Two Big Problems, one is that I've never made a metroidvania, and two is that I am already out of ideas, sooooo........ if anyone wants to play the demo and give me some advice here is the link,I plan on adding enemies with ranged attacks, Caves ,definitely more weapons and maybe more abilities like a dash ,but let me know what you think, anyways thank you for your time <3 ,House out!

probably all of them  i mean if you try hard enough you can make any genre work well with 3 buttons,here are some examples:

Fps:mouse movement for looking,a button for walking and a button for interacting or jumping or what ever

Top-down:make the player go to the mouses position and also look at it which leaves you with 2 more button you can also make the player always shoot so you dont have to dedicate a button to it so you can use the other 2 freely

Platformer:maybe make it an endless runner and all you do is jump slide or dash

The list is long and i can go further so dont feel limited to these ideas and dont worry about chosing the right genre but try to be creative with it while keeping your scope down

Bonus tip:you can asign diffrent actions to double clicking or holding the button,so anyways good luck friend!

Wow!you're art is absolutly STUNNING,with this type of skill finding a team would be a piece of cake,personally i like the lone wolf aproach , so good luck with the jam!

yes i am participating i want to get back into the habit of making games,but i still dont have the slightest idea what i am going to make😭

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I never though i would see you here!the backstory you wrote is very intresting  and its beyond me how you can do so in such a short tile, i am looking forward to play your game friend, and please dont give up


You got some real talent friend,and i realy respect your growing mindset,good luck with your game!

bruh,i would have loved to play your game friend if i wasnt broke as hell

the project files are completely deleted but i can give you an idea,it was a top down 3d puzzle game with cel shaded graphics where you move objects to reach certain goals but moving those objects can get in your way afterwards so you have to back track to get the perfect solution,the game was too ambitious so even if i tried i wouldn't have completed it before the deadline

i spent the first two days on making a game that barely fit the limitation and when i realised that, i scraped the whole project and ended up making snake by following a tutorial, its probably the worst game i ever created

Hey friend, i just got a notification about your new game and i will play it when i get the chance!

Where to start,well i "house" am not very good at art and neither am i at writing,so i just joined this jam to push my self to learn the mentioned skills,but i just can't get any ideas,don't get me wrong i can and i have made games in a limited amount of time but this is kind of different,in other "normal" game jams you can create a prototype for mechanic,but in a jam about visual novels you can't write the introduction of a story and expect to have a good game,and the art is a whole other beast,so do you recomend any free learning material?and what are some pro tips that i should know?Anyways thanks in advance,bye!

Thank you so much for your feedback!i will definitly work on this game i see the idea's potential,again thanks for playing!

yeah i will definitely play your game after you update,i would also like to get some feedback from you on my game too!

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Very fun game! it has such an awesome concept and i would love to see more of it,one thing tho its easy to cheese the game by  juming of a platform and placing one under the ball so maybe make it that you have to be on the ground to place a platform,don't be discouraged thats just a minor problem that i wanted to poin out.

Great Game Friend!,I realy enjoyed it but what i would suggest it adding a background to bring it more to life,still awesome game!

Your game is so fun and unique in its idea but it falls short when it coms to presenation so maybe work on it,other than that Great Job!

i get you're point,and it wasnt supposed to be like this cause i spent too much time on visuals so i didnt have time to add certain mechanics such as multiple balls,there wasnt supposed to be there a "player" just a an objective, i will certainly add more to this game and port it to more platforms because i see the potential of this idea,follow me if you're intrested!

I just played your game and left a review and a rating so it would be nice if you play mine too

here it is:

ahhh i see so that's why,anyways you're welcome any time,i would like to know what you think of my game too

WOW!this isthe most complete game i played i this jam and i enjoyed it although i dont have any nostalgia for the classic zelda games,well done!

Though i couldn't beat hard level 2,i realy enjoyed what i played, and i am surprised how you can make such good looking game with simple shapes and colors,great job friend!

I realy appreciate your comment!and i do plan on adding more levels and mechanics when the voting is over so follow me if you're intrested!

You're welcome friend,i would love to know what you think of my game too!

Great job,your art work is very cute and i love it,plus the gameplay is quiet calming compared to other entries,awesome game friend!

THIS GAME IS SO FUN, i realy loved it andi surprising how close your idea was to mine but your excution is years ahead,good job!

you're welcom,it would be nice i you review my game too!

This is almost perfect,the art is very unique and colorful,honestly the only thing that i can critisize is the fact that it ended,please add more levels this game is awesome!

You're welcome!it would be nice if you rate mine too!

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You're welcome!it would be nice if you rate mine too!

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i love this game from the art to the gameplay ,and the diffrent enviroments are awesome!

this is sucha great game i cant begin to imagine you created this in 3days,there is only one thing i can critisize its that i found my self chessing through the hard levels so maybe work on that,again great job!

Wow! you're game is so cool and underrated i realy enjoyed it and the graphics is so simple yet so beautiful,great job!