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Theo Porcet

A member registered May 18, 2020

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This game doesn't work on my mac! The tapes dont play.... But every other PUPPET COMBO games work.

Hi I'm on Mac and whenever I put the VHS in, nothing happens. i click on relaunch and nothing happens... Am i missing something??

It worked on Catalina for you BRO?

Does this game works on MAC CATALINA??

The game doesnt work on MAC Catalina :(

Really cool point and click!

Hello friends, 

I'm a professional sound designer and also a musican/producer. I'm french but I live in Canada now (best decision ever).

I've been working for trailers, short movies, advertising and I really want to have the opportunity to work on a video game. The closest I have been, was to make the sound for the Dead By Daylight trailers:  (yes I also have to do some voice acting, it's me screaming!)

Recently I discovered Hylics and Hylics 2 and I really loved the weird indie approach to the sound.

If you are a game developper looking for a really creative and versatile person to work with, hit me up at

More of my work here:

Adidas - Carbon:

Pony - music and sfx: