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Thank you for this tool :)

Thank you :)

Rly nice asset :) keep up the good work.

Small improvements: Make the spin attack a double jump(change button to jump) its a small thing but it will improve the flow. Play with the wallslide speed a bit i think it should be a bit faster, right now it kills the movement momentum. Great project, keep up the good work. Wish you the best.

This creators don't answer to comments. Tnx for the info. 

I bought the bundle before you released this so i will not get this? 

Hey, any news on 16x16 pack? 

The link for the download is dead.

Hi, is it possible to hide the ldtk files from the player so he can not edit it? Thank you in advance

Hi, width and height ? Ty

Hi, one question for the airFriction. If i increase the number or lover the number nothing changes. How could i change the air movement speed of the player? Thank you in advance. 

Hi, got some small problems. When i go fullscreen and the sequence starts it changes from full screen to window mode and when i change the width_ and height_ to 1920x1080 it size it down to a small portion of the screen. If you have a discord i could send you a video.  Any help is appreciated. Thank you

One of the best free assets for Gamemaker Studio 2. If you struggle with cameras or you are a beginner use this it cuts a lot of time and you can focus on game mechanics. The support is excellent every stupid question I asked was answered and explained. I can only recommend this asset and I will definitely use this in my game.  Thank you for this great asset.

Hi, do you have maybe a discord where i can contact you i have a couple of questions about the camera. Thank you in advance

Alpha 0.5 


-new menu

-2 new levels

-changeable controls

-better movement felling

-golden frog :P

-3 new arrow types

-water (experimental)

-a lot of bug fixes

Yes pls it would help a lot. 

Nice. One more question is there a release checking method? I saw there is pressed and down but some of my scripts use release buttons would it be possible to add this?

Thank you. Can i ask you where are you from ? I have  a couple of siblings that have the name Milan.

Hi, is there any chance you upload an example? I bought the pack but it's hard to start with zero examples.

300 Lives community · Created a new topic Updates
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Full list of the update.

300 Lives community · Created a new topic Ideas

If you have any idea/suggestion and you would like to see it in the game post it here. Thank you

300 Lives community · Created a new topic Bug Reports.

If you find any bugs pls post them here and if possible with a screenshot. Thank you

I fixed the bug a hour ago could you download it again. 

I did not find any other way to notify you of the update so I'm doing it this way :P 

Hi, thank you for playtesting this is just a small demo of what I'm working on there will be more updates with more stuff to do. The idea with the arrows to trigger the platform is really nice will look into it. Two questions can you say where the platform was too high after you missed the jump? And did you make it to the end? If yes, how did you climb the wall up?

Hi, one small piece of feedback. You could add a release button to the script, it is not hard to do it myself but small feedback to improve the quality of the script. Thank you for the script it works as intended.

Hi, thank you for playing the game and the honest review. I changed a lot of things even the game engine but the concept of the game is the same. In the new version, the room switching is much much faster and you can control the player, the dash is different now and the player got two weapons the second one is a bow with 6 different arrows, right now I'm building the tutorial zone will keep in mind what you said about that and building the keyboard inputs. I saw you have a GML input script will see how it will work with my game. After this is finished I hope to get another honest review from you. 

Yea that was my first guess but nothing happens.

I did as you said and added constant speed if liftable_free(x,y+4) but nothing happens if I go !place_meeting(x,y-1,obj_solid_terrain) it moves and collides with the object but only with that object (as expected) so my question did I call it wrong or does the liftable_free(x,y) need something more? 

Thank you for the fast reply and sorry that I answer so late. Yea I know that there is a search system. What I meant is the variable state in step event where does it start how does it know what is the first state to call. This is what I was searching for in player_locals_init() there is the beginning of the variable state  state = playerstate_normal. Another question: how could I change the obj_companionblock so it's affected by gravity even it's in the idle state?  i know he creates obj_solidterrain_liftable if that and this happens but is there an easy way to make him be affected with gravity? It looks funny (for me) if one obj_companionblock is standing on another one and you pick the first one out and the other one stands there in the air.  (I'm new to programming so sorry for the silly questions)

A gif or video would be nice. Just to see what it looks like.


I found a bug in gamemaker 2.3.1 if u interact with the opowerUp1 u get stuck in a loop with the text and u can not exit it.

Yea I can confirm after a clean import again the wallslide is working Idk why it was not. The dash is working too but I think I found a bug if you dash down like 2 times you lose the dash ability you cant even jump again you need to fall down from where you are standing so you snap out of the state, tried with the keyboard and controller.

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I'm not sure is it just me or but the wallslide on the right side doesn't work if I collide with the left side of the wall it works but on right nothing but i can walljump. I'm using gamemaker 2.3.1

Edit: The dash isn't working too and if you are standing on a slope you constantly change the state from falling to standing.

Hi, could you pls explain the Step event(Player) I don't get it from where does it call the State machine? script_execute(state)? Where is the variable state?

Hi, in what program did u make this? Is it possible u share the project file so its easy to edit. Thank you