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Hi, im currently working on my game Link to the game  im posting on multiple websites /indieDb/GameJolt/Mastodon/Reddit/etc.. i will credit you on every site and post i make until the demo is finished and we can discuss how much it will cost me to work with you until the game is done. Im looking for someone who has a good eye for details the game currently lacks background, props, decoration for the level so if anyone is interested or has some more questions let me know here or on discord Galla#7641.

If for some reason i dont accept or answer your discord massage in a day  pls leave your discord here and i add you ( sometimes i dont get any massages on discord im not sure why)

Some recent work  done on the game.

Hi, is there any way i could contact you ? 

Im a huge fan of scifi games with a good story and this hits both nerves. Love the atmosphere and the graphics  keep up the good work its worth :) 

Im sorry it took so long to reply and give you the feedback the gamedev and marketing takes a lot of time. 

For a game-jam game its a lot of fun and it has great graphics :) keep the good work going.

Hi, sure Galla#7641 / galla_1

Hi, im currently working on my game Link to the game right now its still a Demo  (this project is posted on multiple websites /indieDb/GameJolt/Mastodon/Reddit/etc..) Im looking for someone who can make some music for the game(maybe sound effects too) . Anyone interested let me know here or on discord Galla#7641 / galla_1

Love it :) funny, cool story, graphics top if done right it will Undertale 2 . The only thing  i would change is the intro where the characters are singing its a bit to long for me. Keep up the good work :)

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Downloaded will get back to you soon.

Edit : Posted a comment on the game page and gave a rating :) . Thank you for playtesting my game and the kind words it keeps the motivation going :) 

Downloaded will get back to you soon.

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Hi, im currently working on my game Link to the game right now its still a Demo i got a lot of feedback 90% (this project is posted on multiple websites /indieDb/GameJolt/Mastodon/Reddit/etc..)positive and the rest were just bugs that are fixed now. Im looking for someone who is a better 2D artist then me (its not hard to be ) so i can start polishing the game art and start making the levels. Anyone interested let me know here or on discord Galla#7641.

Hi, B.0.T is a action precision platformer inspired by Super Meat Boy/ Mega Man/ Celeste. I would love to hear some feedback on what you think :) 

Take a look :

Im still looking for a better balance for the levels. The last update should have fixed the slide controls, will look further into it to see what the problem is. Thank you for play testing and the feedback :)

It should be Sony-R2, Xbox-RT let me know if it works.

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Yea i could change it to just B.0.T - Demo and the version. Tnx for the hint.

Tnx for playing and feedback. A fix is on the way :)

Wow, thank you for this :) 

Hi, awesome work :) one request: Shield animations it would complete the pack and open a lot potential for gamedev. If you find some free time  i would love to see it happen.  Tnx

Thank you for this tool :)

Thank you :)

Rly nice asset :) keep up the good work.

Small improvements: Make the spin attack a double jump(change button to jump) its a small thing but it will improve the flow. Play with the wallslide speed a bit i think it should be a bit faster, right now it kills the movement momentum. Great project, keep up the good work. Wish you the best.

This creators don't answer to comments. Tnx for the info. 

I bought the bundle before you released this so i will not get this? 

Hey, any news on 16x16 pack? 

The link for the download is dead.

Hi, is it possible to hide the ldtk files from the player so he can not edit it? Thank you in advance

Hi, width and height ? Ty

Hi, one question for the airFriction. If i increase the number or lover the number nothing changes. How could i change the air movement speed of the player? Thank you in advance. 

Alpha 0.5 


-new menu

-2 new levels

-changeable controls

-better movement felling

-golden frog :P

-3 new arrow types

-water (experimental)

-a lot of bug fixes

Yes pls it would help a lot. 

Nice. One more question is there a release checking method? I saw there is pressed and down but some of my scripts use release buttons would it be possible to add this?

Thank you. Can i ask you where are you from ? I have  a couple of siblings that have the name Milan.

Hi, is there any chance you upload an example? I bought the pack but it's hard to start with zero examples.