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These sprites are formatted in the RPGM format. This means that the animations go 1, 2, 3, 2 (ping-pong) and the idle frame is the second frame. So, while there isn't technically an idle animation since it's a single frame, the pack means that there is an idle state for each character when it says that there is an idle animation.

I should note that the pack never said it had a run animation, just walk and attack.

I suppose in layman's terms you're correct but at the same time... not. Simply, the /ts/ in Japanese is something called an affricate, which is a stop (k, g, t, d, p, b) combined with a fricitive (f, v, s, z, sh). There are two affricates that I know of in English; /ch/ and /j/; yeah, j. The /j/ in English is actually the combination of /d/ and /j/, the /j/ being the one in Japanese (a "soft" J). Meanwhile Japanese has the two classic /ts/ and /ch/. The reason it's explained as a "soft" j or s in English is because a sound that isn't in one's native language in always harder to tell apart without getting used to it. Japanese has double consonants (fricatives and stops) and double vowels; both of which are more difficult to tell apart from normal consonants and vowels. This is the same with diphthongs (two vowels flowing into eachother) in Korean, this is another example. Though probably the weirdest one IMO is that any time a vowel is the start of a sentence (or a word) it will have a glottal stop before it. English speakers have no clue they're doing it nor how to not do it without practice.

I suppose that wasn't simple, nor short but maybe it illustrates what I mean or taught someone. 

TLDR: /ts/ is a bit difficult to say or tell apart from /s/ as an English speaker so it's described as a hard /s/ as to make it easier.

Sorry for babbling, I'm not trying to be offensive if that's what it seems like; I just like language (;;-;;'  )y

Have a nice day/night/evening/whatever.


Oof~! Those first two endings hit me hard! I almost cried during one!

I got the first then the second then I pondered what I did wrong and tried doing whatever and it ended out working! (somehow)

First I'd like to say that this game has an utterly fantastic story that really captures a lot of emotions. I'm usually not one for dating sims so I only went the Max route (ending 4? maybe there's another). That said, the game's writing is really good; the plot develops the relationship as it goes through and the MC has a nice and gradual development. Although I can't say her character development was perfect, there were elements that seemed a bit quick or sometimes drawn out. It worked in some areas to draw out her emotions; it making a lot of sense why she'd be so apprehensive, but a few times it just didn't fit right. The plot as it is is a tad weird; some points have tangents that don't do much down the line, I get some as they are for the whole dating sim bit where you choose a character as your end goal, but sometimes it was weird (maybe I'm incorrectly remembering from playing it a few dozen minutes ago). 

The characters were all pretty well written: Max fit her role and stuck to character (save for a little bit to do with the relationship between herself and Riley at the time but that didn't make much impact and worked either way) and was a solid character through and through. Cecilia was a nice older-sister sort of character who was strict but felt like there was a lot behind that and she flashed that part of herself when she got to know Riley. And of course, the best girl, Riley; she's probably the best character who has a lot of feelings she has to figure out before she can get on with her life. Her development is great and her general writing and personality is interesting to see. A lot of small things were added into everyone which added a nice little layer that made them all a lot more... what's the word... interesting? Gripping? Whatever it'd be, it made them all so much better.

Might I just say though; Eric or Mason or Gideon or whatever his name was was a bit out of place imo. He came out of nowhere and had little plot relevance (even at the comforting scene where he was more comforting in a partially unrelated note than what was actually wrong). He's not a bad character, I just didn't see what his purpose was. I honestly thought that Riley was going to run into Emma again since she told her to talk to her any time (though then I remembered that Emma is from 1800 and thus might not be a good idea because of the social climate at the time... but having lived in future-vill for three years, she's likely picked up a lot of acceptance for that sort of stuff).

Anyways; dribbling opinions aside, I might have gotten to this game quite late but it's truly spectacular. I'm adding this to my replayible list and I'll most certainly revisit it (and maybe find out how those other endings work; I swear these games I've been playing have the hardest to find endings...). I suggest this to anyone who likes yuri or a nice little emotional journey.

Great job Fablesoft Studios and all who were involved in the making of this game; you've made an amazing experience!


And... Chicken Parm? I've heard it called that, like, twice... is it really more commonly known as that?

What a cute little game! I really liked Zoe and Daisy but I think Atsuko takes the cake for best waifu ;;

There were a lot of little errors here and there; a missing image in one scene, a tonne of the periods being commas, when Daisy texts Alex once it says it's Atsuko, dialogues happening twice, mostly inconsequential but still weird. The art is adorable and I love it; all the characters are just so cute. I especially love Belle (she'd get alone with Kirara from GJ-bu, I'm sure), she's just so dang cute.

One thing I found weird was the Moth waitress turned into a Cat waitress in one of the endings... not *turned* into but it was different from all the other routes.

Anyways; loved it, keep on making goodness! Cheers~

P.s. Tsunami is said with the /ts/ affricate but is just used as a loanword in English without is (since English doesn't have the affricate). All natively Japanese names are also pronounces with /ts/ so I'm wondering if Atsuko isn't Japanese or if her family(?) isn't, or something. I find it strange that her name would also be pronounced in such a way but still use the romanised Japanese spelling.

Haaahh.... oof. I just finished the game, I'll be honest, I didn't expect to be at my computer for nearly six or some odd hours with this game on only one playthrough. I downloaded Our Home a week or so ago while just collecting any yuri games that I hadn't already played (or had lost when my drive reformatted). I went through my downloads today and after two short other games (one of which I had played before) I unzipped and opened Our Home. 

And holy catline I didn't expect what the game beheld... like... wow. I began with little expectation from the fact that some of the games I downloaded there mediocre looking if not just straight up boring. I was immediately surprised with the voice acting, personally I've never liked many VN voicing and this game isn't different but I left it on and the voicing kinda grew on me.

I played an entire playthrough and unexpectedly got a "Very Good End" (iirc). I love how the ending allowed me to make decicions that aren't good in nature, but are things I'd actually do if I was in the situation, but didn't punish me heavily for each and every one. I honestly expected the game to be over all the time, but it only actually concluded after most of the plots had been followed through. And I really should say that the whole story is fantastically written, I didn't expect to be as enraptured as I was. 

The art is very meh and sometimes straight up bad but the thing that I most didn't like at first became something that fit so well by the end; that being the weird eyes, which now hold a lot better after seeing the story's themeing. There are little things everywhere: Lauren's sprites are out of place tonally, she shows her navel and in general wears a weird outfit seeing as her narrative purpose, the main character's—Emily's—sprites are all over the place and I feel like her design isn't even entirely complete (the ending CGs confused me seeing as the drawing had who I thought to be Emily holding Maria's hand but instead Maria was on the whole other end of the page). But that's of less matter, the art did its purpose and the artist should be happy with their work because even with what I said, I do like the art; Maria's sprites are especially adorable. 

Music seemed fitting and worked well, I don't think any tracks got too played out or overused afir. The voice acting was fine for the most part though there are miscellaneous lines missing (such as Maria's reaction to the gift) all-throughout the game which, while don't detract massively from the game, are certainly   jarring and unfortunate. One note I have if whoever Alex's actor is has a very interesting accent to the point where I was constantly trying to figure out if he was hiding an Australian accent or just had a more obscure one that was a tad more subtle. 

[Possible spoilers past this point]

Our Home is definitely a new favourite of mine even if it didn't live up to what I thought would come of the reason I came. Which is to say, the yuri kinda sucked... it was good, well developed and I was really backing it and enticipating more... but remember when I said "most of the plots followed through"? Yeah, there's one big one that only really got very far after what equated to the end; Emily and Lauren don't have the best romantic plot. Maybe this game isn't supposed to be a romance VN and I'm missing the point, and I'm not saying that's what it is but I did think that the romance plot was a lot larger than mild flirting and loads of fruitless foreshadowing. The set up was really large with the dreams and everything but when it came down to the conclusion, it came out short. I thought there was going to be a little time focusing on the two between Alex's larger conclusion and Elizabeth's. 

After the lead up, the sudden end was disappointing. Though perhaps I'm the only one who expected there to at least be a more solid Innate Imperfections date scene-esque scene wherein the character have a little banter beyond their--... y'know, I'm bad at explaining my idea as much as I am coming up with it. My point is that the Emily/Lauren subplot fell short of what it was seeming to lead up to. Whilst Our Home seems to have supposed to be emulating a very reality feel to it, and maybe a romance subplot doesn't fit well or something like that, but it feels like that's the one thing missing from the "Very Good End". 

In the end: Our Home is a really great but long experience. The choices feel like they're well picked for being just that, choices. And the game, despite its downfalls, is really really well written. All the character are well made and feel real. I laughed and cried with Maria and Emily and the gang more than I'd like to admit and I've really grown attached to them. Thank you to Watercress and everyone who worked on this game, it really turned out well and I've thoroughly enjoyed just this first playthrough. I may not get all the endings since I doubt I'll play again until I come around and replay it like I sometimes do with my favourite games but I'm glad I got all the laughs and tears I did from this one. 

Now then, I'm writing this on my phone for lack of internet connection on my desktop, thus I didn't write it as fast or as well as I would've hoped. My opinions here are a little... unorganised and thrown about but thank you for reading. If you have any doubts on whether to play Our Home, I'd say go for it, it's a ride you light just enjoy a lot. 


Here we are again, with another spectacular ANPIM game. And boy oh boy has our yuri dealer pulled through (despite the circumstance)!

First off, I need to say that I missed the initial release because I'm not on itch all that often but I'm so glad I stumbled here and saw it on my "recent stuff by authors you follow" bar.

In this game ANPIM goes with the silly overly literal title choice, and the title really does say it all. ICBTMPGISIALJLM...--I'll just call it poples for now--poples definitely fits into the ANPIM collection. It has all those heart throb moments and had me giggling over the two main character's adorableness. The characters have a nice development between eachother, with Hinata eventually falling for Hana who seems to have been trying from the start to cause that. The personalities of the MCs are really nice, I love how they both have their moments of mischievousness, vulnerability, coy, so on, so forth. As for the art, it's great as always: both the CGs and character drawings are great and I'm still loving the blank background character looks that are both defined and featureless. The music choice is good, though one of the tracks is exceptionally louder than the others; not that big of a deal but it was annoying for a little while. Writing is as always adorable, both characters start with a nice nuance where they aren't a perfect archetype which helps. As the story moved forwards I thought that the game would end just after the second big moment (them getting together) but I was happily mistaken; I will never doubt ANPIM again! 

Poples definitely makes for a great yuri game, it has all the good merits and TL;DR it's a great game with good impact romance-wise, with great art and plot. Maybe I'm just an ANPIM junky but I think I can safely say this is a top-tier yuri title.

Hopefully this makes anyone uncertain, sure, if you like yuri: play this game, if you don't: you choose. ANPIM has delivered again and this game with a way too long name is something I'm certain to replay again and again in the future (just like OLTC). My favourite part was certainly Kaneko showing up, I got so hype when I put it together "teacher? gay?... kaneko... KANEKO! I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T NOTICE; IT'S OUR ONCE LONESOME GAY PRETZLEBUN!" gg ANPIM, I didn't see it coming. I imagined Kotone and Hibiki together at the station when Hana mentioned it; Hibiki wearing a chefs hat and making inappropriate jokes.

LOVE YOU ANPIM! Keep up the good work and I hope you the best in your endevours~! I'm glad to see you didn't toss this game after all, thanks Udon for all you've done, have luck with your school and work; I'm so thankful that you still make games for us even with other things on your plate, just remember you will always have fans who love your games, no matter how small or weird they are!



Thank you for informing me, it should be fixed now; sorry for the trouble and thank you for taking an interest.

Love it; too short in my opinion (then again, I'm a huge ANPIM fan :P). I wanna see more of Kaede; my fancanon is that she's going out with her senpai from her club or is in the process of soon being in a relationship with her, but that's just my mind. 

The story was enjoyable and while the perspective and character development seemed sudden, jarring or off at times; it was still great. I like the premise and all the characters were a delight to see interact with eachother, my favourite being Kaede. I did find Camilla's name strange and the fact that I'm pretty sure the names were reversed from how japanese names always are (last name first name style, I find it jarring the other way around anyway though). Art is good and I find the abundance of character pretty nice (though Katsumi to be a bit underused, maybe she could have teased Camile or something), nice story with likeable characters, and quite a few more kisses than it's siblings.

Verdict: another fun ANPIM game, a great yuri NV and in general NV. I Love you ANPIM! Can't wait to see more in the future (not to pressure you, we all have lives). Thanks for all the amazing yuri and stories; you have become my yuri dealer as you easter-egged in One's Lonesome. Keep up the good work!


I really enjoyed this one. Seeing a romance of older girls from Team ANPIM is quite a pleasure. The story is definitely better than N&F and From Salt to Sugar, certainly the writing is getting better and better since One's Lonesome, Two's Company is the same if not much better writing. The art is also a big improvement: less characters but more silhouettes, more facial expressions. The game runs a lot longer than the precious two and that pleases me since ANPIM's games are my favourite, sometimes I wish they were longer but they also would likely work better at this length. The pacing a structure was much more solid than N&F and From Salt to Sugar as well as the character development being much better written and thought out. (Plus the music was so very much better in turns of not being so repetitive 

There is one thing that bugged me; the fact that their relationship was never confirmed, no 'we're dating/lovers right' which one's lonesome included. That always makes me a bit sad in yuri when they seem so compatible and it's apparent (or outright said) that they love each-other, but I suppose you can't always get the cherry topping you want.

Thing is, I found this (and the previous two) after having a big urge to go play through One's Lonesome again and realised I had never gone to look at other things by ANPIM so I did and--to my pleasure--found that they had three more games, all promising. I just played through them in order (really wanting to see Kaede's secret in an expansion or something, maybe a senpai she's going out with or something; her character is so charming and fun that I kinda wanna see more of her if ANPIM decide to revisit Salt to Sugar). 

More unique premise than One's Lonesome so it gets points there (plus I just love OLs so times that by three or so) but the 'feels' and drama of One's Lonesome are much more... heart throb'y; reckon, I did go giddy and giggly and weird while playing that game as it was the first of it's merit I had read (and still holds it's place for being the best romance VN in my books) so maybe my bridging of these two may be bias (though I did go giddy, giggly, and weird over One's Lonesome again while replaying it a while back and I'm sure again soon). Now that I've rambled on about my love of ANPIM and this game (and strangely a lot about One's Lonesome)... on with a closing!

This will definitely be revisited by me later, great one again from Team ANPIM. 9.8/10 or whatever is really good in the scale. Can't wait for more ANPIM games! Thanks for all the delightful experiences so far~!


It'd be really nice if it wouldn't give you things you aren't able to place anywhere; took me a few hours to wait for the tiles I needed to fill the map. It's fun if not confusing.

I agree, endings or moments in games that have that kind of impact are great and I love them especially from a narrative and broadening standpoint. I still get a bit shaken or stirred from well written ones and that one in particular was. I'm very very happy to hear the game will be completed at some point and quite excited that more projects are at least planned. I know life gets in the way some times so don't feel pressured to rush anything; as long as it's sure to be released, I'm content.

Thank you for writing me back, especially so soon. I hope the best for you and your team, I'm excited for the project and all future and will keep tabs on them for when they're finished. Good luck~! (not that you'll need it seeing as the current state of the game being pretty dang great as it is.)

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I'd first like to say that I downloaded this game a while back and hadn't played it, I then completely forgot about it (I do that sometimes with games I download). So then a year--if not longer--later I was going through my games to see which ones I hadn't played and saw this one, and had no idea what it was. A large portion of the games in my library are yuri but I had assumed this was just a game that looked cool and I had picked it up because of that. So I walked into this game having not known it was GL.

Anyways; I played the game and got the continuing 'ending' and proceeded to get the "happy" (I dunno what they're all called; it has a photograph on the title screen) ending. So, I now knew it was yuri and this surprised me having thought it was a thriller or noire story. And I must say that the relationship between Inna and Lillian is subtle in anything but the photography and one other end. So I've gotten three endings and one "ending" that ended with "not finished". So here we are, I'm quite shaken from one of the endings and I think I will be for a little while, but even so this game is very neat and I love a lot of what it has to offer especially it's setting and story since it's rare I see yuri in this fashion (only Marriage Black comes to mind and that's not even set in this era). 

I love the art, the story is great, the romance and dynamic between Inna and Lillian is charming, the music fits. In general this is a pretty well put together game and it's a fun play with a story unique to the yuri scene. The only thing I don't like is that it's unfinished and being from 2015 I don't see it ever being done, especially seeing as how many yuri projects from 2015 have been abandoned. But I'd really love to see this one raise from the dead because it's probably the best from the other dead 2015 games and is just great. 

That's mostly it: I'd like to see a full release and would love to see more from this author regardless (though preferably finished games; this game's quality shows that--if it was longer and complete--I would pay to get the full release. 

Thank you for reading my way-too-long comment on the game. And lots of thanks to DarkSin, Noyemi K, Helvetica Standard, Shadow and anyone else involved in this project, it's very fun even in it's current state. 

(now I'm going to go try to get over that bad ending...)

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I love these a lot, the ones there currently don't fit her well (it bugged me how her hat wasn't in her conversation expressions in particular). This also fits the art-style of Seri's expressions better (though the eye-whites are still very jarring). Keep up the good work!

EDIT: I just noticed she's the only one with a nose...

I like it!
There are things to love and things to hate; the collision is all over the place and I got one error that didn't allow me to continue the game because it couldn't load one of Seri's faces (in Carmen's room behind the canvas is a dresser, that's where the error lies). But overall the story is pretty neat. I like how minor characters exist and have their own stories; though sometimes short. I would love to see more of the non-main story interaction more becuase it's very interesting and I love seeing all what other characters are doing. The relationship between Carmen and Seri is specific is something I'd like to see more of--even if just optional or padding--though the beginning's 'future' cut-scene is strange since it gives you the answer to "will they get together" but I trust it will be expanded on. I hope that cut-scene isn't the ending because I'd really like to see what happens after that. I think the game would be a lot better if the character faces were consistent and not the RPGMaker defaults. The art difference from the world sprites and the face sprites is jarring and I think a lower-res style would fit much better for the world sprites.

Probably my largest grip is that the battles are annoying and make no sense, I wish they would not be there, maybe I'm not understanding but they served no narrative purpose and if anything made the game harder to take seriously. The reasoning for it seems to be "it's an RPG, no duh" but that doesn't help it's case since Always, Sometimes Monsters (which this game subtly reminded me of; though that could be because I've only played so many RPGMaker games) is great and has no combat system. One reason I can see is do rack up money but that is only needed because of the combat system and could be obtained in other ways and thus make it more containable as to make the player only have the amount of money that is required or needed at maximum, this could make the developer able to use the buying, selling system in ways like the popcorn at the game. Anyway, the combat system is used in only three places: the Brandy duel, Michael being a dick and the hall monitor; none of which seem very necessary, they could just happen without the combat system and just had a series of choices or nothing at all, if anything without the combat system the game has more emotional impact in the case of Michael and Brandy's duel can just be altered to something else or have them becomes friends in some other fashion. 

Well anyways, I've rambled enough. The game is interesting and I hope to see a full release at some point because there are certainly problems in this version (and it isn't complete).

Keep it up, I like it so far. And thank you for reading!

Interesting so far, biggest gripe is that combat is unfair: enemies have three chances to attack while the player has only two; when being attacked (counter), when approaching (there's an error with approaching attacks where the enemy will get an approaching attack even if the player had just attacked them or they were next to the player), and during their turn (I might be wrong there, the approaching attack might just be the regular attack but it's hard to tell as you have to finish battles within two one to turns or you are dead).

The game also randomly skips dialogue, this might just be my mouse or something but this doesn't happen with other ren'py games (or otherwise) so it's strange. I would also suggest balancing the damage, health and missing a tad, currently you die in one turn if you miss and are next to the enemy (maybe up health, down damage or remove the ability to miss (wether in just the first area, with the bard only or altogether)). Lastly; the field sometimes doesn't allow you to move to certain spaces even though there's nothing in that space, it is fixed by just restarting so it's not too annoying but would become so quick if the encounters were longer or more diverse.

I can see how this would be more fun with more pawns and classes/abilities but as it is it's just too difficult of a first level to get into.

Neat game, can't wait to see how it shapes up! (Love the characters as of now~!)

This game looks so dang cool but... when will it actually work, maybe I'm just doing it wrong but I can't see to actually do anything. I can move my hand and the camera but nothing I do does anything. I tried a lot of buttons but none work.

Am I just doing this wrong or is the game not working?