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I'd first like to say that I downloaded this game a while back and hadn't played it, I then completely forgot about it (I do that sometimes with games I download). So then a year--if not longer--later I was going through my games to see which ones I hadn't played and saw this one, and had no idea what it was. A large portion of the games in my library are yuri but I had assumed this was just a game that looked cool and I had picked it up because of that. So I walked into this game having not known it was GL.

Anyways; I played the game and got the continuing 'ending' and proceeded to get the "happy" (I dunno what they're all called; it has a photograph on the title screen) ending. So, I now knew it was yuri and this surprised me having thought it was a thriller or noire story. And I must say that the relationship between Inna and Lillian is subtle in anything but the photography and one other end. So I've gotten three endings and one "ending" that ended with "not finished". So here we are, I'm quite shaken from one of the endings and I think I will be for a little while, but even so this game is very neat and I love a lot of what it has to offer especially it's setting and story since it's rare I see yuri in this fashion (only Marriage Black comes to mind and that's not even set in this era). 

I love the art, the story is great, the romance and dynamic between Inna and Lillian is charming, the music fits. In general this is a pretty well put together game and it's a fun play with a story unique to the yuri scene. The only thing I don't like is that it's unfinished and being from 2015 I don't see it ever being done, especially seeing as how many yuri projects from 2015 have been abandoned. But I'd really love to see this one raise from the dead because it's probably the best from the other dead 2015 games and is just great. 

That's mostly it: I'd like to see a full release and would love to see more from this author regardless (though preferably finished games; this game's quality shows that--if it was longer and complete--I would pay to get the full release. 

Thank you for reading my way-too-long comment on the game. And lots of thanks to DarkSin, Noyemi K, Helvetica Standard, Shadow and anyone else involved in this project, it's very fun even in it's current state. 

(now I'm going to go try to get over that bad ending...)


Thank you for playing!  Your comment brought a smile to my face, it's always fun to read detailed feedback like this :)

I'm happy you found it unique! I generally want to create stories that I myself would have liked to read/play. Also I'm sorry you were shaken, but at the same time I'm glad that that ending had an impact on you haha.

I have two other games in the pipeline, but they are still in the pre-production phase and it will be some time before either of them see a release :)

And I do want to let you know that the game will definitely be finished! It might take some time as the team is quite busy with other projects and life in general, but there will be a full release. Cheers!

I agree, endings or moments in games that have that kind of impact are great and I love them especially from a narrative and broadening standpoint. I still get a bit shaken or stirred from well written ones and that one in particular was. I'm very very happy to hear the game will be completed at some point and quite excited that more projects are at least planned. I know life gets in the way some times so don't feel pressured to rush anything; as long as it's sure to be released, I'm content.

Thank you for writing me back, especially so soon. I hope the best for you and your team, I'm excited for the project and all future and will keep tabs on them for when they're finished. Good luck~! (not that you'll need it seeing as the current state of the game being pretty dang great as it is.)


Yes, I agree! I too like those impactful moments in stories. And thank you for the compliment!

Yes, we definitely intend to do our best :) Thank you once again!