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Hi! There is at least one planned update for this game, but it's looking like it may take a while since development is currently on hiatus. Hopefully, things will pick up again in Q3/Q4 this year.

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Thank you for being so patient! The development on this game is currently on hiatus, but I'm looking to resume work on it in Q3/Q4 this year, and hopefully push it to completion in short order.

Yes, I agree! I too like those impactful moments in stories. And thank you for the compliment!

Yes, we definitely intend to do our best :) Thank you once again!

Thank you for playing!  Your comment brought a smile to my face, it's always fun to read detailed feedback like this :)

I'm happy you found it unique! I generally want to create stories that I myself would have liked to read/play. Also I'm sorry you were shaken, but at the same time I'm glad that that ending had an impact on you haha.

I have two other games in the pipeline, but they are still in the pre-production phase and it will be some time before either of them see a release :)

And I do want to let you know that the game will definitely be finished! It might take some time as the team is quite busy with other projects and life in general, but there will be a full release. Cheers!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!


That's great! <3

I'm glad to know that!

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Ah I don't use those... It would be great if you can send me an email

It's been quite long, hasn't it? Thank you for your continued interest!

Sorry for the late reply! I'm happy that Inna and Lillian were able to pull you in – if it  brought a smile to your face then the route did it's job! Thank you for playing!

Hi! The download is for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

That is simply lovely to hear! I'm so happy you had a good time with this VN, the team put in so much effort. And yes, there will be a full version, I am actively working on that. Thank you for your lovely comment and sorry for the super late reply!

Oh wow, that's so motivating to hear! I hope you will enjoy the final version as well. Thank you! (And sorry for the super late reply.)

Thanks! And I am working on that!

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Sorry for replying so late! I'm happy you enjoyed the game. And the final version should rectify that, you will get some insight into how Inna came to be whom she currently is.

Thank you.

I like Nico Robin!

I'm very late, but thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I am currently working on the final version~

Thank you for your interest! This game has not been abandoned, I have recently started working on it a lot more actively. And I can always use help with the Russian bits in the game! Is there a way I can contact you?

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Sorry for the late reply! I have not abandoned this game – I've been pretty busy over the past couple of years, but I have been working on it on and off. Recently, I worked out a schedule and have been actively working on the script (it is already 2.5x the length of the 1.2 release). I don't want to announce anything until I finish the script. Thank you for your continued interest!