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What engine did you think I was using?

I downloaded the installer for windows and I got the error message saying "LDtk cannot be closed.", even though I don't have it installed on my computer or opened. I looked at the official LDtk website, and I looked to see if this error message was talked about and solved, I even tried to see if it was the amount of memory on my computer, but I found nothing. How do I fix this?

Thanks, Captain Obvious

What did I just play?

I play a lot of pinball


Nice game. But I have one question, why is this a tool?

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That's a required thing with Pico8. If you don't know what Pico8 is, go to this link here:

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To be honest, there wasn't any story when I made this. I just made it with no intention of making a long story. If you are still active on, tell me what you thought the story was as a reply to this.

Can't play, it gives me an error. Error: Script error. (see JavaScript console for details)


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The game page has now been updated to show all the modes and their controls in the description.

I wasn't trying to do a color scheme. I tried my best to make it easier to find the player character, the mode, and the timer until the mode switched.

Perfect, just perfect lol!

This game is very addictive. I played this twice to see if I could get a better score.

By the time I'm typing this comment, this is the best I have played so far. I like how the player needs to think about how to set the character's velocity without hitting the enemies and hope they don't hit a number they don't like.

I like this game for its addictive nature of trying to match the dice's face with the number on the left.

This game reminds me of Overcook simply because of its style and gameplay. That is what makes this game enjoyable for me.

What a weird and amazing game GG

I'm gonna try to make it in Puzzle Script or Pico-8

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I'm sorry that your having trouble with loading my game/cart, I'm kind of have a problem with Pico-8 at the moment, when I get this fixed, I will update this game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: I got the game working now, Have fun.

When I try to get off the ground, I end up resetting on the first click (if I'm lucky, on the second click.) this is so infuriating that I had "rage quit". I don't know if there is a way to make collision with the two worlds better, but this is a great game and a cool idea.

Thanks for the help, Yrahcaz.

I have a question. Why did you add an unbeatable level? The level has a mirror that you can move with a box that you can't move and, a button that is too high to reach. When I looked at the video on this page, it didn't have that level. Can you please help me.

You're welcome. :)


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Press view rest to get spoiled.

{ computer =            crash; }



I killed the dude, but, I'm frozen.

This was a short and great game.

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I can't get pass the first level, you go through the ramp.


Cool game

I got a message that saids "🎯⌚!" and it stopped, does this mean that the game is over?


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It works! Thank you so much, I stopped playing at the first arena and it's great. And this fix doesn't apply to windowed mode BTW, but I like to play my games in full screen so it's not a problem to me. But thank you for fixing that.

Great game!

Can you please add a button in the opinions menu to save your settings.

Same problem. I guess the reason why the game quits is because when it creates the New Game folder, it fails to do so (because I have to much stuff on my computer) resulting with an error and when the game engine encounters an error, it closes the program. I'll delete some things and I'll tell you if it works or not. BTW how much does a new game save data take up?