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This is so fun - I'm OBSESSED! I think it's really interesting that gamers can get nostalgic just for the visuals and music of an opening menu (it's all about the promise of what's to come I think); it's amazing how fleshed out each of these games seemed in my head based solely on the menus. The art and music are gorgeous and so distinct for each one. Such a unique little concept piece! 

what a typoless game, right? 😉

This is such a beautiful and well-formatted sheet! Can't wait to use it

I've been trying to figure out how to get rid of the link to my community page that's underneath the header to my profile - bc I'm a slave to aesthetics! I know that it can't currently be removed, only hidden with CSS. That's not exactly my forte but I might be able to figure it out myself if I knew  how the hell to enable CSS. I can only see that as an option when editing game pages. Am I being bone-dead stupid or is there something I have to do first?

I'm going to try the solution from this thread; does anyone know if this actually work?

I absolutely loved it! Really built up a lot of tension/anxiety in a short period of time with the subtle beginning and audio.