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Ah I see. If you could let me know what the warning/error is when you open or what the error symbol is in relation to I might be able to help. 

But it does seem like it might just be the game is not compatible with your computer. I know you’ve said you downloaded it a ton of times but just to make sure, it is the windows version you are downloading? 

Hmm okay, that shouldn’t happen. And when you upgrade a move or add a new move you can navigate in that pop up? 

No problem :)

when you press esc nothing comes up? Or is it the arrows or wasd do not work for navigating?

Also is this for mac or windows? 

Is it just crashing after you open it? Is it a unity crash message? Can your computer open 64 bit apps normally? 

There is already controller support in the game 

The latest version of the game is the new dawn update. You can download it by clicking download. The new dawn update has all the features of swole version plus more. 

This might be your antivirus. You should try downloading the app and download the game from there

You just have to download it again (the same way you downloaded it the first time). All your progress should transfer to the new file automatically

Is this through the app? I'm not sure how you get it to auto update but as far as I am aware you have to download the new file

Sorry about that. Is this on the latest version? Part 4

Sorry about this. Which bosses is this problem happening with? 

This is probably an issue with your antivirus. You can try download it through the application

Thank you for playing. Yes it should work with controller. If it doesn’t let us know 

Thanks for letting us know. Where exactly did it glitch? And what do you mean sometimes glitch that you can’t go through it? 

Hey, thanks for letting us know. This will be fixed in a patch. But you can just play the game, get a promotion and die, everything should unlock. 

Hey there sorry for the problem. I’m not sure I understand what the bug is? Is it that you can’t choose a new move? Or is it that after choosing a new move it stays on the same move when fighting?

You just have to download the newest version. All your saved data will transfer automatically and you can delete the old version

This seems like there is a problem with your internet. You should download the app and download the game from there.

You can join our discord server here:

Have you tried right click and then open? If that doesn’t work it has to be your system preferences 

You need to download the game and then extract the folder, either with double clicking or winrar. Then you can click on the app 

Did you already follow the instructions on the main page? What OS are you using? 

Is the update placed in the same drive where the old version was? 

This is either your internet or your antivirus. You should try download the application and then download the game 

It looks like there is a door open in the level before. Elevator should open after you collect it 

Sorry for that! We updated the build, it should work now

It does not, you need to download the newer version. The save data is transferred automatically 

This is either a problem with your anti virus or your internet. It might work if you download the app and then download the game from there 

You could use the default unzipping options for either mac or windows to extract the folder

You have to select the sit ups passive upgrade 3 times 

Thank you for reporting. This will be fixed in the next patch 

Thanks for playing! This isn’t a bug, you can use your arrow keys or WASD to select options in the menus

Controller/gamepad support should already work. If not, could you let me know what controller you are using?

It is x for keyboard. The prompt changes to Y when a controller is plugged in 

Are you on windows? If you have downloaded the right version, it might be because of your antivirus 

Sorry about that. Can you elaborate? When the upgrade screen comes on you can’t press side keys or up keys? It doesn’t allow you to select? Are you playing on 2 screens? 

This seems to be a problem with your antivirus

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Thanks for the information. On your windows defender antivirus add an exclusion for the download folder:

  • Go to Windows Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection
  • Under Virus & threat protection settings, click Manage settings
  • Under Exclusions, click Add or remove exclusions
  • Click Add an exclusion, and choose File or Folder

You may this way exclude the download folder, or exclude an executable.

I’m not sure if this would work, but if it does or doesn’t I would love to know to maybe understand what is happening