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Hi! I think this plays really well with two players, in my experience. The one thing you'd have to keep in mind is that when you Get A Read On The Academy, you will likely have to have each player represent more than one person or group involved.

Hi, thank you! I do not, currently, but I can make one after work today :)

Yeah exactly! One kind of dice makes the number go up and another makes the number go down, and the net sum/subtraction of all rolls lets you know how many spaces to move on the table. Let me know if that's still unclear please!

Thank you so much! This is such an encouraging comment. I hope you and your friends enjoy this :) be on the lookout for a future RAD jam

Thank you so much! And yes, I'm currently talking to various publishers to figure out the best way to get this printed.

Hi! Of course, that would be wonderful :) I'll DM you a link to the non-ashcan edition so you can print that one if you prefer

Hi! This is so thorough and detailed and also extremely valuable feedback. Goes to show that no matter how much playtesting you run, everyone's going to have a very different experience with a game. Online play aids (in the form of a semi-interactive Google Sheets doc/character keeper) are in the works and I'm 100% looking forward to eventually getting around to a Cantrip Second Edition that incorporates this + other issues people have encountered, especially in terms of play examples and how the book itself is structured. 

Hope you all continue to have fun despite the gripes!

This is so sweet! I'm so glad you're enjoying. It can certainly be a pretty demanding game for players so I think you 100% did the right thing giving it a GM for your table (I assume it's kind of like a full-time facilitator handling all the Aspects at once?). I hope your game keeps going strong!

Hi! So sorry for the huge delay on this, but I've just added new copies.

Just added a few new copies :)

Just added ten new copies! 

Hi there! I've added ten new ones. If they've run out by the time you see this message, let me know and I'll DM you a key :)

This is wonderful to hear! Thank you so much for the kind words. And yeah I love the BIG FONT Francita picked, it makes it extremely legible even with the slanted paragraphs

¡Hola! Sí, las copias que tienen Exalted Funeral, Knave of Cups, etc se las compran a SoulMuppet (la editorial) así que sí, de cualquier lado que lo compres me llega la plata de un modo u otro. Muchísimas gracias <3 (también podés comprarle directamente a SoulMuppet pero no sé qué ondis el costo de envío). ¡Y muchísimas gracias por las lindas palabras sobre el juego! Espero que lo disfrutes una banda.

HI OMG??? I found this by pure chance and I am delighted by it, it's such a cool concept for a playbook! I've been eyeing the book it's based on and it also looks really great so I'm looking forward to reading it. I am so honored you made this. Do you mind if I link to it and credit you on the main Cantrip page?

Hi! It's not in my plans personally but I've been itching to make a Cantrip jam lately and people are more than welcome and encouraged to create boywitch content! I'm very intrigued about it too and I'd love to see what people come up with.

I don't think there's anything stopping you but also you'd need to bend the mechanics to figure out how to play both a character and as Aspect at the same time. Likewise, the Get A Read on the Academy option does not make sense if people aren't voting on it. Do let me know if you figure out how to make it work!

Can I help you?

This is wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing with me. I'm so so thrilled you're enjoying this game so much <3

This is such a wonderful video! Thank you so much Philippa <3

Thank you I agree

Thank you!

As per rule #2: "Submissions must be made during the jam period specifically for the jam. No old games reposted. ", I'm not sure if the game I published and developed yesterday (before becoming aware of the jam) would qualify to be submitted (not linking it here because I'm not looking to promote). Thanks in advance!

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Updated! Please let me know if you can access it.

In indie games, those types of questions are usually called "Leading Questions" and it's up to you whether you like them. In solo journaling games, players tend to prefer strong hooks in the prompts, where a fact of the fiction is "forcibly" established in the premise of the question. In other words, most people find "how did this make you feel?" far less interesting than "how did this break your heart?". "How did you achieve this?", in the same vein, is often a less interesting question than "Who did you betray to achieve this?" - leading questions help to establish tone, to drive home themes and to help kickstart the player's creative juices but like I said - it's your choice whether to include them or to be more open ended!

I'm going to be designing something inspired by The Banner Saga - in this case, the banner itself, the literal tapestry, hundreds of meters long, chronicling a community's voyage, hardships and triumphs. Lots of questions regarding who works on the banner, what is left out, what is embellished, what is included, what happens when the community splits, who holds the banner, etc.

(reposting my review as a comment for visibility)

Varsity! looks on the surface to be a pretty standard take on PbtA but, like the sports shonen team dynamics it emulates, hides a lot of tidy, cool stuff under the hood. The playbooks and moves are *fantastically* evocative of this specific genre of fiction and it's difficult to read it without immediately thinking of characters, teams and memorable scenes from Slam Dunk! or Haikyuu!!

Without having playtested this at all, I'm a little daunted by the game having twenty one Moves but the fact that they're broken up into out-of-match and in-match surely makes it far more manageable than it seems at first.

The collaborative team-creating section (with suggested styles/reputations/traits corresponding to different colors) as well as the brief but very feature-dense Referee chapter, as well as the Pressure track come together to make this an exciting game that I cannot wait to get to the table. I also want to laud the "Key Moment" mechanic as a brilliant abstraction of the game playing played, allowing players to focus on the characters and their BIG personalities rather than on boring play-by-play scorekeeping.

The layout is functional and simple. It is very easy to read but the game is begging for a full Masks-style layout and art treatment, as well as the fancier bells and whistles of longer books like examples of play and full (maybe community-created?) playsets to laser-focus on specific genres or even specific anime.

In summary I'm incredibly hyped to be able to play or run this and 100% glad I decided to browse New on itch.

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That is so cool! I would love that, yeah. I'll credit you when I post the Chinese files :)

WHOOPS the tracks are meant to just be Caught and Escape, "Progress" was a working name I thought I'd replaced all references to. Thanks for the unintended catch! I've updated the pdf with the proper nomenclature now.

(btw, if you want to see the "fill in a track, roll on it later" mechanic used in a more complete game, do check out Shawn Tomkins' Ironsworn!)

Thank you so much for this glowing review! I love your games and it means a lot to me to read this, it's totally made my day :)

I am so ready! Gimme my photo!