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Jump was a bit hard to handle, but overall pretty nice. Perhaps switch the last 2 powerups, as I accidentally skipped getting the last one on my first playthrough.

Love the aesthetic, but the difficulty curve is steep— here's some suggestions:

  • add a way to manually retry a mission
  • add keybindings for thrusters
  • a little more leeway on landing / docking

Great aesthetic, overall promising with a few holdups in execution.

The intro is simple and to the point, but could stand to move a little quicker, especially considering that players have most likely already read this blurb before opening the game. Rather than simply repeating the premise as we wait for the crash that's already happened, this opening would be a great opportunity to visually present the locations of the repair kits and what the enemies look like.

The movement was frustratingly sluggish, especially for a game set on the moon. This is compounded by the enemies, who are too fast to leave any room for error– It feels good to get quick-draw kills right as an enemy gets up in your face, not so much when you're being inescapably spammed by an enemy you can't outpace. The orange enemies are especially broken, to the point where fighting them becomes a question of how quickly you can kill them rather than actually being able to avoid their attack. Their beam definitely needs a limit on angular speed and / or a limit on how long and frequently they can fire.

The graphics and sound are nice though, and again, I see a lot of potential here. I'd love to see an expansion on this!

you can click the empty slot to retrieve a key

I tried to open my save files and it just closes the game

How do I tell when something is fixed?

How do you beat the ghosts?

Thanks! I read the bonus doc. Great stuff

Great game! 2 questions though:

  1. Why is finding out how constipated you got from eating free cheese samples the "darkest part of yourself" when your brother was a serial killer?
  2. Do you really have to play through 500 times to get the truest ending?

WASD seems to be mapped to directional inputs as well. What's the keyboard analogue for GB "A" button?

Loved it! Two things:

1. is the principal's warning true? is there a way to fail?

2. the references to "erosion" re: the mystery mac would likely be better termed "corrosion" (look it up, I might be wrong)

is there more controls? i seem to get stuck really early bc i cant advance doors/dialogue

Interesting concept, but the balance is really off

Very great, albeit with a few hiccups:

-significant performance drop in "teamwork"

-box towers in the level after "teamwork" are slightly too short, preventing movement to the next platform and making the level impossible unless there is some way to microhop i haven't figured out

-some background colors make a white box show up around the characters

Looks promising, but is not very playable on a laptop keyboard…

Graphics and gameplay are spot on, but there's a few fixes that I would greatly appreciate:

-ability to cancel a rope

-some way to make the "pull" more safe and reliable (I almost never used it in my best runs)

-increased time before the later waves stack (new waves starting before the old one is cleared)

the boost key should really be something other than ctrl…

sometimes the bounce won't work. is this intentional?

my view keeps getting stuck

Great! I would love to see this fleshed out as an even bigger game

Seems like you need to clean up your variables, I walk into the tutorial at threat level 5

Level 17 gets me every time… I really wish I monsters wouldn't attack the same turn they were revealed.

Interesting… I feel Oasis more closely matches the mechanics of this game, but I'd love to play a game with the powers of Diver Down.

Great! I loved to play as Secco…

I liked it, although I was a bit frustrated when those crevice-eyes seemed to break the rules. perhaps make the danger zones a little more clear?

talking to the princess froze my computer

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People are joining with names like "P*dophile". can there at least be a filter?

Like the graphics, no visible bugs, however the controls are rather tricky. Normal mode's dynamic camera leaves me all turned around and makes it hard to go to specific places. Run mode is very hard to steer and the track design certainly doesn't accommodate that.

Great game! One detail i would like to improve is for there to be some kind of warning that Cerberus takes two hits to kill.

Did you actually playtest the 2-token solution to level 5? I see how it could work, if the pathfinding actually made the jump instead of just going in the water and respawning…

A lot of progress left to be made. Even if you don't have time to make the scenery more detailed, at least make it higher resolution. Keeping the player in bounds would also go a long way.

Sword hitbox is too narrow

Promising, but there's a lot of issues. A few things to consider:

  • parts of GUI cut off (scaling issue?)
  • what's the 'right' way to get rid of a ! block?
  • overall, a lot of the mechanics are unpredictable

Why isn't the hat in the win screen?

And so our hero marches on forever, an unkillable defender against an infinite horde…

Nice! One issue I found was that sometimes your shots would stop short if your back was to a wall

Level 5? There's a lot good here but please just put a win at some point