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Graphics and gameplay are spot on, but there's a few fixes that I would greatly appreciate:

-ability to cancel a rope

-some way to make the "pull" more safe and reliable (I almost never used it in my best runs)

-increased time before the later waves stack (new waves starting before the old one is cleared)

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Thank you for your honest feedback. And yeah our artist was absolute amazing! Was alot of fun working together.

If we had more time the game would have a overall better balance state:)

The pull mechanic was added later in the process so we could't fitt it perfectly into the connecting theme but i liked it so there it is like it is :) We could make it more safty with some easy tweaks i think. First we should disable the walls with appearing spikes, second you could stop if you would fly into spikes and third you could be invulnerable if you dash.

I think you don't need the ability to cut the rope i think you want it because you have more shoots later in the game, but if we concentrate in just one rope with more interesting upgrades it would be overall the better game.

What do you think?