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Hey, mate, phenomenal work you have here! I'd like to speak with you about it. Let me know where to get ahold of you best, and we can chat.

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That is an excellent observation, and one you may have to test for me (I am only in possession of MV not MZ). Allow me to explain:

That bit of code is to alter the Side-View Battler placement for Time Elements characters (the code that alters the Map Scene sprites is further down and does utilize $gameMap.tileHeight()). That being saidI don't actually know if changing the game's tile size also changes the Battler placement. If it does, let me know, as I'll have to make that a parameter users can input in the plug-in menu, as I don't believe the Battle Scene can access $gameMap (but, if it can, then I will certainly add it in).

No worries! Thanks!

Your 50% off promotion seems to require a pack that does not exist on itch. Am I missing something here?

Lua LÖVE, my personal favorite...