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Hello, I just recently bought this pack and it is very nice and good quality! I wanted to ask though if you have a terms of use for these? I didn't find any in the zip files. Thanks.

Thank you!

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I love these tiles so much. But admittedly, I'm honestly a little surprised that the RPGMaker-formatted ones do not have a waterfall. I'm adding one myself by modifying the unformatted one. But I was wondering if you intended to update these with a waterfall? Thanks.

Edit: I just now realized you have a waterfall with your cloud pack, which I'll be using then.

Hello, I've bought this pack and I really enjoy the arrangements and their variety. I had wanted to ask regarding your 8- and 32-bit compositions. Could it be possible that you could add one or two of the 8- and 32-bit tracks to your demo reel on Soundcloud so we can hear what they sound like? The demo reel only features the adaptive arrangements. Thanks.

In hindsight it probably does not make much sense. I tend to overthink a lot of things and wondered if it was only permissible, or perhaps more 'proper', to stick only with one artist's work for a game project. Thank you for your input.

Hello. I have a question regarding using multiple artists' music in a single game project. I'm not the most familiar with music licenses.

When I buy a license (on Itch) to use an artist's work in a game project, am I only permitted to use that one artist's work in the one project? Or can I mix in some works from multiple artists? (They'd all be appropriately credited, of course.) The game I am hoping to make has different needs that can't always be filled by one artist alone. So I'm considering using pieces from multiple artists as needed.

I understand that each artist have their own preferences in how their assets may be used and may have different licensing from one another. This is more of a general question on what's allowed with general music usage.

Thank you.

Hello, I really like your arrangements. Would you consider releasing .ogg versions of these?

I played a little of this and I will say that it looks promising. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get even past the first room as I honestly found the controls to not be that intuitive. I could not figure out how to use the coded message item as it would not respond to mouse clicks nor did I know what keys to press. Clearer directions would be appreciated a lot.

I also think the game could've had the option to return to the title screen menu, such as by pressing Esc. If it is already an option in the game, then that should also be made clear. I could not figure out how to exit the program and had to do so from my PC's task manager.

Although these were issues I did have, I do like the look of the game and the premise is interesting. With some polish to the controls and instructions, I think it would be very fun to play.

As many others have already commented, this is an incredible project for a game jam and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the presentation and its adorable quality, the latter which I don't see too often with many sci-fi war settings. This game has a lot of promising potential and I hope the team will be able to continue its development.

My only main critique is that it would be nice if you could move more than one unit on a turn, though that would work better with larger maps. Whatever direction you take with this, I had fun with this.

These are fantastic tracks. I really love the quality and sound of these. I have a question regarding their use.

Is it acceptable to convert the tracks into .ogg format so they can be usable with a program that only accepts that format? (The program isn't compatible with Wav.) Or does that fall under disallowed editing? Thank you very much.

I've been looking everywhere for good bitmap fonts that work well with the program I'm using. Thank you so much for making these.