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Hello, I've bought this pack and I really enjoy the arrangements and their variety. I had wanted to ask regarding your 8- and 32-bit compositions. Could it be possible that you could add one or two of the 8- and 32-bit tracks to your demo reel on Soundcloud so we can hear what they sound like? The demo reel only features the adaptive arrangements. Thanks.


I kiiiiiiinda lost my original Soundcloud login years ago and figured it wasn't worth trying to find it again since I was so close to the upload cap and nobody listened to my stuff anyway. ^^'

All of the 8-bit and 32-bit packs has demos, though... scroll down to "download demo" and you should find zip files with a bunch of the songs from that music pack. (Some of the packs also has an embedded Youtube video showing off one of the songs... it's just 1 song but hopefully it's enough for a simple pass/fail check?)