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First, make sure you have the furniture equipped. You equip furniture by selecting it in your inventory and pressing F. It'll show up in the furniture bar of your equipment page. Then, when in a dungeon, make sure you have that equipped piece of furniture active. The smallest circle in the bottom left corner of your HUD will show it if it's active (press E to cycle active furniture). Finally, hold down space and move the green floor marker to wherever you want to place the furniture. When you release space, the furniture will appear there.

We're planning on making the controls far more clear to the user in the coming update, and I'll make sure to relay your suggestion about a weapon shop to the designers.

Dungeon Flipper, a game about clearing and decorating dungeons, is finally out! We, the developers, are a group of high school students who make games together for our school's game development club. As our goal is to make games we care about and share them for the enjoyment of others, Dungeon Flipper is completely FREE. Give the game a try and let us know if you have any feedback. Enjoy!

Dungeon Flipper

Thank you very much for the response. I'll try that out.

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I am a part of a high school game development club, and I am using dotgrid to create many of the UI elements for our current game.  It's going great so far, except for one thing: because there is a thin layer of transparent pixels surrounding the edge of every shape in my .png renders, when I try to do things like fill a shape with a bucket tool, there is a very noticeable jagged separation between colored elements. Is there a way to turn off the antialiasing (I am just guessing that a slight AA effect is what's responsible for the semitransparent edges), or would I have to manually edit and recompile from source to get rid of the effect?