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[Edit: OK, now I grasp your FULLSCREEN comment above. And I now see that Firefox has a "show only this frame" option that I could have been using.]

Oh boy. I'm not going to be experiencing any bad side effects after 10K anytime soon, at least not on my desktop. I finally downloaded the game and I like the downloaded version a lot. It fills the browser window. I assume constrains your format here.

The only thing I saw that I'd describe as a bug: In one game I had two birds so close together that the first bird covered the "equation" for the second. I didn't get a screenshot.

The only "data" I have at this point is the time it takes for the next bird to cross a 1920 pixel screen after I let the character die, right at the beginning of the game. That is ~23 seconds on the x86_64 desktop, and ~45 seconds for the odroid-xu4 Arm mini-PC. I didn't have a good way to time this - I used the stopwatch widget on my phone.

It seemed to me the mini-PC began to slow down even more around ~2000, but I don't have anything quantitative. Actually I kinda liked playing on the mini-PC; I can stay alive long enough to practice my 10-key skills. That's gonna be a long slow (and almost off-topic) process if it happens at all tho.

Later I'll try to provide crossing times for a bird at ~10k on the XU4. I can't make it that far on the desktop. I also have a Raspberry PI 2 somewhere that I might fire up.

(Even farther off topic: I wanted to check this earlier but the batteries in my second keyboard were dead, and it was such a PITA swapping the dongle back and forth between desktop and mini...)

Good job on the bird entry backgrounds. That wasn't at the top of my list of complaints/excuses but it was on the list. I like the translucent clouds.

I'm not good enough with the numeric keybad <-- (I'm gonna leave that). I have to sneak a peak at it now and then, and as soon as I do a bird always gets me.

I like the smithereens effect. Impressive indeed. Whew. I retract my request to make it harder as the score goes up. This is hard enough already! I can't say whether I like the new double jump code because I haven't made it that far yet.

I think there is gonna be an issue where the bird passes over a stationary answer box after you enter the 1st digit but before the final one(s). I guess you could say it is up to the player to see that situation coming and not start entering the stationary answer if you can't complete it before the bird gets there.

LG V520 8" TABLET (ANDROID 7) with wired keyboard: Everything works fine, but it runs slow like the Odroid mini-PC.Dunno what processor the V520 has but it is some flavor of Arm 64 bit, like the Odroid. Chrome  browser - dunno how to check version.

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Hmm. OK I'm back on my desktop x86-64 with Firefox 74 on Fedora 31, and it runs a lot faster than on the Odroid Armhf64 mini-PC. Subjectively it is about twice as fast. Fedora has a screencast recorder built in; I was able to capture 30 seconds of that. I'll have to see what is available for capture or debug on Arm/Ubuntu.

[Edit] I think that was a waste of time - I need to learn a lot before I can do useful screen capture. But I'll post what I captured. I'll post links first then experiment with that little video icon in a separate post.

alien-x86_64.mp4 I suspect the main problem with this is that the screen capture built in to Fedora probably defaults to a low frame rate. The speed of the video seems similar to the real thing, but the video is more jerky, like it is missing frames.

alien-arm.mp4 I installed something called simplescreenrecorder. I said the Odroid was already slower than the x86 box. When I started the recorder, the browser frame rate dropped to ~3 fps. Underwater molasses.  The speed shown in the video is pretty much like what I saw on the screen during the recording. But when I turn the recorder off it is a lot faster than that. So, more research required for sure.

Yeah, I'm impressed with this one. I used backspace several times, and I entered a # whilst holding down the space key at least once - both of those work fine. I like the posture changes of the character while "he" is in the air.

I practiced enough now that I'm thinking you could tune it by making it harder as the score goes up.  Tricky process though. You don't want to speed up a browser game too much, especially when the browser might be running on an older Raspberry Pi.

OK - This is pretty good now! I got something like 3577 (lost the screen when I logged in to comment) before hitting the space bar too soon on a double jump. I'm running Chromium 80 - Ubuntu 18.04lts - arm64hf - (Odroid XU4) and it seems pretty smooth. I'll go back and check Firefox & win10 shortly.

Kind of surprising / embarrassing how easy it is to screw up. My most common error is mistaking + for x or vice versa, but sometimes I just hit the wrong key, or subtract wrong!

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So then I was hitting enter after each #. That also seems to cause the double entry. Once I stopped clicking and hitting enter I've not seen the double entry bug.

I'm still getting these ?bugs? where the character jumps, but only makes it halfway across the pit. Always seems to happen when the pit is ~320 pixels.  Maybe that is per design and I have to enter the answer earlier as the game goes on or something... [Edit] Got one where the pit was more like 255 pixels. Then I got one where I'd entered the answer for the next pit before he jumped but he still didn't clear the previous pit. Dunno if you have a log but the score was 1095 and it was about 7:50 CDT, or maybe 02:50 GMT.

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I'm getting the double-entry bug almost all the time with Firefox 74 on Fedora 31 x86-74. Hitting R, reloading the page, or re-starting firefox don't fix it. About 1/3 of the time the first box is OK. I don't think I've seen the second box OK yet. [Edit} Just had one where the first 3 boxes were OK. (I was too slow on the third but entered it posthumously. The 4th had double chars.)

OK OK. I was clicking in each box. (Didn't read the instructions)  This last time I swear I entered the correct value for the [4th or 5th] pit before the jump but still fell in. I'll report if I can duplicate.

Impressive accomplishment in what I assume is a tiny code size. I love the fading trail. A couple of things don't seem quite right to me but I really don't know what. Some guesses: a) Perhaps there is a decay/friction fudge factor that you have set so it actually adds a little energy on each iteration? Makes it a little more exciting to begin with, but then it just goes berzerk. b) This one is more subtle and may be my intuition playing tricks on me. Sometimes it looks to me as if the joint between the two arms is "too stiff" - little or no change when my intuition tells me it should be changing more. (But other times I don't see that; in fact sometimes the outer pendulum spins more crazily than I'd expect. Dunno.)

Anyway, impressive.

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I always did hate February :/ Yes/No as a forking mechanism was new/novel/weird to me - dunno if it is common in the adventure game universe. You've built more randomosity into this than I first assumed. I thought I'd repeat game 3, except this time I would ask the blanket NPC for infinite blankets. But no, this time I froze to death and he didn't even show.

Hmm . Is it random, or are you looking at my past choices? This time, I started "fresh" in another tab (but didn't check cookies), and got my 5 blankets before being eaten. Of course, that could all be random.

All in all, an excellent reflection of February's mood, without having to get dressed and face the actual weather! - hfstwo

[edit] I may have produced some of the randomosity myself. Looks like in my repeat game I unwittingly clicked yes to I froze to death.