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Really clever mechanics, great work on this!

This game goes hard.

This is a great start! I can tell you put a lot of heart into this. The narration was witty and charming. It reminded me a lot of Portal in the best of ways! I'm really looking forward to seeing future projects from you, it seems like you've got a great mind for learning based on your videos I've watched.

Super cute game! I love all the bug animations and the rocket jump inspired mechanics. One thing I think you should look into is the sound design, some sounds (like the spider and death sounds) seem much louder than other sounds in the mix. I think allowing the wand to rotate a full 360 degrees would also help, I found it hard to aim directly below the character because the wand wouldn't track to my mouse if I aimed straight down. The shrines are a great idea, but some feel kind of slow to activate. With the game being so focused on movement and momentum, it feels very strange to have to slow down and sit still for so long to save the game. I'd recommend making the save shrines instant rather than taking a few seconds to interact with them, I think that would speed up gameplay a lot. Same goes for the mana regeneration, having it regenerate slower while walking seems very counterintuitive. It felt like the I would gain good momentum while blasting, but then would have to stop moving for a second to regenerate my mana. I think having mana regenerate at a consistent speed when the player is grounded would speed up the gameplay too. I hope some of this feedback helps! :) I adore the style this game has going for it and it has so much potential, keep up the great work!

Very impressive. I love this concept and you did a great job executing it! If you continue this project, I think a good addition would be adding more color to the "ground" blocks to help the player visually distinguish the layers. You could also add small landmark aesthetic pieces to give the same effect. Maybe a 3x3x3 statue that the player sees cross-sections of while traversing the different dimensions. This is the first game of yours I've played, but judging by the quality of this one I think I'll have to check out the rest of your catalog. :)

This is such a cool concept, I love how the rocket drifts when changing directions! I think that one design choice adds a ton to the feel of the game. I really respect how well thought out each mechanic is; the boxes bounce instead of going off screen so that the player can't sit and wait for debris to go away, the out of bounds box is a bit bigger than the screen to give the player some wiggle room, the player can hold a move key to get a specific direction or spam-tap a key to get a really large turn. You could totally make a whole game out of this idea, maybe a scrolling game like Gradius or some kind of bullet-hell, but what you have here is a really fun core idea. Awesome work man.

My high score is 9... I may suck at this game lol.

Even with simple sprites, you managed to get the game looking super polished! I also appreciate the work you put into teaching the player the mechanics through gameplay, something I also appreciated while playing your previous game Nectar. Cool stuff all around, I'm excited to see more from you!

Hey Kyle! I'm really impressed with how ambitious this game was for the jam, I wish I had time to rate it before the jam ended. I noticed in your description that you took on this whole challenge by yourself and that you're looking for a team. I checked out some of your music, and I gotta say, you've got some real talent. If you're ever in need of a team, don't hesitate to reach out to us over here at Grouch Co! I gave you a follow on Twitter and our DMs are open if you want to talk further. Once again congrats on second place in the creativity category! If we won first and second place individually, I'm sure we could knock another jam out of the park if we put our heads together.

Congrats on the wins! Definitely deserved, this game rocks.

Thanks Minidevs!

Thank you! I'm very proud of what everyone in the jam made, there were a lot of really great entries!

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Is it janky? Sure. But this game is a lot of fun. I really appreciated the collectibles you added in to each stage, it really put an extra layer of depth into the game. I love the execution of the theme as well, and your narration in the first level gives me Portal vibes, which is always a good thing. For 5 days, this is something you should be very proud of. One of my favorites so far, good job!

I'm a big fan of procedurally generate puzzle games, and this one was a super cute entry! I like the small details you added, like the "bad" foods having a slightly red background. One thing I think could help the game fit with the theme would be having each food affect the player differently. Maybe the healthy foods like broccoli and apples reduce your score,  but give the player some kind of positive status effect. There are a lot of places you could go with this, good work!

Love the idea! I think showing the enemy positions for a few seconds before they spawned was a great way to let the player prepare for the next attack, it felt very fair and rewarding. If you wanted to keep developing, I think a progression system would be awesome. Maybe after every wave it opens up a little bit more of the map, eventually expanding to become a huge sprawling play area. Overall I was a big fan of this entry, keep up the good work!

Probably the most interesting interpretation of the theme I've seen so far! I love the overall atmosphere, the only problem I see with the game would be the conveyance of the mechanics. Also, the music is super cool. Great work!

I showed my game to a lot of friends who didn't have accounts. Thanks for enjoying the game!

I love grapple mechanics in games, I think you did this one justice. One thing however is I wish the grapple visual would still display even if you missed hitting a block or item, that way the player knows how much they missed by and where to aim in the future. Overall nice work!

I'm pretty shocked that this game hasn't gotten much attention, I really like it! I've seen a lot of these jam games use the "take the powers of your enemy" approach, but I think you've done it the best. Each enemy's power feels very unique and deliberate. Good work!

I love grapple mechanics in games, I'm really happy to see you embracing them for this jam! Being able to change the player's gravity is really cool too, but it can feel overpowering at times. Consuming a lot of air when you have forward momentum pretty much guarantees that the player will be able to reach the end since there isn't really anything stopping him from just flying above the whole level. I always enjoy seeing other people's takes on first person movement games, and this one was super creative!

This is a very well thought out game. I love way you integrated the mechanics and how each level is designed. The pacing was slow at first, but the option to skip dialogue that the player has already seen was a very nice touch. My biggest problem with the game would be the way the player jumps. Holding down the jump button allows for consecutive jumps, which can actually be problematic during certain areas when playing as the spider. I'll input a single jump, but the game will register that I've jumped twice. This caused a lot of deaths for me, and I think changing the jump from a key hold to a single key press would benefit the game tremendously. Overall though, fantastic work! I think your interpretation of the theme is super fun and unique.  I really enjoyed playing through this and I hope I get to see more from you in the future!

Love the game feel! I think the balancing needs a little work, but other than that great entry!

Firstly, fantastic job with the polish on this one. The music, art, and gameplay all gel together very well. I think the only real problem with the game would be variety. There are a lot of different weapons the player can consume, but they all play out in pretty much the same way. I think if the differences between the weapons were more dramatic, the gameplay loop would have much more longevity. For example, what if certain weapons increased speed, or if certain weapons couldn't break blocks but did more damage. Small changes like this could encourage the player to make more decisions while playing rather than just attacking everything in sight.

Overall though this is a pretty impressive jam game. From my playthroughs it seems like the levels are procedurally generated, which I know is no small task. The post processing, particle effects, music, and screen shake add a lot to the feel of the game as well, I'm excited to see what you make in the future!

There are some rough edges and bugs, but the game itself is very smartly designed! I really enjoy the idea of having to position yourself in one life to help yourself on the next. I just found myself wishing there were more levels, I think you could have made this much more fleshed out with a little more time. What's here is fun though, and I think you interpreted the theme in a way nobody else has!

The eclair guns were a lot of fun to make :) Glad you liked the game!

I ADORE your art style! If you ever need help on the game engine/coding side for any future projects, feel free to message me, I'd be happy to collaborate!

The interpretation of the theme is great! The platforming is a little too floaty for my liking, but it's made up for with a fun narrator and unique mechanics. I personally love games where powerups have downsides, and I think you embraced that idea really well with this game.

I really liked it, however one thing that was a bit of a letdown was that every item felt very similar. I think it would be interesting to have to choose between which items you're replicating rather than being encouraged to just throw the closest one to the player. For example, what if the torches lit nearby enemies on fire, or if the bread was thrown like a boomerang rather than just a straight line. Overall very well made and clearly a lot of effort was put into this game's polish.

As a chess fan, I love this. I just wish there was more! Maybe if you wanted to keep working on it you could add other mechanics like missing tiles or having control over 2 pieces at once. The possibilities are endless with the directions you could go with this and I'm excited to see the next project you work on!

Love the art style you went with. One thing I would like to see is a different control mapping. Having all the controls right next to one another on the keyboard feels a little cramped. Overall nicely done!

The music fits the game nicely. I think it would be cool though if there were more kinds of pizza. Maybe a spicy pizza makes you faster, etc.

I love how each enemy feels very unique! I wish the controls were a little snappier, but overall I think the final product turned out well!

It's pretty rare to see 2d physics play a part in platformer games like this. I really like the idea, it flips the genre on its head (no pun intended). It's a bit difficult for me, but overall nice work!

Pretty impressed with the concept! 3D games are always super buggy, I wouldn't worry about it. What's there is fun and unique!

Pretty challenging, I like the way eating blocks changes your movement options! Also, the name is just fantastic.

I like your spin on the theme! The idea that the collectible is the same as the enemy is really neat. I didn't think a 2d game like this could provide much tension, but I found myself getting pretty anxious whenever the monster would appear and scrambling for a wall to hide behind. Good job with this one, and thanks for the nightmares.

I like the idea of consuming their powers as you progress, I just wish the powers would stack so it felt like the player got more powerful as they play. I liked the enemies though! 3D games are very difficult and it seems like you got them working just right with their attacks and movement.

Love the music!