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I dislike not being able to see the suggested price of games. I want to know what someone values their work at, and I want people to know what I value my work at, and I want that not to be at the expense of people having flexibility with pricing and buying things.

A lot of my work is paywalled at $2, and I feel not seeing the actual price I'm putting on them sends the message "I think this is $2 worth of work" and not "I think this is a steal at $2".

I've said before what a hugely important feature this is for me, but I want to say it again.

There is nothing that would make me more inclined to publish work than being able to fairly share revenue without relying on kickstarter.

I have completed my submission and the jam isn't open yet. This has me very keen to make more microgame/microsystem submissions for jams in the future (instead of skipping them to get my priority projects worked on, like I normally do).

I'm excited to release it! Sooooon!

Thank you for letting me save these two wonderful thembos from their dumb tankie ex-friend. Great game.

If I recall correctly, one of the levels starts out that way and you need to scan or ping to get @'s attention.

Physical game design tool for the supporters who are designers too. <3