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did you ? 

I'd check again ;)

Cool aesthetic and sounds! However differentiating between real and fake bandits was not very clear which made the experience feel kinda random. Good job otherwise though!

Super polished and good! Didn't get it at first until I got a few fish in, and it honestly gets intense. I pulled out my mouse to make sure I could click everything quick enough haha! Pretty fun, cool graphics, nice intro, and cool polish (evolving music, saving + menu options, the main menu showing your tank). 

Super cute! Love all the art assets and the music. Gameplay gets a little stale, especially after you get all the objects. But it's still charming and fun. 

Such a great game! Cool concept and great level design and an INSANE amount of polish for the time it was made in. May I ask, how did you make the water look the way it does?

haha! Thank you, loving the photo

Thank you so much! Yeah i'm gonna get to fixing that haha!

TYSM! I'll definitely address all of that, the collisions stuff especially I can def see how that could be frustrating. Sorry bout that! and thanks again!

Tetron is a mysterious action rougelite. It contains simple but depthful combat, diverse enemies, and a cool boss at the end. More to come!

Heres the link!

Also check out the first episode of its devlog!

Thanks for the feedback! In response to this, I put a tip below the controls on the itch page. I hope you will look at it and give the game another go! If I continue with this project, I will put that tip in the actual game. 

You're right, I put a little tip below the controls on the itch page. Eventually, if I continue on this project, I can add that tip into the game itself. My hope is you will see it, follow the instructions, and have a better time with it now :). Thanks for the feedback.