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Can stone become usable?

Although this comment has approximentlly a 1/1000 chance of being seen (due to the current number of comments and the probability of actually reading this far) I'll make a suggestion.

So my ideas realatively simple;

You know how Geo sells parts to you? Well why not turn it the other way as well.  SInce it takes time and resources to make parts, it may take time to get back to the shop. So, on a bad day where you can't get any customers, why not sell any scrap parts or weapons to Geo for a reduced or increased price depending on mods, materials, and the other stats yet to be put in. Personally I don't know the limits of Unity nor if this is actually possible but for players who made a pretty terrible mistake and decided to go mining right before "tax" day it'd probably be pretty useful to be able to break even so they don't "lose" the game later on.

And that's my idea. If you need a short synopsis of this paragraph:

Make it so you can sell to Geo for cash when broke.

Welp that's all I got for now have a wonderful day/night :D

P.S.: You might want to add initial/special crafting recipes for more/less money to, not just size or material.

This problem's already been solved on the wiki but basically  the crates are bugged and might have been fixed in the recent update but just don't use the shop crates.

WOO bugs galore.

1.  Have the cart flipping out some.

2.  Calm it down by save loading.

3. Get temporarily slapped while saving (somehow)

4. Character now at angle and skates much more frequently than normal.

5. Spots that fix skating (sometimes); The furnace, the anvil, the cart wheel (kind of hard), the crate (by forcing it against yourself to get you to a none skating area and press space bar).

Open local files and there should be a browser executable.