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Im a FBI agent and I know that you in fact arent 14 like you say in your bio, but you are 11. I rest my case, you have been judged with 1 count of 1 degree lying of your age to seem  cooler, sir your under arrest.

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The game has to have made 200k dollars for the fee to take place

I got REALLY angry playing this, I played for like 20 mins, but I didnt understand what to do when I saw a monster, If I saw a monster on my back and I ran away, it would eat me, or the monster forward of me will eat me. If I shined the light on it, The light would go out or it would just eat me. I just quickly tapped right and left click, and If I saw a monster, I would just shine the light, or try to run away, but it would just eat me. This literally got me screaming of the top of my lungs if the monster caught me, because I didnt understand it. good game tho, you should put this on mobile.

Here :) Im the best of the best of the game developers so this is an awesome game made by 2 monkeys who are really goodly bad at game dev Link: 


REALLY COOL GRAPHICS, But when I pressed read me, it crashed

I really liked this, Kinda reminded me of dice dungeon

I really liked the modeling and the animations looked really cool!

Good Game

The art

... You just added it

I would love this game, but Its really annoying that you cant get up ones your fuel runs out, If you'd fix that, I would like this game so much

gud game

good game

There is no game... You cant play anything on this page

Btw im just saying stuff, but like an actual comment, why did you submit a game with no game in it??

Im marketing karjalan piirakkas, they were made by pirkka, not me... U dum or smth

Thank you, I will try to make my next game bätre

also those karjalan piirakkas were BUSSIN

I really appriciate the effort you put into each one of your masterpieces, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS, I played this game with markiplier and he put a video of this game on his channel. My pet kangaroo absolutely loved this game also, I ate like 3 hours ago and Im really hungry right now, I ate some karjalan piirakkas.

Me not understand

I can guess where you quit😂  

2 seconds before deadline 🤣

There is a bad ending if you tell your friend to come ove

Cool idea! And models :) 

Cool consept

I dont get it but really juicy :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

If you are good at the game you never lose because it doesn't get harder until you lose, otherwise great idea and use of the theme, the art is what it is, but trijam games dont usually have hollow knight art so yeah :)

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I really liked the art, quick tip if you use unity, you could use postprocessing, it makes the game look 2x better, just look up a tutorial :) Gets kinda repetitive, but its the exact same thing for my game sooooooooo... could be nice if there would be some variety with the platform like some platforms have spikes or something like that. The jumping could have been better. overall my favorite thing  was the art, its really simple and I like it :) Good Job :) especially for a 10 year old, I'm 12 btw

Hi Benbonk!

No, I literally use

Really cool game! I really liked the idea(it reminded me of pac man for some reason) the movement felt a bit janky but otherwise really good game! And hey Pello again :)

Thank you!

My game:

My game:

 My Game:

You have throw the computer far away so it slides in to the terminal

Throw the computer over the blue force field :)

Cool game! only down side is that you didn't make the art yourself

I actually played portal 2 like a month ago, so it inspired us, accidentally and deliberately.