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Thank you!

My game:

My game:

 My Game:

You have throw the computer far away so it slides in to the terminal

Throw the computer over the blue force field :)

Cool game! only down side is that you didn't make the art yourself

I actually played portal 2 like a month ago, so it inspired us, accidentally and deliberately.

It fits the theme because there is AI so you collaborate with it 

Really cool idea! It feels really juicy when you hit the ball and I love the art!

Pretty cool idea, but the movement could be improved so the player doesn't stick to the walls

Well you jump with space

conkratulacions this is a masterpiece :)

Did you press space?

If this doesn't win even one category, I will jump out of the window. THE GRAPHICS ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A GAME JAM GAME EVER! I didn't really get the hang of it, but yeah, this is the best game I have played in this jam :)

Thank you so much! :)


Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks :)

Really cool game. I dont know why, but it felt really pelloish if you know what I mean. I really enjoyed the game, but I realized in the final level that the bats die if a rock hits them. Played the whole game :)

btw, what was the point of the bubbles?

I know, its kinda hard, but you can jump eather on top of the train or jump over the guys head and then open the door when the guy has moved to the left a little :)

Try pressing Shift :)

Feels REALLY polished and juicy, Really good art and sound effects :) Really good game!

I actually was planning on updating this game after this jam :)


Can I just ask one question... WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON, IN THIS GAME!!

Really cool mechanic :) It's just a little frustrating, I know that it was kinda the point of the game, but yeah, overall really cool game. Btw my friend said that the player is CLEARLY a dog, so can you confirm that the player is a human miner :)

REALLY good game, I liked how the final level was really hard, it took like 10 minutes :) But my friend cheated some of the levels, he is that Ratainen guy, you can find him in the comments, yeah but he cheated the some of the levels, btw if you dont know what cheese means, it means cheating, because Ratainen used that word in his comment, just so you dont be confused that what it means :)



Really enjoyable experience! I played the whole game and all the collectibles through :) REALLY good game!! :)

First time were late :) bc timezones :)

Sorry for my mistake, it's pronounced, Me are confuse :)

for you

It's pronounced: I'm confused :)

!join <> because timezones exist :)

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Can you send a screenshot from how it didn't work for you? How far could you play it? Or did it say some error? and did you try to reload the page?

When it's afternoon for you, it's 3am for me :) So I will watch it in the morning

REALLY good game. You are a wizard, bc you made setting and a leaderboard in 3 days! I really liked the idea. I think it would be cool to see someone play our game ;)