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Thank you so much! Absolutely love the Fears to Fathom episodes so it means a lot!

One of the best indie short horror games I've played in a while, felt straight outta Skinamarink. 10/10

Thanks for playing! Loved the video!

Really beautiful game

Really nice visuals and the co-op gameplay works really well, super cool game!

I love the art style! Super cool game!

It was initially going to be 15 minutes! haha but sadly with the time constraints of the game jam, we made it, we couldn't implement as many features as we wanted to, so I hope you still had fun despite the length of it not being to your taste! Thanks for playing

- Angus

I like this, I also like that you managed to push a narrative element in a platformer even with the time frame! Super cool and I love the visuals!

I really love this, the fact the finish line runs away is funny, and a lot of the platforming is challenging, great job!

Sadly just a white screen, but it did allow me to self reflect on "The end is near"

I really love the mechanics you went for in this game! Of course, there's some polished that could be done here but that's just due to time constraints. You made a really solid platformer and I got respect for that!

Thank you for giving it a go! We're really glad to hear that so that's really appreciated.

Also, it's an ouroboros because the Boss hates Gnomes, but then in hating them his office smells more like them. So he hates them more but then- it just goes round and round.

Thanks again for playing Tytan! We really appreciated your feedback, watching your streams is a real big help for us to make better games! Really happy the jokes landed haha

Gnome On is the sequel game.

Thank you for playing! I appreciate that

Ahhh I see, that makes sense why we hadn't experienced this bug ourselves! Thank you for going the extra mile and looking into this yourself, we really appreciate it!

Fun game!

I appreciate the atmosphere and story, the decisions breakup the melancholic story. Super interesting! Love the art too

I love the mechanic and the lil' fur physics! Super fun game

The player controller is decently designed and respect for having a full humanoid model that can be seen in the shadow!

I love the interiors, the gun spinning when you reload makes it super satisfying. I think this has been my favourite game of the game jam so far!

Fun game! Super well polished and I love the art style, would love to see some ground infantry board the train or something

Really cool game, I love the premise of getting ready against a time limit!

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun!

It shook us to our core, and we made it. O_O

He's the type of guy to not fully close a door if you know what I mean. Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun !

At that point, you just gotta pick 'em up and find places to hide them in the meantime, give them a swift kick while you're at it too!

Thank you for playing! The boss has some dark dark secrets...

It was certainly a grind right down to the last minute! Haha that's a massive compliment thank you, glad you had fun playing it!

Thank you! We love absurdist humor so that's a massive compliment, sorry about the jitters to the camera! We only noticed after we released it. Glad you enjoyed playing though!

I completely agree! I wish we could have stuffed in some more jokes, we also wanted to include some items like padlocks to lock vents for a limited amount of time, marbles to trip the boss up, and a flute to guide Gnomes toward you. That way we could REALLY up the amount of Gnomes making it super intense but the time constraints are the bane of us all! 

Also, a score telling you how many you saved would be great! Thank you for playing and your constructive feedback is really appreciated!

Creepy vibes to this game!

The controls are super tight, the concept of not dogfighting other planes but avoiding detection and missiles is a rarely seen one and you do it so well! Loved it

The visuals and music are so good! Cool game!

Thank you for going into such detail, mate! Your help is much appreciated and we'll try to recreate the bug

Do you happen to know what you were doing when the bug triggered?

The controls are really satisfying and it's fun to bob and weave between asteroids and debris! Only thing I would say is that it'd be good to have a skip function for the initial cutscene as it plays after every restart. But, I had a lot of fun playing!

Fun, runner game! Really cool art. I had a look at your website, super impressive!

Wow what a cool concept! I would love to see this as a local co-op game too!

This game had me hooked with its horror elements. The self-aware ending makes up for running out of time haha

That was a sad ending! I loved the game and it was super immersive, the only thing I'd say is that it'd be nice if the game paused when you read a note. I liked reading them but sometimes I was freezing too much to stop and read them fully. Cool game!