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That's lovely of you to say, just finished watching your gameplay of it and gotta say the video was a great watch!

We are happy that some people have felt a connection to the game through solidarity. Something we wanted to make sure people didn't feel was that we were making fun of those that suffer from insomnia and therefore experience such feelings of dread or paranoia (as I experienced from pulling late nights working on this during the 3 day game jam.) by making our horror game humourous. So we're happy we got to shed a little bit of light on such a thing whilst making it so that those that come together in such solidarity have something that maybe they can find humour in.

Thanks happy camper!

Part of us felt like the intro was too long and we wished we could have had a more concise intro that still built up the illusion of being a typically spooky horror. We had Tytan play it and he agreed but felt it was fine due to the skip button.

But even with the skip button, we shouldn't expect people to be okay with skipping what is potentially vital info. So I agree!

Thank you! We love injecting some form of humour into our games!Enjoyed the video Adrionic, keep up the great content!

The intention of this game was to guide you through the process to do it in real life

Thank you so much for letting us know, we'll fix it right away

Yessss sir that's what we like!

Do you know how this bug occurred?

This was a really great story to play through, I think this has been my favorite so far!

There's a bug where you can spam pumpkins from one house, other than that it's cute as hell!

Just to let you know you've only uploaded the .exe, I tried to play and it couldn't find the other files! 

Respect, a really fun game!

This truly represents the struggle that I have cutting an onion in real life

Just to let you know, on level 5 there's a bug where the ghost gets stuck inside the door and can't get out. But other than this I really loved the game

Sleepless Kevin is a game where you play as, well, Kevin, an insomniac who has a hard time getting to sleep...

Hey thank you! I really appreciate this response, we'd love to add move personality to 'James' if we made it into a full game, we really love the kind of surreal feeling horror, and inserting dark humour into our games

Our plan was to release a bunch of free short games, each with their own genre and style to see what we enjoy making (we're rather new to making games) BUT, if people like our Prologue then I think for sure we'd like to expand and improve it into a proper game!

I agree that the HUD could use some sprucing up, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Great video! Even though you exposed my lack of grasp on the American language... "Chips in the freezer" will forever haunt me as a mistake I made 

I'm glad you got the full experience out of it, those numbers mean 5 for the price of game.. But happy you had fun!

Hey, we've just released our first 3D game - 6 Bodies! We tried to push ourselves to try and create a short, immersive horror experience with stealth elements. It'd be awesome to get some feedback and criticism, especially since we've just taken our first steps into 3D game dev :)

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If something you loved was taken from you...what would you do to get it back?

Johnny's Deathwish is a platformer, with an emphasis on difficult gameplay. We took our inspiration from games like bloody trap whereas the gameplay is hard, we hope you find satisfaction with overcoming the challenges you face until you can finally get your own back on those who have wronged you.

Johnny's Deathwish is in the early stages of it's life, and whereas the current amount of content makes for a full gaming experience, we hope to add more levels and bosses for the future! Feedback is appreciated!