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Thank you so much! My stretch goals were to include active viruses to add intensity to the puzzle solving, but only had enough time to achieve the puzzles and core of the game. Which, arguably, made it a lot more relaxing and maybe better than my initial idea. Cheers for the comment! :D

Thanks for the positive feedback! Just uncovered a couple bugs I wasn't aware of because of your comment too. Shall be fixing them in the future! :D

Yeah, sorry about the full screen issue. Not very experienced with building for widescreen monitors or other resolutions aside from 16:9 right now. Either way, thank you a ton for the positive feedback!

Hey I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I agree, after having to test and develop with that music in the background for too long it got tiresome trust me, just couldn't find enough time to make more tracks. Thanks for the positive feedback!

Thanks man! :D

Hahaha, yup. I definitely drew inspiration from the dodgier side of computing.

Thanks, man!

A cool game to say there was no engine. I will admit, though, it is very difficult. However, it seems the difficulty comes from the lack of small fish to eat, usually me ending up running off alone and then into the mouth of a big fish. More populated waters with smaller fish would definitely fix the difficulty. Overall, cool stuff.

This is mind-blowing quality right here. Both the main attack and dash flow like butter and are satisfying to pull off, as well as the flow of blasting fresh tiles across the screen. The visuals are awesome. There's unlockables. Now that I think about it, I'm baffled that it's free. Well done!

Visually stunning and very metroidvania. I liked the little comicstrip cutscene to start off. For the first 3 minutes or so I was confused why I could only move right, then realised the arrow keys worked better and offered free movement. Overall, a very high execution style of game, although the mechanics like sliding felt a bit off, with some parts like the platforming and hopping off the aliens feeling a bit "spammy" (?) rather than satisfying, as I hammer the down arrow. Overall, very impressive and unexpectedly challenging. Good stuff!

Really satisfying to move around and push stuff, art is nice and succinct. But, when I found the "R" key to restart, the background music started doubling up and giving me a headache sadly so I couldn't play for too long. Otherwise, very cool idea!

Cool little game. I felt like having the space be limited in some cases makes it easier to score more points, though. Flying around at high speeds is risky in a large environment but when the walls close down, there's more chance the coin will be near and so I found myself farming quite a few. Yeah, a solid game that definitely fits the theme!

Great and simple. Maybe a faster growing bookshelf from the start would prove more challenging though, found myself clicking the same spot for a long time with only really 4 books present at most.

I really liked the aesthetic with the shades of brown with highlights, felt very professional.

Very cute! Found myself tumbling over some skelly bones and sliding into pits by accident, but overall a satisfying looting game :D

A simple idea done very well. Found myself addicted to it after the first couple levels, but couldn't bring myself to finish hard mode fully xD Good job, man!