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I used raylib.  Thank you for the comment!

Okay thank you for the reccomendation!

The green square is the play button ,and the red squares are the level selection. Thank you for commenting!

This is a very good game. The art, sound, and juice is done great! I really like building my ship.

This game is REALLY cool. I love the idea of a command terminal as the narrative game.

I really liked the art ,and the music.

I found this game spooky. I think you did a really good job with the art style

This was really cool. I really liked the smooth animations ,and dynamic text boxes. very well done!

i love mr beast

I really liked everything. Although near the end I wish I could spend money to increase my rockets range.

Game looked very cool.

very good music

very good art and animations

Very satisfying. I like the cannons.

This game is cool. Good amount of game play ,and is very satisfying.

I liked the audio

I liked the art

I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Thank you! I'm glad that you found the game functional.

Thank you! I like the idea of adding plants to the walls.

I didn't really make a game. I'm sorry but I only added that one map

Very nice. I like making garden

Very cool. I was really surprised by the art ,and how smooth it was.

Very chill game. I really liked watching the scenery. 

I can't imagine how much time you spent on this. I loved the animations ,and the art. I really liked the transition from the grass to the dirt.

i LOVE the rotating animation for the planets. I can't imagine making animations like that good job!

While developing this game I was playing "20 Minutes Until Dawn", which is basically Vampire Survivors with guns. I'm really glad that you enjoyed my game!

I liked the art. The slimes moving animation was cool.

The lighting is really good. The puzzles were interesting and cool.

The levels were creative. I liked how you used moving parts so the player has to time it just right.

I like clicking trees. The scoreboard is defiantly cool. 

I LOVED jumping with explosions. I could wall jump for hours using the arrow. The music was also pretty good. 

I really liked the game. It was pretty fun seeing all the npc's interact with the party.

i like game

I loved the music

This game is interesting. I like the idea of the pop-ups effecting each other.

Your right, I probably should've switched the colors lol. 

love how you can't see behind walls. it makes it look cooler ,and more realistic

i really like the music. very chaotic and fun!

thank you for rating! you're right, I should've done more with the infinite map.