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Sometimes, you get an idea and you just wanna turn that idea into a game. Real quick. No extensive planning. No big budget estimates. You just wanna get in there and get dirty with the gameplay, code and graphics.

At Hello There Games, we are constantly at work with several bigger productions. We love them, and they take up most of our time. But every now and then there’s an hour there, half a day here. That’s where this game got done.

It’s not pixel-perfect-polished. It’s not the deepest experience out there. It’s not the biggest title we’ve shipped. It’s not the smallest either.

But it is something that we really had fun developing, and really really really wanted to share with you before the summer vacation.

We sincerely hope that you will have fun with it.

With love,

Carbage is a cute and easy-going, no-threshold, bumper car party for everyone. It’s perfectly simple for children or inexperienced players, and offers some ridiculous stunts to master among mature gamers. Play in your couch, with your friends and family. Don’t forget snacks.


  • CAPTURE THE CROWN Be the first to hold the crown for 30 seconds to win.
  • SURVIVAL Where you drive, the floor disappears. Be the last car standing.
  • DEMOLITION Destroy buildings. Gather cute pixel cubes. Gather the most. Win.
  • RACING As normal as it gets. Be the fastest of the fast.

PLAYERS: 2 - 4 couch multiplayer bonanza (no single player support) 
CONTROLLER: Full PS4 and XBOX support (no keyboard support)
AGE: Can you move the controller stick around? (no toddler support)