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Wow, I am very blown away by this, thank you so much. I am so grateful that there are bloggers out there engaging works with this kind of trust and depth.

I don't mean to be dismissive but I have kinda been at this for like 10 years, i worked on one game for 7 of those years, and I've been lucky that a few games got covered on Rock Paper Shotgun a few times. It really doesn't feel like that world exists anymore. Every game dev community I join feels like they want you to make the next derivative Skinner Box style crafting game. The game dev groups I was a part of didn't really respond to when I released this last project. it felt really discouraging to spend all that time and tell all my friends and then hear nothing.

the best explanation I can give is I got very depressed thinking about how much time and effort I put into my work and how little response I got out of it that I wanted to tear everything down as a way of regaining some kind of agency. I have restored some of my games, I might put the rest of them back online. I just feel terrible right now

I don't think that's possible in the Unity setting, and I don't think it's possible to enable without modifying the Unity source code which I do not have access to and is out of the scope for a small project like this. Apologies!

There should be a settings window that pops up when you start the game that lets you set your resolution. What OS are you using?

I'd be delighted to, what's the best way I can get in contact?

Apple requires developers to have a $100 a year developer account so that whatever they produce is compatible with Catalina and the latest OS version. I unfortunately cannot do this right now. You can try this method to get around gatekeeper.

Fixed the problem and made a Linux version!

I'm working on one but unity is being weird and I have to upgrade the project to a new version of unity as the one i'm using has just decided it doesn't want to export to linux. I'll leave a reply when that's resolved, probably tomorrow.

Uh oh! yeah that sucks. If there's a way you can send it my way please do.

Yep, that game crashed as well as all the Cruizin games and Re-Volt. It's a shame i couldn't get everything in but i tried with just about every game that worked.

This is a pretty accurate representation of what I go through when skiing, wordart included

@pippinbarr : Oh no. I suspect It may be a shader issue. I don't currently have a mac to test on. Give me a bit.


I didn't finish it, but I found the world really interesting.