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its an rpg maker game, and its not MV. you're going to have to use wine bottler or some.

i noticed this as well. it's not a big deal for me, however.

I'm having a few bugs with the game. I did the library, then returned back to the house, but i don't think i could leave again. then i tried to start a new game but after i picked up the picture of dorian gray at the beginning, i think the event got stuck? it might be me doing something wrong, though?

I seriously did not expect myself to actually play through this entire game and enjoy it as much as I did. I have about 4 hrs and 40 mins logged onto it before I completed it, which is very rare for a small I game I found myself and wasn't recommended. 

What kept me in were the different zone maps and seeing where Celelia and her party would go. The best part about this game by far is how good the fights and battle system were designed. There were only a few spells that seemed pretty useless (Celilia's luck buff/Yolanda's ice arrow?), but there were many that were important to use at the right times on certain enemies.

Maybe I haven't played enough RM games, but the level design in this game was genius. Each new zone had 3 enemies with their own unique skills. This made it so the first two fights were more difficult because you didn't know exactly what order to take them down in and what to use to counter their attacks. The Ice and Hell zone were places where this was particularly noticeable. Then you would fight a boss using the same type of mechanic and progress to the next zone.

I have one problem with this game being that the plot and characters are a bit lacking. There is some good, of course. Not only did the plotline with Derrik near the end make me want to see what would happen, but we got to see more of the other characters play off of him as well. However, every part of the story prior never really led me to care about the specific characters. From what I took from this game, I couldn't really tell you much about Yolanda or Nathan as people. I do think Cecilia is very cute, however.

This game is a great, investing play for someone who wants to see a great, fun example of game design in an RM Game. I would recommend playing this one if you enjoy RPG Games.

TLDR: Game Design / Fights are great. Character's and Plot are lacking. A good play for anyone interested, however. I like it very much. 4.5/5 

Great job to the dev! I'm excited to check out your other games!

will this give me a virus?

no. i was just having trouble with the puzzle where you have to guide the other character by moving together :( im bad at games r.i.p.

Great game!

I got stuck, but this is awesome!

Tysm!! :)

I know this convo is old, but what RM plugins did you use? I'm curious to know how you made the interface for the menus and battle system different from the default. Also, sorry if you said it somewhere already.

i got jumpscared lmao! i like this a lot!

is this a virus uwu ??

This was so well made! I love the attention to detail you used and I hope you continue working on this project! My favorite part was Duck's. Definitely checking out your Tumblr!

Mind if I give you a shout out on my IG?

This was really well made. 

I love the art. It looks like an old video game and that's so cool! Good luck on working on the full game!

I love the aesthetic. The music is great!

Hey. So I played a little bit of it and here are some tips. You can find music and sound effects on the internet if you don't want to make your own. If you are thinking about doing original art, that will make your game go from good to great. It might be a lot of work but trust me, you learn so so much. I can tell you how to upload your own art if you want me too.  Also, you should make more things interactive. Maybe tell the player what they're supposed to do with dialogue also?

I adore this game. It's so fun and full of love! Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone Echo!