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Hell Bringer 419

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Have a try a t a bit harder game:

Best graphics and audio so far

Fairly straight-forward (didn't get the lie) ... Correct answers gave "Correct" as an output. The game was sometimes slow to load it's questions. 

Here's a tough one:

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

Here's a bit tough game:

Thanks for your time ... Here's the link:

Here's a tough game mate:

Here's a tough one:

Wow, appreciate the opportunity ... Here's a hard game for you to try out:

This could easily be one of the hardest games.

Check you sanity here:

Mine has twisty and real hard levels

Here's the link:

That's so cool. Here's the link to our game:

Thanks fellas, it's resolved. 

You need to add other team members as admin of the game page and this is possible even after the jam.

Also, please rate our game at:

So I made a team in crowd forge and did register for the jam. I haven't uploaded it but a team member has. How do I know that the project has been uploaded as a team. My concerns are mainly due to the following error (see screenshot below)

Do I need to inform about this or is it supposed yo be this way ?

To be clear, I want to participate as a member of this team only.

Thanks mate. I've added the links. Please send feed backs on the game. :-D

( Here's an additional link if you want it real quick: )

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Its so pleasing to announce that Battle Snakes is released for Linux users as well.  There is  a full command-line description on how to download and play the game. Enjoy !!

Here's the link:

This game is free and playable with two players on a single keyboard. Sweet Music , simple design and small file size (faster load) are the primary concern.

Redirects to the game: Battle Snakes