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Sure thing! Thank you so much for pointing it out; it's just been fixed! Sorry about that; I didn't realize that by changing the background, I should have changed the hyperlinks as well!

I'll think on that!!! Thank you again; this is incredibly helpful!

You bring up a fair point! That option is supposed to allow you to dodge the consequences of a mixed success; but at that point, it's almost like you didn't roll the move at all. Thank you so much for the feedback; I think I'll change that option to something more interesting in the  next update!

Well! I do think that by separating moves into the categories, it helps to at least codify what moves would fit into specific scenarios! There is only one move that I've been considering removing ((Inspire)) but beyond that, I do think all the moves are necessary. Its hard! I want to ensure that there are enough moves for specific triggers that I want to be hit. The rest of the book isn't too long, so I hope that helps GMs focus on the moves, but beyond that, it is just hoping. 

Additionally; the table of contents is difficult! I'm not exactly sure what is important to put in there, as chapters 2 and 3 have quite a bit of content, so its matter of figuring out how to organize that.

As for your last question! I'm not sure. Every time I think the game is in a finished state, I realize I want to add another playbook, or downtime action, or mechanic. The game IS nearly done, as it just needs a good editor, but until then! I'll have to see. I do want to keep it under 60 pages, however, for easy readability. 

Huh! I didn't really consider the amount of moves! As I created the game and playtested, I just considered what specific actions I wanted flavored by moves and built them as I went! I suppose having 3 separate categories of moves might have contributed to the high number as well!

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Nope! You'll just have to go to your library and download the new version whenever it comes out! Itch will give you the option to repurchase it for some reason, but it's absolutely not necessary!

I do have a Twitter! You can dm me there @TendenciesG!

I'd also recommend reading the demo? But the page itself has been updated to make what the game actually is a little clearer. Thanks!

HUH! Good point. Thanks! I'll fix that now

This fucking kicks... thank you so much for playing...

Um! My game uses cards and post it notes to build a house that stands against the end of the world! I'm pretty proud of it, as its the first microzine ive made in a bit. You can check it out here!

The King of The Ants

Hiya!!!! I'm Dusty. I'm an amateur tabletop dev, and all of my work has been published on itch! No commerical games yet ^^;

My idea is something I've been thinking about for a while, but have never actually started? It's inspired by the Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant Arc, or more specifically, the character arcs that come forth during that arc. I'm very excited to work on it!!!!