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Um! My game uses cards and post it notes to build a house that stands against the end of the world! I'm pretty proud of it, as its the first microzine ive made in a bit. You can check it out here!

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Hi I recently downloaded this game and had fun making the zine.  I have played it once, but had some questions about some nuances of the rules.  I couldn't figure out how to message you here on Itch, but would love to ask them to get clarification.  Please let know how to message you here on Itch, as I am fairly new and haven't figured out how to do that.  Thanks!

Hey there! I don't think itch has a message function, but the creator's twitter handle is on their creator page - maybe try reaching out to them there? Hope you get an answer!

I do have a Twitter! You can dm me there @TendenciesG!

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I don't have a personal Twitter account.  Have a good day!