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Thanks a lot for explaining that. I was going to do some sort of lame single die check, but this is better!

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I'm actually going to try to play this solo.  It seems like the GM facing document would be implied to be secret, but at the same time it has the powers of each faction.  Is this supposed to be player knowledge too, but the GM simply uses it as a guideline to run the game and adjudicate the Actions? In addition, I didn't see guidance on how you roll for an action's success.

Apparently it's just the Itch client now.  I initially used the client, but when it didn't work I went through the site.  When I clicked download it didn't work. Now it does.  Sorry for the trouble and thanks for looking into it!

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Unfortunately it looks like the downloads are not working for some reason. Great idea though! I loved that series of books.

I like the map update! Concise, but useful as well as being realistic.

Thanks for your reply, it helped clarify how it should flow.  I did understand that it wasn't directly intended to be a solo game, but either way needed to know how the GM role would run the game.  Thanks again, I look forward to continuing!

Hi there, I am not sure of the best place to ask questions, so please let me know if there's a more preferred way. 

I created a Gnome and was getting ready to play when I noticed there wasn't a suggested sequence of play or turn order.  I ended up looking in the Four Points SRD and saw the Turns there.  As this is my first Four Points game, I am confused on how combat or competitive situations are resolved.  

I see that it's player facing rolls, but how do you account for what the opposing side is doing?  Is this narrated based on a failure of the character's action?  A quick example is if I'm using the plot hook of birds pecking seeds in the garden.  Let's say the birds are circling. If I were doing some action to keep them away such as swinging a garden implement around, is a failure something the birds get to do such as I fell down and the bird swooped in to get the seed? Or is there some other way for the bird to take actions?

Simple but soothing and fun to play with!  Thanks!

The short of it is that I enjoyed playing this game and you should try it!

As you might expect from the description, this game has a grim tone. The description above is repeated at the beginning of the game, but beyond that there is not a specified setting. In Q&A with the creator he confirmed that this was his intention, and that Warhammer inspired him. Personally, I like to have a bit of setting to go on but know that this differs per person. My initial inspiration was the movie Priest based on the initial description, flavor from the skills & gifts, and the foes list. As I played the game, I had to ask a few questions related to mechanics, which the creator was happy to answer. At a certain point I used a location generator for more flavor, but overall, the mechanics work well by rolling 2 skills to use as a focus to generate an encounter. As is, the system is good for 1 shots or short story arcs unless you wish to do some worldbuilding and addition of spells, foes, and other needed flavor.

I had a lot of fun trying improve my gameplay to get a better score!  Each time I played, I started to see the nuances in the game mechanics that could be used for greater benefit such as discarding or sacrificing cards in order to get something built or move resources around.

These are fantastic!  I'm glad that you released them into the world.

I normally use the Itch app, so apparently it's something with that as it doesn't have anything in the install section. I was able to download it via the website fine.  Weird!  Also thanks!

Hello, It looks like the file is not present or is not working for some reason.

Well as I said, it appears to be a difference of opinion.  I don't know the guy or you, but can see that you're on the opposite side of the argument.

Coming back to this supplement, the main thing is whether the game that this product is based off of is good in gaming terms.  Also is it clear of the controversial subjects you mention?  I'd assume so if Todd has chosen to put out this product attached to it.

I'm was not familiar with RPGPundit until seeing this supplement and the reference to Star Adventurer. I just did some research on what you're talking about and it seems to be a matter of perspective and differences of opinion. While he seems rough around the edges, he seemed to be making a valid point at the core. This was from a 2016 blog post I found with the string of comments thereafter.  I saw mention of an earlier event that he referred to, but didn't keep following up on that.

Looks great, thanks for updating it so quickly!

Hello, I like the idea of this game!  I read over it and had a question about what I believe might be a minor error.  The game is called Detail and you mention a details table, but the two tables both are titled "Significance".  Based on the fact that the first d150 table is a longer list of objects and actions, I'm assuming that this is the Details table.  Is it just a mistake where it should read "Detail" instead of "Significance" for the title of this table?


Hi Martin,

Thanks for the great feedback, I thought a slight hacking of the generation system might work!  This game has been on my list for a while and I was salivating over wanting to try it!  I did take advantage of the sale, which I planned to do regardless of your answer.  Thanks again, and I'll plan to leave an official review once I've tried it.

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Based on what I've seen in the range of posts thus far, the game can create a city for most genres except for a little give for that space station entry?  I will need it for fantasy, which is no problem of course.  I would also like to use it to generate towns for an American West game.  I assume that it can do this?  Would I need to make some alternate terrain types for one of the tables if I wanted to place it in a certain area of America?  The geography from the California to Texas varies quite a bit.  Is it possible to set it up if I want my town to be in a desert area of New Mexico for example?

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I don't have a personal Twitter account.  Have a good day!

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Hi I recently downloaded this game and had fun making the zine.  I have played it once, but had some questions about some nuances of the rules.  I couldn't figure out how to message you here on Itch, but would love to ask them to get clarification.  Please let know how to message you here on Itch, as I am fairly new and haven't figured out how to do that.  Thanks!