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I managed to get 27

Nice job btw,  feels very juicy and ends up being quite a fun clone!

that was so fun, i wish there was more

good job!


Cool idea, i think it could be quite a fun game with a bit more work. As it currently stands the game can be a little confusing, and i think some of the ui wasn't displaying right.  Other than that the sounds were pretty well placed and the art was pretty good (my favorite were the European soldiers). I do really like the way your characters look and i feel like you could lean into that for other projects.

Overall, pretty good!

I'm hesitant to rate your game because i don't know how to play, i keep getting stuck right on the scene with all the soldiers.
so far the art looks good and the sound design is good too, but without being able to play i  don't think i could give a fair rating

if you could provide some sort of instruction to me, i would be glad to play/ rate it

Honestly there isn't much i can say, the visuals and sound were stunning, and having voice acting really pushes the game the extra mile. the environments are detailed and the story is good too. I think the one thing i would have liked were more populated environments, other than that, one of my favorite games of the jam.

Good job, im really impressed!







really well made game, the mechanic is very well thought out and fun

Good Job!

Cool game, it was a little buggy tho

Really nice game, some of the levels really made me think. I really enjoyed the music and the graphics, overall the game was very fun

Good Job!

Rated and commented!

Nice game, i really liked the environmental story telling, aswell as the character driven story.

pretty fun game overall, Good job!

Rated and commented!

Rated and commented!

Rated and commented!

it's a good idea, its pretty fun but i fell like with some more impact punches (using particles or some kind of time dilation) it would feel a whole lot more fun

it was definitely a challenge and the graphics were pretty good

the best part about the game was the immersion, i really felt like i was there

Good job! Nice game

As a percussionist, i thought i would be good at this game, boy was i wrong. The controls are intuitive yet confusing and the notes approach what seems like a break neck speed.

Overall the game was very fun, The visuals were pleasing and the songs are all bops.

really great job!

My computer doesn't like webGL very much, so i couldnt play much of your game

from what i was able to play it was pretty fun, all the sound effects were solid and the music fit very well, the art was amazing, and the core game play loop was pretty fun and intuitive 

Nice game! Very unique

This is my second rate for rate board since my first one stopped getting as much traffic anymore

The original board is this one:, if i have already rated your game there don't bother posting here

My game is: Who Killed Milton Rivers

I'm already exited to see all of your games

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Looks like i already did

Quite a fun little game, Good job!

Fun game, the mechanic is fun and engaging and the art is really nice, the sfx work really well with the game, good job!

Cool concept and well executed, its a challenging little game, glad i played it!

I had never thought of it like that but thats a great idea, variable text speed based on each individual is ingenious! Thanks 

Fun game, i do not regret playing it. The game-play was fun and the art and sound were quite pleasing

Good job! Here is my game, about to play yours!

That was a really fun game, thanks for showing it to me!


This game was very fun, the puzzles were engaging, the art style was amazing and the music fit so well

overall this is one of my favorite games of the jam so far! good job


Fun game, it has an interesting use of a rewind mechanic, definitely more challenging than i thought it would be!

Good Job

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I love this game, The art is simple and charming, the music was incredible, the game-play was fast and fun, i think this is one of my favorites from the jam. 

Im really glad i played it!

i would love to see a mobile port of the game, i feel like it would translate pretty well

Here is my game Here my game!

Alright, sorry about that, it worked in my tests but i might have been using an old mac?

This was a good fun game, the mechanics were solid and challenging and the art-style was nice and consistent. My only complaint is that the sfx were a little loud

Good job!