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The scrolling thing is... irritating. 

so, when is the auto handler gonna be made free?

may wanna raise the player spawn point.. so I don't fall through the floor

try to get this to work on the desktop application please

No problem. I love to see this kind of thing. and I hope you enjoy making it as much as people enjoy playing it

just.. don't sign any NDAs without taking it to a lawyer first.. 

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So, I like this. bolter could use a bit more beef to its noise. The bolt rounds do explode so a thump like impact for when the rounds land would do as well. generally everything a space marine does is gonna have impact, so, foot steps and landing from a jump needs to be upped, give it that feel of. "Yes, I am wearing a very heavy suit of power armor." otherwise, this is awesome. 

If you can swing it. I can imagine future projects where you go through levels and clear trenches as an imperial guard. it'd be amazing. also. between rounds, ammo and frags should both be refilled. 

so, maybe some settings for graphics would be a good idea

so... pause button would be a good idea

yep! that works. thank you. 

LOVE IT. I WANT MOAR. as a side note, maybe beef up the damage on the shotgun just a tick. and beef up the sound so it carries some more weight. 

oh no no the desktop application is's version of steam. preforms the same kind of functions as steam on your computer would. I'm not exactly sure.. how i'd do the html thing?(I'm not tech savvy and have bad luck with it, but hey, I'll give it a swing. 

so... how the hell do I run this?

I click launch(I'm using the desktop ap. and I look around at the files it has for me... no .exe or anything

as a suggestion. perhaps it might be a good idea to get this working on the desktop application. it acts the same way steam does where you click install , let the game download, then simply press play.

Hey, what's with the ghost looking sprite that shows up near the player character's house sometimes at night on a little island. 

So, a minor suggestion. See if you can get it to work through the desktop app. I'm very much tech illiterate so that's what I use. 

this is janky as crap

A minor suggestion. see if you can get it to work through the desktop app. I'm not super tech savy so I prefer to go through methods like the desktop app because it operates like steam does. just click to install and then play when it finishes.

Overwhored community · Created a new topic party swap

How the hell do I swap party members?

It crashes on day 2 when I try to sleep on the ship. it also deletes any save file I have.. 

how do I eat and drink the items I loot

so... the geomancers cache. beheind the vines... how the hell do you get the damn thing. the ones in the nymph foresst. 

It doesn't work on the desktop app. can you look into that. 

Really? Huh, I didn't know that. as a side note. the prison guard mage lady fails to load after defeat. And is choppy during combat. retry button works for combat but not for the victory scene. 

Beyond the Edge community · Created a new topic Health

so, this game is.. way to skimpy on healing, there needs to be a way to heal between fights because taht 1 health potion and the one level up you'll get isn't carrying me through


Hey, at some point will you be able to make this able to be installed through the desktop application? I use that as I'm not super tech savy.

So, what happens is when I try to use the desktop application(basically it's like steam) I click install and what it's supposed to do is pop up a little window which shows you an estimate of the size of the game file, and an estimate of how much space you have for storage. what ends up happening is that it loads forever, pops up the window, but never shows me either my storage space of the estimate of how big the game file is. And it will not let me proceed with installation until those load. 

slight idea, maybe spears that move in and out should have something that marks out where they are when they aren't active that way when you have to stop and start between multiple sets you know where they are. 

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fun game. the platforming part moves a touch to fast to be enjoyable. and by a touch i mean irritatingly so. If it takes someone more then 30 minutes to pass a part of an obstacle something is wrong. 

This game gets to a point where it says that it is stolen.. care to explain?

can't get past the first riddle.. FUCK I'M DUMB

I ADORE this. It took a bit of getting used to, but with the flaming skulls always chasing you it keeps the pressure on. I didn't get it at first but after the first two runs it settled in that they were there to make sure I kept moving, awesome way of applying pressure. Only complaint on my end is that the birthday explosions have slightly irritatingly large blast radius. it reaches just a bit further then you'd it would.

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so, i'm back again, i played some more after a month or well.. several. and holy fudgeballs you guys SPIKED the difficulty, I didn't see my dead body coming to end my career like that. it scared the crap outta me. I LOVE IT. i enjoyed the game, and it brought on the pain. only issue is. the zombie you(that's what i'll call, my previous corpse) seemed to tank a LOT of damage. maybe turning it down to match player health would be better? it sucks when you get a bad run and have to duel yourself right in the starting area. 

the art design is creepy, the weapons are strange, the combat is fun. this, this is some goood shit.

i've played this game for. about two hours. i love it. that being said. i feel like the computer hould have certain addition options. like for a small fee for a single run one type of ammo spawns really often from downed enemies.

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hell yeah! it works with the desktop app now sorta

that'd be pretty cool, i'm not exactly tech savy so i'm scared i'd somehow manage to jack it up in the process