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A few times the character just stopped attacking, perhaps i was clicking too much and it bugged the animation? Anyways solid start of a test game would recommend putting some more UI for base damage, multiplies, crit chance, health regen and all that jazz :D

Well perhaps I will continue to work on ironing out the game and maybe eventually create custom materials. Basically its a prototype at best. I was trying to combine the mechanics of strategy games, deck building and rpg :D. The whole idea is to eventually have the player feel like they are an overlord :D

Yea I have a terrible ability to write narrative, I was more focused on coming up with decent game mechanics. Basically the idea is instead of focusing on individual stats and blocks the role of the player is as a goblin. I was trying to develop simple mechanics of deck building and mass combat, using common game materials anyone might have. I was thinking along the lines of including ideas of politics where you could trade cards as a barging method to get people to ally with you in a battle. But basically this was a rough idea for people to role play as an overlord.  

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Anyone up for scheduling playing some of these RPGs to test out stuff and get opinions before voting?

Discord Group for people who want to link up and try to play some games :D

been busy hopefully i will have tonight and tomorrow to write up my ideas, currently thinking of creating a game where the players are villians :D. That works with the theme yes?

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My experience with table top has been totally online. I have used a few tools out there with groups but mostly roll 20 recently. Is it cool if we use Roll20 as a testing grounds for our RPGs? 

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Furthest I have gotten is making a shelter and a fire while being supplied :P. Perhaps its just the lack of feed back beyond words that confused some people. But after experiemnting several times. Sometimes you will die before you can set a fire, build a shelter and gather things.

I mean it has some interesting ideas, such as removing the whole idea for numbers or visual progress bars and simply throwing a single word for you conditions. :D

If you could expand beyond making a fire and house I would just love a confirmation. Otherwise I hit my attention for it :D

you have to change the font to increase the size

its a good game to kill 10 minutes :D

Yea I think its using a square hitbox so you might have to jump earlier then need be.

So I was wondering about the economy style in this game. Will it be where you control the workers individually like in Age of Empires or many other RTS, or will it be similar to Stronghold where the workers are on their own pathing and the focus for the player is combat?

Its a nice little game, I would ask would it be possible to have the window size based on resolution and not font scaling?

I have read your recent blog posts. Truth be told I figure that game development would be tough for an unknown person to set out and create an audience. I have followed several game developers on many websites and most of them struggle with gaining enough popularity. Eventually most just stop pushing out any content. From what I have observed the hardest part of game development is gaining an audience and maintaining that audience. I have followed another game developer called Matt Roszak(KupoGames) for years since I save his game more then a decade ago on a flash game website. He takes years to develop his games but I still check up regularly on his Deviant Art profile. 

Recently, this year I started to try and have some activity on and try and follow game developers but from what I can tell its hard to sort out anything in the chaos when it comes to searching the games here. Unless you have a really large following that rates your game well I think you might just have games lost in the number of games here.  

I was just contemplating a few points after reading your game dev blog post. I have also been wondering at the feasibility of creating an online game beyond the game itself, The business of creating an audience is not a little thing. 

Anyways Good luck with your future endeavors what ever they may be.

Sincerely a wandering web hermit.

Nice little game, Those teleporting creatures can be annoying if I dont have a bomb :D. I have a question is there any stealth aspect to this? I see that theres vision and such but is there a "sneak attack" damage?

I tend to like simulation games and I am going to try this one out but I thought I might give you a heads up that there is another game on itchio called "Hardware Tycoon" it has been around for a bit longer you might want to rethink the name just a suggestion