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Furthest I have gotten is making a shelter and a fire while being supplied :P. Perhaps its just the lack of feed back beyond words that confused some people. But after experiemnting several times. Sometimes you will die before you can set a fire, build a shelter and gather things.

I mean it has some interesting ideas, such as removing the whole idea for numbers or visual progress bars and simply throwing a single word for you conditions. :D

If you could expand beyond making a fire and house I would just love a confirmation. Otherwise I hit my attention for it :D

Thanks for playing and commenting :D. 

I'm not really planning on expanding on the game right now. I'll probably reuse some aspects I like in other projects, but I'll leave this one as it is. Writing the entire world simulation backend from scratch in a weekend left me a bit burned out on the whole thing, so I'm just focussing on some simpler (or differently complex) projects at the moment.