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This is really awesome, it has a good amount of content. The music is also really nice, it fits the game nicely. The fog helps set the creepy atmosphere as well.

The first thing I want to talk about is the enemies. The pathfinding is really good, they usually know where to go. I like the fact that if they can't see you, they go into a sort of calmer idle/waiting for you to show up state. One thing I thought was a little annoying is that they go for the player straight away, so you get hurt right as you respawn a lot. This is especially the case with the wizard/mage enemies. They shoot at you the second you spawn in, so you have to be really quick to dodge the attack. The enemies can also corner you really easily, which will almost always lead to your death. This leads me to my next point, the weapons.

Going back to enemies cornering you, once you're cornered, you cannot kill the enemies. The guns shoot bullets from the very tip, so if an enemy is right up against you, you will not be able to hit it anymore. The pistol does an extremely little amount of damage, which is kind of understandable as it doesn't use any ammo, but I think you should raise the amount of damage it does by at least a little bit. I really like the different weapons, I think you should tell the player how much ammo each weapon uses. I did encounter some bugs with the combat. 1) Occasionally, all projectiles fired will just stay frozen in midair. It does that with both projectiles fired by you or by the mages. Enemies still get hurt by the frozen bullets, and you can stack them to deal a lot of damage. I noticed it after 20-30 rounds, it might've happened earlier. They usually just stay like that for the rest of the round at least, sometimes they suddenly unfreeze and keep going in their original path. 2) I only encountered this once, but when I picked up the pistol, it was inside the player and refused to shoot. I was down to 1 ammo, so I couldn't really do anything else at that point.

The world generation is really good, but sometimes you get surrounded by trees and shrubs and have to shoot your way through to get to the enemies. Occasionally, I had a bit of trouble finding the exit because it was hidden behind walls of trees, sometimes quite a bit away from the center, so I had to do a bit of digging to find it.

One thing that isn't really necessary but that would be a nice touch is to give the player some sort of motive or reward for playing. Right now, you just keep going until you decide to quit, you don't really get anything for playing. Maybe giving the player some sort of reward or something they can unlock by reaching a certain amount of rounds will keep the players playing and make the game more interesting.

Other than this, it's a really cool game. The endless levels and different weapons make it really fun to play, and I like the unsettling atmosphere. It could use a few more sound effects, particles, little things to make it feel more polished, but overall it's very good. Keep it up!

This is a really cool idea, very creative use of the art pack.

My biggest problem was dodging attacks. The ship moved really slow, I had to move my mouse really far to be able to dodge. Having the mouse go off screen wasn't a problem, the game ran in fullscreen so I was still able to move the ship and fire.

The first round I played, I was a little confused when I died. There was no indication that I was hit and I didn't know that my shield meter acted as my health. Maybe adding some sort of particle effect on the ship when it gets hit will help players know that you lost health, and if time allows it you can add another particle effect on the shield meter to indicate it went down. As other people mentioned, by the time I was done reading the instructions, I was already down to 1/4 of my shield, so maybe have a small grace period at the beginning.

Other than those small things, this is a really good first game. I like the little jingles and sound effects, and the space ship looks pretty cool. Definitely very creative and I would play more if it had more levels.

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I noticed the first problem too, the game is playing the text fadeout animation from the previous interaction and so when you interact with the next object, the text changes but it stays faded out.

I was thinking about making the dialogue text a different color, or maybe give it a background so you can see it better, but the different colors looked odd to me and I decided it would have to be good enough for now.

I'm kinda sad that I couldn't give the characters more dialogue, or that I couldn't give the player different dialogue options to choose from, just to make interactions a little more interesting. I was going to add a 4th suspect, which would've been in the bottom right house, but I didn't have any time left.

Unfortunately, I doubt I will update this game. School starts for me this week and my mom is already fed up with me being on my computer all day. I will keep all this stuff in mind for future games though. Thanks again for the feedback!

Hey, thanks for all the feedback. I'm not going to blame everything on lack of time, but I was definitely planning on letting the player choose who they thought the killer was. 

I did think the screen shake was a little annoying, I'll find a better way to do collisions for the future and I'll add an interact button too, so you don't have to walk into people to talk to them.

I also feel the dialogue system was kind of rushed, next time I'll make an actual text box for it.

I noticed that the environment was kind of plain, it felt pretty empty. Some other NPCs or some interactibles could definitely help with that.

I'll watch the video you linked, it could help me with future games even if I don't make a mystery game next time.

Thanks again for the feedback, I'll try to include and improve on all these things for future games.

It's a pretty cool game, I think there should be a penalty for pressing the wrong button though. You can just press all 5 buttons at the same time and beat all the levels perfectly fine.

Really cool concept, kinda hard at times. 

It's a pretty fun little game, it looks nice and the different characters are a cool touch. It can be a bit overwhelming moving the character and tapping the arrows to the beat at the same time but it's still really fun.

This is really cute, it's a fun idea.